Nobody Knows Why

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. Nobody Knows Why.

The sky was overcast when Harry finally crawled out of bed and actually decided it would be the responsible thing to do to get to work.

Though it did take some rather admirable effort on his part.

He had gone to sleep really late the night before, a certain billionaire keeping him occupied with his mere presence. He had never had so much fun or laughed so much with someone he was so deeply attracted to.

Tony Stark was many things but for the night Harry had decided to simply go with the flow and not over think things so much for once. He simply let go and enjoyed himself.

That had, of course, ended once Tony and he had said their goodbyes and headed their separate ways. The insufferable man had since made like a plant and put down roots in his brain. He took up space Harry needed to function properly and maybe sleep a few hours, which did not please him. At all. The man was incredibly attractive.

And Harry was attracted. Very much so.

It wasn't just the mans good looks, but his incredible wit and charm. His thoughts had been plagued by warm brown eyes and that cocky smirk. It was so like him to go for guys like Tony, but he knew better. Honestly, he did.

Part of him was scolding himself at the ridiculous thoughts that filtered though his head. As much as he had enjoyed spending time with the other man, he wasn't that much of a recluse that he didn't know what kind of reputation the other had.

And what a reputation it was.

He knew better than anyone you couldn't trust the media, ironic as that was with his current job description. After everything he himself had been through and the accusations thrown at him he was content with the knowledge that none of it was true and they had nothing to back them up.

The same could not be said for the man he was currently interested in.

Pictures said a thousand words and those words painted a picture he was not comfortable in the least. Picture littered different magazine covers and he had eyes. All of the beautiful people and those vacant eyes looking back at him.

He wasn't entirely sure he wanted to get involved.

Only he did.

He so totally did. There was something about Tony that just drew him in inexplicably, but he was sure he could figure out in time. Though he could admit it was that biting tongue that did the most for him. He'd always been a sucker for a witty and clever tongue. And Tony definitely had a tongue on him.

And hadn't that brought him enough problems before? I mean, can anyone say Slytherins?

Walking in CLV he smiled at Karina, the receptionist, and made his was past Phil at the security check point still lost in thought.

Sure, it was easy enough to do nothing and ignore any feelings on his part. I mean, hello, H.J. Potter here, The King of the Oblivious. He could always play naive, right?

He glared at his expansive office in general and muttered darkly at himself. He was disgusted at how much like a love-sick fool he acting like.

Going through the motions today was simply going to be so tedious. Snorting he rolled his eyes thinking anyone normal would be all happy or dreamy in the face of their new crush. Urghh, crush. If anyone could see the look of his face now he would get some very uncomfortable questions he was not ready to answer.

Scoffing at the ADD direction his thoughts were taking, he looked over at the time and made his was out his office and toward the studio. He glanced over at Pedro and received the okay as he took a seat in the comfy leather chair in place for him.

Placing his head phones on he watched the count down from behind the glass. Red light went on, they were live, "Good morning, New York! HJ here on this oh-so-lovely morning. Temp is at 62 degrees and it looks like rain but don't take my word for it. You guys know me, it always looks like rain. Makes my weatherman abilities questionable. Let's not take my word for it, and hey!—" Sandy came in whispering in his ear, "Never mind folks. It will be raining today. Joy. Who else is looking forward to this lovely Monday morning? Yeah, thought so. For those freakish morning people let's get it started with Pitbull and Shakira with, well, Get it Started!"

Pushing the start on button for the prepared song on the board, he lent back in his chair and drained his coffee.

It was going to be a long day.

Glaring at nothing in particular, he hopelessly prayed Stark was having a similarly shitty start to his day. Or was, at the very least, thinking of him too.

Scoffing, he lent forward. Yeah, right!





.end chapter 2.

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