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~Life Swap~

This was the third time this month. Third freaking time! Naruto slammed the gas and electric bill on the table and massaged his temples, trying to calm his growing fury. They were once again over due on their payments and lost their electricity and gas, which they won't get it back till it's paid for. Naruto sighed in frustration. It was Sai's turn this month to pay for the gas and electric, but that asshole must of forgotten to again. This wasn't the first time Naruto and Sai came up short on their monthly payments. In fact, whenever it was Sai's turn to pay up, he hardly ever came through for him! So Naruto would have to bust his ass off working overtime to pay for it.

If this kept up Naruto might as well start looking for a second job just to make ends meet every month. He just couldn't understand how Sai screwed up like this. The ass actually had a better paying job than him! But he wasted that money on useless junk they didn't need, like that damn silver Lexus Sai had parked out in the car garage across the street. Naruto had to admit, that car was sexy as hell and it drove so smoothly on the road. You could hit 100mph and it'd only feel like you were going 70mph. Not to mention having sex in there was quite erotic….

Naruto shook his head and even went as far as to smack himself in the face a couple of times. They seriously didn't need that car…as awesome as it was. He had been so furious when Sai had just brought that home randomly one day a few months ago. He wanted Sai to sell it and get their money back, but the bastard wouldn't listen. Their little Toyota car was good enough for them, even though they had to share it and drive each other pretty much everywhere. Although, before Sai got the Lexus, he'd mostly be the one driving the Toyota and be gone for hours on end, which left Naruto to either take a bus, cab, or simply walk to his destinations.

And by God did it piss him off when Sai said he wanted to sell their Toyota. It wouldn't even make up for half of the money that Sai spent on that damn car of his! Not to mention that their car insurance had been doubled now, ever since that accident Sai got into with a friend's pick-up truck…

Naruto ran his hand through his hair a few times, a subconscious habit he did that calmed him down. It was even better when someone else did that to him, but for the past few years he had been the only one doing it for himself. Half the time he didn't even realize he was doing it. Naruto remembered when Sai used to do that to him back when they were first married. He missed those days so much. He didn't even know when their marriage started to fall apart. All he knew now was that he wanted out. Naruto didn't know how much more stress and heartbreak he could take from all this anymore.

But it costs money to see a lawyer to help determine each other's rights and whatnot, and then money for all the divorce papers and property distribution, etc. It was a heap of money that Naruto just didn't have on hand for him to use. It was incredibly hard to put cash aside, and he had definitely been trying for years. But more often than not he'd have to dip into his savings just to pay for bills so they wouldn't get kicked out of their apartment.

Naruto stopped pacing the kitchen floor when he heard the front door open and then close. Sai was home. Naruto leaned up against the counter and folded his arms together, waiting for Sai to walk into the kitchen, and into his utter doom. He didn't have to wait long. A few minutes later, Sai waltzed right into the kitchen without so much as a glance in his direction. That nearly snapped a fuse inside his overheating cranium, but he took a deep breath to keep his cool.


It was only times like this that Naruto's voice came out so hard-edged and cold. Usually it was much lighter and warmer, but Sai had been pushing his limits way too much lately. And it was a good thing that Sai did finally give Naruto his undivided attention, or else he would have been flipping the table and chairs in his husband's general direction.

"What is it Naruto?" Sai asked with his infuriatingly fake smile.

Naruto pointed towards the bill on the table. "What the hell is this?"

Sai glanced over at the envelope and then shrugged. "Another bill I suppose?"

Naruto's teeth started to ache from clenching them together so tightly for so long. Sai's indifference to the situation was really starting to crack down on his calm demeanor. He was about ready to snap.

"Yes, it is another bill. Another bill you once again failed to pay on time! You can't keep doing this, Sai! Our credit rating at the bank is in the shit house!"

The older male gave an exasperated sigh as he picked up the bill from the table and started walking towards the door. "Stop nagging so much about the bills all the time. I've got it taken care of. I'll go pay for it now if that'll shut you up. You act like a woman on her period."

Naruto could feel his face burning in rage. "I nag too much? I nag too much?! If it weren't for me, nothing would ever get paid for in this place. We'd have nothing! The landlord would have kicked us out of here a long time ago if it weren't for me working overtime just to keep a roof over our heads! YOU ASS!"

