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'Much Ado about Nothing'

"After all this time! And I thought maybe it wasn't that he didn't like me, but he just didn't want a girlfriend!"
Hatsuharu Sohma, a junior in high school, overheard one of his stupider female classmates wail in the back of the room. Normally the impassive quiet guy, Haru found it strange that he was so interested in hearing what this sobbing hormonal wreck had to say. Eventually giving into his curiosity with reluctance, Haru focused in on the conversation the girl and her consultant were having.
"I know, I know." The girl's friend was saying, trying to comfort her. "You were just too amazing for him. He felt inferior to you. You know how guys are."
Haru choked back a snort. What kind of idiot would think something like that could possibly be true? Guys were more like to have an impressive girlfriend and be proud of it than a plain one. Or, in Haru's case, and impressive secret male lover.
"I get that! But it still hurts!" The mourning classmate said. So gullible. No wonder she was rejected, Haru thought stiffly. His interest had died. He'd wanted to hear a name, but didn't want to bother with listening to that girl blubber another second. He returned to his doodle, a nude drawing of his boyfriend, that he was carving into his desk.
"I just can't believe KYO SOHMA actually got a girlfriend!"
Wait, back up. Haru whipped his head around to look at the girls. The comforting friend gave him a glare, and it was all Haru could do stay seated. The weeping girl took no notice of his actions, however, and continued to blather.
"I heard she was gorgeous! A drop dead tall, light blonde girl. TALL AND BLONDE! I can't compete with that!"
Haru was splintering off pieces of wood from his desk into his fists. He left huge dents from his fingers over his etch when he stood, no longer able to contain himself.
The ox strolled, almost casually, over to the girls. The second with the glare glared harder, but Haru didn't give a rat's ass how hard she stared.
"You. Crying girl." Haru said. He didn't say it loudly, but the whole room went quiet when he spoke. The girl looked up at him, and instantly the huge fat tears in her eyes stopped, to be replaced with fear.
"Me?" She squeaked. Suddenly her evil eyed friend wasn't staring so strongly. Her face had paled and her lower lip trembled.
"I don't see another tear drenched bitch, do you?" Haru snarled. His aura, thick and black, rolled off of him in waves that were almost visible. He had a vengeful look in his eyes, which had darkened considerably. As was the nature of Hatsuharu Sohma, whenever angered to the point of snapping.
"N-no." The girl managed very quietly.
Haru's pre-existing frown deepened. "Speak up." he growled.
"N-no!" She said, slightly louder.
"Now answer me this, you pathetic whore, where did you hear that Kyo had a GIRLFRIEND from?" He spoke slowly and evenly, with malice dripping from each word, until he spoke 'girlfriend.' Venom leaked from his mouth and eyes and the black fire glaring out from him darkened hue.
"Fffrom Sohma-kun..." The girl barely managed to get out, her mouth unable to move.
"GODDAMMIT IT WOMAN, I SAID SPEAK UP!" Haru yelled knocking the desk next to her over with a shove. It skidded across the room and hit the wall with a splintering crash.
"FROM SOHMA-KUN!" She yelled in fear, then clapping her hand over her mouth once she realized what she'd done.
Silence ticked by. Nobody spoke. Haru had not moved a muscle. Yet the tension did not let up. In fact, it got worse. Dark venom had spread slowly from Hatsuharu's body, slowly enveloping the room.
"You want some real advice, girly?" Hatsuharu finally spoke, his voice strangely calm, considering the black he emitted, "GET. THE. FUCK. OVER. YOURSELF."
Haru stalked over to his desk, grabbed it, and crushed it before slinging it against the class' window.
It shattered, and the entire class' mouths feel open. Haru walked briskly over to the door, grabbed the handle, and tore it from its hinges. Flinging it aside Haru slowly made his way towards the senior hallway, his black aura following in a dark cloud around him.

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