Dear Diary,
I can't believe I found one of these at Smash-mart. Hopefully, I don't end up throwing this away like I did to my other Diary. This one seems to be kinda unique. A green, diary that has a triforce design on it. I think this one should last for a while, besides, I got me a a triforce pencil. I'm going to try and draw a triforce right in this page so that I know that this is mine.


/\ /\

Okay, now that I drew the symbol, I know that this is definately mine. I am so bored right now, so I'm going to write some stuff that even you won't even care about, wait a minute, I thought diaries don't care about anything. What was I going to say, Oh yeah, did you know my favorite color is green? It's the best color in the world, plus it's good luck. I won't get hurt too much from wearing green. I wonder what people write in these diaries, I mean, from what I heard Ike has one. Maybe I should read his and see what kind of stuff he writes in his diary. Should I ask someone around of what they would write in their diaries? Wait, that would be WAY too embarrassing. I'll just write stuff about me and see what happens. Well, I have a sidekick that sometimes likes to hide in my hat, her name is Navi, and she's sometimes really annoying and she doesn't help me when I need help. Okay...maybe that wasn't about me, but I really do have a sidekick. I'll ACTUALLY tell about myself now, my name is Link and I love drinking healing potions and lon lon milk. It annoys me when people say that I wear a skirt or a dress (It's a tunic for crying out loud!) and did you know that there's a dark version of me? It's true, he looks exactly like me, but dark. He's kinda like my evil twin if you think about it. One more thing you might want to know about me, I have a crush on this beautiful princess named Zelda. She seems like a tomboyish princess, I mean, she wears boots and not high heels! She's one unique princess. I think I'm finished writing here today, I must leave now, goodbye.


P.S- I can't wait for the Halloween party coming soon!

Hello everyone! Here is something that was one of the highest votes in my poll, Link's Diary! The first page of Link's Diary is really short, but don't worry, he'll probably write a lot more stuff in the next chapter, I mean, look at Ike's diary. His very first page is pretty short, but throughout the pages its much longer. Anyways, I own nothing Link and Super Smash Brothers belongs to Nintendo and I hope you enjoyed this new chappie!