The sensations and absolute pleasures coursing throughout his body causes his back to arch up off of the bed. His eyes are closed, head tilted back as he feels the person above him continue to thrust into his tight, throbbing entrance. His breathing is quick and erotic, even as he can hear his own voice begging to go faster. Sweat glistens off of his body, some dripping onto him from the person above him as he moves with their thrusts, wanting their bodies to blend as one. It's more than he could've ever imagined. The purity of the love-making telling him there's no way he can ever think to consider this as a one night stand. Not that he'd even want to. He can hear the grunts coming from his partner and it sends shivers of pleasure through him as lips crash into his in a heated, passionate, and deep kiss. He massages his lips against the other's, arms wrapping around their neck to bring them closer to him. Adrenaline races through his veins. Adrenaline that, usually, is reserved for hunting and kicking ass. But not tonight. No, tonight, it's used for the most passionate of acts. Every muscle in his body screams out in ecstasy, exploding through him like a waterfall.

The kiss ends, but the thrusts continue and he can't help but wrap his legs around their waist, burying them deeper inside of him and causing him to cry out in pain as he's stretched further than he ever has been before. The pain, however, only lasts a few seconds before pleasure once again fills him. His breathing is heavy as he opens his eyes to stare at the man above him. Fingers entangle in his hair and the soothing motion only adds to the excitement and joy already flooding through him. A name is barely a whisper from his lips, but the man clearly hears him as their love-making escalates to greater heights. Something starts to slowly build in the pit of his stomach and he almost cries as he realizes that their time together is coming to an end. As his sweet spot is hit, his pleasure doubles ten-fold, each cry becoming louder and louder than the one before. His climax continues to grow inside of him until, with one final, deep, passionate thrust, he releases over both of their chests. He closes his eyes, small whimpers of pleasure escaping him as he rides it out. At that moment, he feels his partner also climax and he moans loudly as his entrance is filled with their seed.

It's several moments before he feels the man lay on top of him, his head laying on his chest. Instinctively, his arms wrap around them and he sighs contently. His heart is pounding in his chest and he knows his lover hears it too. Unable to help himself, he speaks.


"Yeah, Sammy?"

A pause.

"I love you."

Another pause, followed by a soft chuckle.

"I love you, too, Sammy."