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Here's chapter two of 'Much Ado about Nothing.'

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Kyo was sitting at his desk, a blasé expression on his face. Today had been boring, with Tohru off with her friends, and the stupid rat being busy with student council, Kyo had no entertainment. Momiji had stopped by earlier raving about Haru tearing up a classroom again, and Kyo had snuffed him away.

Ever since Kyo had started dating Haru, it seemed as if without the younger boy around, Kyo was always bored. It was starting to piss him off, so the orange haired teen had started to avoid Haru. He was only doing it to wane himself of his strange reliance on his boyfriend, but so far the week had been miserable.

Haru had tried to approach Kyo yesterday, asking why he was being avoided, but that only ended in an angry blowjob (done by Kyo), and then more avoidance. Honestly, Kyo was getting tired of the new routine of being caught by Haru, confronted by Haru, and then angrily fucked by Haru. He missed the tender moments where Haru treated Kyo with love. But he would never admit to that.

Suddenly a very tense aura filled the room. All of the talking and laughing classmates fell quiet. Kyo sat up, confused by the sudden intensity. He recognized the atmosphere; it belonged to an undeniably black Haru.

As soon as the name crossed Kyo's thoughts, Haru stepped into the older teen's classroom. Turning to the teacher, Haru curtly said. "The principal wants to see Sohma-kun in the office. NOW."

Kyo's teacher met Haru's eyes steely. "Do you have a note?" She asked abrasive.

"No." Haru said, pissed.

"Then he's staying here, Sohma-san. Now if you would please go back to class."

Haru stared at sensei for a moment, and then went over to where Kyo sat, yanked him up, and dragged him out of the room.

"Haru! Haru!* Stop!" Kyo cried as his arm almost got wrenched from its socket. Hatsuharu ignored his boyfriend's pleas and pulled him down the hallway into an open closet, shutting and locking the door angrily behind them.

"I know why you've been avoiding me, bitch." Haru snarled. Kyo's eyes widened.

"What the fuck did you just call me?!" Kyo snapped. "What the fuck do you know? Let me out of here, you damn ox!" Kyo tried to shove his way past Haru, getting angry. Haru'd never dared cuss at him before.

"No." Haru shoved Kyo backwards, knocking the orange haired boy against a cabinet, hitting his head. "When you date me, you only date me. No one else. I don't allow cheating. Or are we even a couple anymore?" The white haired boy spoke clearly, staring at Kyo with cold eyes.

"Shit." Kyo mumbled sitting up and rubbing the back of his head, which pounded with pain. "What are you talking about…?" He managed out, still dazed from the impact.

"Your beautiful girlfriend," Haru grabbed the front of Kyo's shirt, and pulled him upwards so that their noses were almost touching, "the tall, blonde one that you told my ditsy-ass classmate about." Without waiting for a response from Kyo, Haru clashed their lips together.

Kyo batted his fists feebly against his boyfriend's chest, trying to push him off and explain the situation. Hatsuharu ignored the ministrations and shoved his tongue into Kyo's mouth, clashing their teeth together. The injury on the back of Kyo's head was making his eyes swim, and the expert way he was being kissed made his body go limp. He tried to stress out the other male's name past their lips, but had no energy to do so.

Haru shoved Kyo back against the shelves, getting into the kiss despite himself. It was rare to have Kyo so submissive. Yet he could still not forget that Kyo had someone else, a woman no less, that he preferred over him. "Kyo," He moaned, unable to control himself.

When he got no response Haru stopped kissing his lover and looked at Kyo's face. Kyo's eyes were distant and his expression was blank. "Kyo?!" Haru said, surprised. He moved his hands away from the positions on Kyo's shoulder and on the back of his head, to find blood on his fingers. "SHIT! KYO! KYO!" Haru began to shake Kyo's shoulders, trying to snap him out of it. "Are you alright?"

"Get off!" Kyo said, shoving Haru backwards suddenly. Haru landed on his ass and looked up, shocked as Kyo stood up. Kyo ran his hand over the back of his head, and found some traces of blood. "You fucking idiot!" He snarled, glaring down at the speechless Haru, now apparently gone white.

"You need to ask questions before you just jump to conclusions like that!" Kyo scolded, eyes bright with anger and smugness for scaring the shit out of his boyfriend. "I'm not dating anyone else, asshole."

