Nobody Knows Why

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. Nobody Knows Why.

Their first meeting hadn't been the best he'd admit. But what came afterwards was life changing. At least for him it had been. In that one moment he had found the rest of his life and he really wouldn't want it any other way. He loved the idea of forever, always had.

No matter what Natasha and Pepper thought of him, he could settle for one person.

It was only a matter of finding the right person. Laughing to himself, he realized that it wasn't so much that no one could believe him to be capable of monogamy, it was simply that they couldn't see why they could not bring that side out of him.

Oh, they had tried! And he had been happy with Pepper. He had thought, at some point, that he could do forever with her. But the truth was she would never trust him.

After so many years as his PA, she knew his habits best. And she didn't trust him enough to see that he could, and would, honor her. It was always there, the shadow in the back of her eyes. She didn't trust him, not with everything. And he knew better than most, a relationship would never work without trust.

It honestly hadn't surprised him when Pepper had pulled him aside one night after another Avengers meeting and ended it. The aftermath wasn't chaotic or filled with bitter regrets and could have beens. At least, not at first.

It's funny how she had dumped him, just as he'd thought of actually putting that diamond ring on her finger. For the first time, in a long time, he felt numb.

There were no hard feelings on his side, regrets? Oh yes, of those he had plenty. But no hard feelings. The only one who really knew everything, ring and all, was the Cap. But he would never spill. Oh, no. He was far too honorable for that.

The resentment and the battles came much later. And he couldn't understand why. He hadn't broken Pepper's heart. That was the other way around actually. Even if he had seen it coming. Matter of time and all that jazz. But he would heal.

What business of theirs was it if his methods involved drinking himself into oblivion and waking up in strangers' beds.




The day was surprisingly gloomy after so much sunshine and rainbows flashing all over the plays. Well, not entirely true, but it had seemed as if the months since "The Break Up" had been far too cheerful and bright.

Instead, today had dawned grey and gloomy, with the threat of rain hanging over their shoulders. It was a nice day. A great day. It was made all the better when he decided to drop by the park. He hadn't been there in a while. Well, not since he'd thrown the ring in the lake and drank enough for Happy to actually consider taking him to a hospital.

But that was then, this was now.

He was leaning against his car, just gazing at the people passing by. Some stopped and stared, but for the most part, people were used to him. If he had to hazard a guess, the gawkers were more than likely tourists. Deciding to take a walk through the park, Tony made his way down the path leading to the fountain. Maybe he'd find some entertainment there.

Humming as he went along, he felt peaceful for the first time in a long time. He had wasted away for months mourning the loss of what could have been but now it was time to move on. Whistling at the feeling of freedom, he almost felt like skipping but would never indulge in such an urge in public. Not willing. Ever.

A bark and a streak of white were the only warnings he received before he was barreled over by a huge furry thing, and a shout of "Chase!" as he went down.

Groaning as the white blur turned into a siberian husky, Tony pet the great white beast. "Chase! Bad boy, what were you thinking?!" Tony heard the husky, Chase, whine and pull away from him. He sat up and stared at the delicate looking hand that crossed his vision. Taking it he pulled himself up with the strangers help.

"I'm so sorry about that. Were you hurt?" Tony finally glanced down at the stranger, shorter than him by a few inches. His breath caught in his throat as he took in the too bright green eyes framed by locks of ebony. Green eyes narrowed with concern as a hand reached out to gently cup his cheek. "Sir? Are you okay? Were you hurt?"

He smiled as the british lilt grazed his ears and pulled the strangers hand to his lips. "I am quite well—?" He felt a warm glow as viridian eyes lit up with embarrassment and colored pale cheeks crimson.

"I-I, I mean I'm glad you weren't hurt by Chase." The smile flashed his way was almost blinding, and dare he say it, coy?

Charming smile in place he said, "My name is Tony, Tony Stark. May I have the pleasure of your name?"

Bright eyes crinkled in the corners with laughter that escaped through his lips and caressed his hand briefly before he let go, "My name is Harry Potter, and this is Chase. And it is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Stark."

Tony pet the husky in silent thanks and looked at the petite man as he looked back at him fearlessly and without any sort of awe or hero worship in sight. Making a decision, he extended his hand, "Would you care to join me for a walk?"

Harry looked at the proffered arm for a moment and grasped it.

The sun came out.

Tony wrapped his arm around his and led him down a path he hadn't noticed before. Smiles on both their faces, they walked in silence with only the occasional bark from Chase breaking the silence.

It was the start of something new. It was the start of something with promise. Maybe, something beautiful.




.Nobody Knows Why.

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