AN: So, I have been playing around with this idea. I can barely find any stories pairing these two together, therefore I felt compelled to make one. :D I'm kinda stuck with where to go in my other ASOIAF story Lord of Winterfell so I'll probably bounce between these two for a bit. This will be a story that utilizes the R+L=J theory, a theory I have come to love. Let me know what you think and if I should continue. Just because this chapter is optimistic, doesn't necessarily mean that it will be an easy courting and/or union on both side. -Brittanie

Salt Mixed Snow


Asha Greyjoy never allowed herself to dream as a little girl. Dream as most little girls did. Dream of being a woman married to an honorable, handsome lord that held his head high, full of morals, and loved her with all his being.

No, she was Iron Born. A product of the Iron Islands. They did not breed men full of morals. They bred men that knew how to plunder. To fuck. To cast aside. To drown.

Never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined being wed to a prince. Outwardly, such a thing was a insult. But inside. Inside Asha's true self yearned to a place of power to share. A burden to grow. A child born out of love not theft, out of an honorable marriage.

He was everything she never let herself want.

He was everything she needed.

He was the opposite of her Iron Born brother. Opposite of every Iron Born man she left touch her.

He was strong, both of body and soul. Loyal to everything his moralistic upbringing installed within his curly head. He was not afraid to admit he was wrong. He took responsibility for his actions, for those he killed. Or displaced. He wielded a sword that was himself wrought into Valyrian steel. Beautiful and bastard born from a noble background, taken from the hands of one noble house and placed into another.

He was a prince.

He was Jon Targaryen.

He was her betrothed.

It was her job to use her salt to melt his snowy heart. A task she was willing to put her entire person into.