"B-but, the girl, she said—" Haru started, becoming confused.

"Yea, yea. I bragged to some second year that I had a tall, hot, light haired lover. It's not my fault she thought I was talking about a girl. She was so annoying, always bugging me about dating. So I set her straight." Haru's mouth opened slightly, understanding showing on his face. "Shit. That really hurt, dumbass." Kyo said, wincing as he wiped the back of his head.

Haru wrapped his arms around Kyo suddenly, now standing up. "I'm so sorry, Kyo." He said, nuzzling the back of his lover's head.

"Hey, cut it out." Kyo said, struggling half-heartedly.

"Will you forgive me?" Haru asked, biting gently onto Kyo's neck.

"I'll think about it." Kyo said, eyes rolling back slightly as Haru began to suck on the nips.

"Mmm." Haru hummed, as in agreement onto the top of Kyo's shoulder. His hands began to lightly trace Kyo's shirt, until they slipped inside and trickled over his stomach.

"I didn't say that we could do it." Kyo moaned, leaning back into Haru's chest. Haru hummed again, and then set to work on Kyo's nipples, twisting and pinching them to his heart's content. "Ohh~" Kyo moaned. "I missed this…"

"Kyo," Haru said, not letting up on the torment of his boyfriend's nipples, "If you weren't avoiding me because you were dating someone else, why were you?"

Kyo stiffened, his checks going red just at the thought of telling Haru the truth. "No reason." He muttered out, trying and failing to keep a poker face. Haru spun Kyo around, took one look at how red the older's face was, and smiled. He dove in for another kiss, and soon Kyo forgot what they were even talking about, and began blushing for an entirely different reason.

***Here's where I wanted to end the story, with a little piece of comedy afterwards. But just for the people that love reading some smut (I can relate:) I'm going to write some. You're welcome!***

Haru swirled his tongue over Kyo's navel, traveling downwards to where the other's pants were still on. He unbuttoned them with his teeth, while bringing a hand up to the bulge inside. He kneaded it, making Kyo arch his back and gasp.

Slowly unzipping his boyfriend's pants, Haru pulled Kyo's dick from its confines and lightly blew on it. "Haru!" Kyo cried out in excitement.

"I love hearing you say my name." Haru growled, and took the entirety of Kyo into his mouth. He moved his head up and down, taking it to the hilt. He licked the underside, along the prominent vein, just the way Kyo liked it. After a few minutes of continuous ministration, Kyo moaned deeply the way he did when he was about to cum. With one last suck, Haru released the dick and made eye contact with his lover.

Kyo stared almost languish at Haru, the euphoria from pleasure still running through his straining erection. "Haru…" Haru gulped, and lifted Kyo's legs suddenly up. "Ah!" Kyo cried out, excitement building for what was to come.

Haru pulled his always present bottle of lube from his pocket, and deposited a substantial amount onto his fingers. Not giving him any warning, Haru pushed two fingers into Kyo. He began to scissor them immediately, impatient to be inside his lover. His cock pressed against the inside of his dress-pants.

He pushed in another finger, and Kyo began to push back against them. Haru took that as an okay, and was finally able to pull out his cock. He lined it up to Kyo's entrance, and pushed in.

Kyo let out a small scream, of either pain or pleasure, Haru wasn't sure. At that moment, all he could think about was the tight heat that surrounded him. He hadn't had real, actual sex, with Kyo since the week before, and had almost forgotten exactly how amazing it felt.

Almost without thinking Haru hoisted up Kyo onto his lap. Kyo moaned as Haru began to thrust, creating rhythm. It wasn't long before Kyo was coming down to meet Haru. They were both going crazy with lust and desire.

Kyo reached his peak first, crying out and shooting his seed all over both of their chests. The feeling of cumming made Kyo tighten on the inside, putting more strain on Haru, who began to thrust in a frenzy. Kyo began to kiss his boyfriend and lover until Hatusharu came with a guttural groan.

Gently laying Kyo onto the floor, Haru collapsed on top of him, breathing in and out steadily as his sweat mixed with Kyo's. "I love you." He said, making eye contact with his boyfriend's brilliant orange orbs.

"I love you too, you stupid ox." Kyo snarled half-heartedly, exhausted. Haru laughed and pulled out gently, before laying down beside the love of his life.

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