"Deidara…" You growl in a dangerously low tone. The blonde looks at you, sweat forming on his brow.

"H-hai (Y/N)-chan?" He asks, gulping as you approach the blonde. Itachi and Kisame looked on with amusement. Well Kisame anyways, Itachi was being the silent emo like he always is.

"Well things are about to get interesting…" Kisame murmured.

"I know what you did," You growl, stalking towards the shaking blonde. Finally you reach him and you glare at him with the full force of your (E/C) eyes. "I will murder you in your sleep, I promise," you snarled.

What happened, you might ask?

Well apparently a certain blonde thought it would be a good idea to take all your undergarments and scatter them all over the base. Hell even Hidan woke up with one of your lacy black panties on his face.

The whole base had a nice wake-up call…if you count a long stream of 'colorful' words being shouted in your ear at 7 in the morning as nice. Itachi had walked into your bedroom with raised eyebrows, holding up a pair of lingerie.

Sasori and Hidan were probably the least pleased.

Sasori's puppets were currently wearing you undergarments…ONLY your undergarments while Hidan found his usual praying spot littered with many of your personal items.

You snatched the article of clothing from Itachi and shoved him to the side.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!" Hidan yelled in your face.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK THIS FUCKING IS?!" You yelled back, clearly not in the mood for one of his long profanity-filled rants. "When I get my hands on the bastard who did this…" You snarled, stomping all over the base, looking for the culprit.

Sasori intercepted you with a pissed off look in his face.

"What the fuck—"

"OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY, PUPPET!" You yell, shoving him on the floor. Kisame had just arrived on scene with Itachi by his side.

"You know how it is when she gets into a rampage. No one can stop her," Kisame sighed.

"Hn." Was all that Itachi said. Or rather grunted.

You had stormed out of the main bedroom hall to see Deidara rolling on the floor, clutching his sides as he laughed. He spotted you and he quickly got up, backing away into a corner.

And that's what had happened up until now.

"S-sorry (Y/N)-chan…I-it was just a j-joke," He waved his hands, stepping back.

"Oh don't even start with the honorifics," You snarled, stepping forward.

Step back.

Step forward.

Step back.

Step forward.

Step back…into the wall.

Deidara now looked extremely frightened as his back met with the solid wall, wishing that it could just move for him.

"Nowhere to go now, eh Dei-kun?" You laugh darkly.

Deidara looked at Sasori for help. No such luck.

"You asked for it," Sasori shrugged, still bitter from what had happened to his beloved puppets.

You step even closer.

"W-what are you going to d-do?" Deidara looked at your menacing (E/C) eyes.

"Don't worry, Deidara-sama, this will just hurt a little bit." You smile evilly.

A shrill yell erupted, so loud that Konoha would probably be wondering what had happened.

Now then, what did happen?

Let's just say the Akatsuki's clay master won't be having any children anymore.