Spirit of the Sea

Chapter 4:

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Percy POV:

I burst out of the water along the shoreline and hauled myself up the beach. I looked behind me and saw the other pirates doing the same. I used my power over water to dry everyone off and was rewarded by grateful looks from the entire crew. I looked around at the bleak landscape we found now ourselves in. There was bone white sand as far as the eye could see in every direction but the one we had just came from. Huge dunes rose into the air farther inland, obscuring the view of the horizon.

Tia walked up to me, a bleached white crab in her hand. "Dis is a godforsaken place. Can't 'ya feel it?" I realized, with a start, that I could. I knew for certain that there was no life anywhere, except…. "Jack's not here." Elizabeth said, her voice tainted with disappointment. Tia winked at me. "Witty Jack is closer than 'ya think." A few crabs scuttled over the dunes and came to shelter around me and Tia. Barbossa was the only one who seemed to notice, and he gave me a strange look.

I was saved from having to explain myself when a huge boat with black sails burst over the dunes on the backs of hundreds of white crabs. I immediately knew that it was the Black Pearl. Ragetti gaped like a fish and pointed at the ship that had just crashed into the sea. "Boat." I rolled my eyes. Gibbs ginned. "Well, slap me thrice and hand me to me momma, it's Jack!" He exclaimed before walking off down the beach to a lifeboat that had been set into the water. Barbossa and the rest of the pirates set off after him until only Tia and I remained.

She smiled mysteriously at my and set a crab into my hand, before gracefully waltzing after the pirates. I looked at the small creature that had made itself comfortable in my palm, clicking and snapping its pinchers. I gently reached up and stroked its back like I had seen Tia do so many times before. I smiled as the crab made comfortable motions and let out a little chatter. I glanced down at my wrist and saw that it was glowing light blue. The undercurrent of power that I had felt when Calypso had claimed me was back, and this time it didn't go away. I felt the row boat touch the beach, so I sauntered off to the rest of the crew, the crab still nestled in my hand.

Line Break-

We had all gathered around the pirate known as Captain Jack Sparrow. The pirates that knew him had exchanged some nonsense, but I was too busy looking at Jack. No, not that way. I just felt like I knew the pirate. He had long dreads with beads and strings braided into them. Multiple pistols were shoved into his belts and rings covered his fingers. His hands were covered by strips of cloth and a piece of eight was dangling from his bandanna. My eyes kept being drawn to it by the subtle energy that seemed to surround it.

I snapped out of my thoughts. Jack was staring at Elizabeth like she was a ghost. He whirled around to face Gibbs. "The Locker, you say?" He asked. I jumped a little as I realized that he sounded just like I did when I used pirate talk. Gibbs nodded. "Aye Captain." Elizabeth stepped forward, a slight look of panic in her eyes. "We're here to rescue you!" She said. I wondered why she sounded so frantic. Jack narrowed his eyes and stepped forward. "Have you now? Very kind of you." He pointed at the Black Pearl. "But seeing as I have a ship and you don't, it seems like you're the ones who are in need of rescuing, and I don't feel in the mood." I laughed at the obvious sarcasm.

Jack turned his head sharply as he noticed me for the first time. He stared at me for a few seconds and opened his mouth to speak, before he was cut off by Barbossa. "I see my ship, right there." He pointed to the Black Pearl. Jack shaded his eyes and walked closer to the ocean. "What? I can't spot it. Must be a tiny thing hiding behind the Pearl." I smirked. Now I knew why Barbossa didn't like Jack. He was as sarcastic as I was.

Elizabeth stepped forward. "Jack, the world needs you!" Jack once again narrowed his eyes and strolled forward until he was right in her face. "Really now." He said, his voice suddenly serious. "That didn't stop you from leavin me tied to the Pearl as bait for that beastie, now did it?" We all looked at Elizabeth in shock. I couldn't believe she would do something like that. Jack grinned coldly. "Oh, she's not told you? Well, you'll have plenty to talk about while you're here." He set off back down the beach and was followed frantically by the crew. "Beckett has the heart of Davy Jones." Will said. "He controls the seas." Elizabeth added. "Ta song has been sung." Ta sad in her lyrical voice. "Ta Brethren Court be called." Jack whirled back around to face us. "I leave you alone for five seconds and the world's gone to pot."

I could tell he was reluctant to come with us and thrust himself in the middle of a pirate war. "The world needs 'ya back Captain Sparrow." I said, stepping forward. Jack looked at me, his eyes narrowed in scrutiny. "Who are you?" He asked warily. I smiled my crooked grin and bowed low, sweeping an imaginary hat off my head. "Perseus Jackson at your service Captain." As I straightened up Jack walked closer to me. "Are you of any use, boy?" He asked, one eyebrow raised. Before I could open my mouth the entire crew started talking at once. "He's from the future!" "He's the son of the Sea Lord!" "He can control the sea!" "He's held up the earth!" "He defeated the Lord of Time!" "The best shot I've seen in years!" "He defeated Barbossa in sword combat!"

Jack held up his hand for silence. He looked at me, his head cocked to the side. "Is all that true, boy?" he asked. I grinned. "Aye, and it's Perseus." Jack looked at me for a few more seconds. Suddenly, he grinned and threw his arm around my shoulder. "I like this one. Hasn't tried to kill me yet." He steered me towards the Pearl. "Com'on. I'd like to introduce you to my beauty." "What about us?" I heard Elizabeth call from behind us. Jack winked at me. "I guess they can come too, huh?" I grinned. "It wouldn't hurt anythin." I called a wave to sweep us on to the Pearl. Jack looked very impressed when we arrived on the deck of the Pearl without getting wet. Will laughed at his stunned facial expression. "See, Percy's amazing." Jack laughed. "I wish I had met you years ago."

I grinned. I knew that I would have tons of fun harassing the rest of the crew with Jack. I felt like he was a mirror version of me. I slight breeze flew by my ear, and I heard Tia's voice. "Witty Jack is as free as a bird. You two are not so different." I felt a huge sense of contentment as I realized that I had finally found a place where I fit in. Jack started running wildly around the Pearl, shouting random orders and swinging on a rope. "Slacken the braces! Prepare to haul! Make way!"

A mischievous thought came to mind. "Mizzenmast!" I yelled. Ropes swung and the sails dropped. Jack's rope abandoned him and he fell right onto his butt in front of me. The crew and I bust out laughing, the sound of sea mirth carrying over the waves. Jack looked up at me in surprise, but then started laughing like the rest of us. It took us a few minutes to calm down, and then Jack slowly got to his feet and clapped me on the back. "I defiantly like you, Perce." I laughed and waved my hand, and wind picked up the sails. Just like that, we were on our way.

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