This is very different to other fic I have written and I'm not sure it worked but I don't think I can get it better so hopefully you will enjoy it

Maxine White stood on the docks watching as the Hamersley and her one true love arrived back in port. Mike Flynn her heart throb, the only man she would ever love. Their relationship had always been turbulent, she in a fit of anger one night had chosen Stuart to bring up Ryan something which now and always had regretted. Mike Flynn was the only reason that she had taken the job in Cains, moving closer to him would give them a chance to be together again, just like it should be.

First step was getting him off that ship and on land. Dating anyone worked better if they were port based. Using her subtle authority she had managed to get Mike on the promotions list and wrangled if he took it he would work in the office next to hers. It would be the perfect way to get him back to her side.

They'd start with casual lunches, drinks after work, then she'd cook him a nice meal and invite him upstairs. She had it all planned after all she had seduced him once, she would seduce him again.

It took weeks of nagging to get him to agree to the promotion, an American Ambassador, an Admiral, and the Chief of the Navy to trap him so he had to agree. She was frustrated that he didn't see this opportunity but he would the game was on. It started immediately with him moving straight away into the office next to hers as she had planned. Stage one was complete.

Watching carefully she was annoyed to see Kate arrive within minutes of Mike leaving the ship. Why she had to come to the office to be told about his promotion Maxine didn't know. Competition perhaps? That would have to be solved quickly.

Some quick work sent the Hamersley's departure time forwards they'd be at sea for a few days and the time they did have before departure had Kate would spend in her office not his. Maxine didn't have anything against Kate personally but Mike was her man and Kate needed to back off; still at least she had found a new CO for the Hamersley quickly. The fact that she knew Kate would hate him only helped her satisfaction. She would learn to get her own man or suffer the consequences.

That night she took Mike out for drinks and a catch up. To celebrate his promotion, it went swimmingly just like Maxine had planned very well. At work they had working lunches together every day, Maxine insisting their relationship soon blossoming.

3 days later the Hamersley docked as per protocol Kate and the Hamersley's new commander Steve came in to debrief. Maxine grinned introducing Mike as her right hand man making sure she stood just a little too close to him staking her claim. Seeing Kate's eyes narrow slightly and the look of hurt she shot at Mike Maxine knew she was doing the right thing.

When Steve announced the intention to sail tonight Maxine could have kissed him. Kate tried to get shore leave that night but Steve denied it. This news was only slightly dampened when Mike asked for a private word with Kate.

Knowing any plans for tonight were cancelled Maxine invited Mike out for drinks and was delighted when he accepted.

Disappointingly the next day the Hamersley had docked. The only plus point was an opportunity to get Mike back on the ship as an inquisitor, making sure that she emphasised the no bias thing, to discourage any fraternisation between him and the X. She also hoped it would create some bad feeling so the crew began to work against them and their relationship.

They came back with a young sailor guilty of this new problem kidnapping a crocodile and murdering it causing $50,000 of damages. The sailor was called 2dads and Kate and Mike had a huge row in her office on how to proceed. Maxine congratulated herself. This had worked out better than she could have hoped especially when Kate had stormed out. That night she opened a bottle of wine and congratulated herself on her genius.

The next morning she called round early to Mike's house hoping to take him out to breakfast. There was no answer, even worse she remembered the Hamersley was in port. On a hunch she drove past Kate McGregor's house beyond disappointed when she saw Mike's car parked outside. She knew somehow someway she would have to stop this little fling and ruin Kate McGregor's life. Stupid little bitch did she not know to get her hands off Maxine's man. Maxine was now determined that the bitch would pay.

With Kate and the Hamersley sailing again it gave her time not long but enough. Coburn handed it to her on a platter, just when she needed a way to split Mike and Kate up he had offered it on a platter. How convenient to have a brain tumour when she needed to get Mike out of Kate's romantic life. Canberra gave her no choice but to discharge him leaving the Hamersley without a CO.

She knew Mike Flynn, she knew he would never refuse a sea posting, never refuse the Hamersley and would never break Navy regulations. It wasn't ideal but she had been ordered to find a replacement that worked and quickly whatever it took and there wasn't another who could take charge, Maxine had made sure of that.

Telling Mike was easy but he appeared conflicted; Maxine knew it was temporary once on board he'd find his sea legs again and stay for as long as she needed him to, as long as it took to get him to love her once again.