A loud bang followed that last statement. In his fury, Naruto kicked the chair nearest to him, and it collided harshly against the opposite wall. Two of its legs snapped. It was a damn shame that chair didn't make impact with any part of Sai's body. What a waste of good furniture.

The fake smile was wiped clean from Sai's face as he stared at the broken chair. He looked back up at Naruto and seemed to be contemplating something before he walked over to him. He stopped when he was standing right in front of the blonde and gripped his chin, forcing Naruto to look up at him. Till this very day Naruto, cursed the height difference. His height was average for a male, but Sai still stood a few inches taller.

"Stop worrying so much about tedious things like this. I know I may procrastinate a bit, but I have it under control. Just trust me."

Naruto opened his mouth to retort, but Sai swooped down and claimed his lips in a kiss. Too shocked at the little display of affection, Naruto didn't move for a few moments. It was only when Sai started sucking and getting a little rougher and more demanding in his kisses that Naruto started to resist. Bringing up his hands, he flattened his palm on Sai's chest and pushed him back a bit. There was no way the dick wad was going to distract him from their argument.

"Stop it, Sai. I'm tired of your bullshit. Just go pay the bill already so we can get our electricity and gas back by tonight."

A flicker of irritation passed through the older male's dark eyes, but it was gone and replaced with that everlasting phony smile of his. Sai released his grip on Naruto's chin and started walking towards the door again.

"I'll be back later tonight then." Without so much as a wave or goodbye, Sai shut the door behind him.

Naruto let out a frustrated sigh he didn't even know he was holding in. He walked into the living room and collapsed onto the couch in a boneless heap. He felt exhausted. Both physically and emotionally drained, and it was still early in the evening. Naruto threw an arm over his eyes and laid there for a bit. He thought about his life with Sai so far and tried to figure out what went wrong. Naruto so badly wanted a divorce but…the money issue of not being able to afford a lawyer wasn't the main problem, really. The real reason was that…he still loved Sai with all his heart. Or more like, he was still in love with the memory of Sai. Back during their high school and college days and their first few years of marriage…that was the happiest Naruto had ever been.

Just reminiscing on the past lulled him into a sinking depression. His friends had been telling him to leave Sai for awhile now, that it just wasn't worth staying with him. But Naruto always had an excuse as to why he couldn't leave him yet. However, the truth of it all was that Naruto just couldn't let it go. He was too emotionally attached to Sai. After all, to Naruto, it felt like he wasted so much of his life investing all these years into this relationship, only to have it end this way. It made him feel pathetic.

He wished there was some way for him to bring back the old Sai. Just one last chance to have his sweetheart back, before he decided to pull the plug and end it all. He didn't know what was worse. Staying with Sai and continue living like this, or leaving the love of his life forever.

Before Naruto could think deeper on that, he heard paper fluttering and then hitting the floor. He looked over the couch in time to see all the mail he had brought in get blown off the table by the wind from the opened kitchen window. With a grunt, Naruto got up to collect the mail and put it in a better, more secure spot. As he was straightening it out, one particular letter stood out from the rest. It almost looked like an invitation of some kind.

Curious by nature, Naruto set the rest of the mail aside and walked back to the couch while tearing open the envelope. He pulled out the letter from inside and glanced over it briefly. It looked like it came from some kind of company inviting them to participate in some event. Naruto sat down and read the letter. It said:

Dear Mr. Hoshino Sai and Uzumaki Naruto,

I am Hatake Kakashi, and I'm a TV producer from the TV company Konoha Connections, where we bring you enjoyable programs for your entertainment. I am supervising a new TV show called Life Swap, and I'm currently looking for willing couples to participate.

The rules are simpel;. One spouse will switch places with another spouse from another family, to live a completely different life style for one month. All you have to do is get along with your new temporary family for that one month. The spouse that performs the best throughout the given time period will win $50,000.

Please note that you will be recorded by our camera men every single day from 6AM to 8PM. You will be on live television for the time that you are living with your new family between those hours. If you wish to apply for a spot in our show, then fill out the application provided and mail it back to the address given. Thank you for your time, and best of luck!

Naruto read the letter over once again, not really believing it just yet. This was the answer! If he could just swap places with someone and leave Sai for one month, then maybe his husband might come to miss some of the aspects of them being together. Maybe even miss the good old times after having to deal with someone he'll most definitely hate. But if that somehow backfired on him…well then he'd just have to make sure to win, just in case. It shouldn't be too hard, Sai had horrible social skills and couldn't get along with just anyone. Then he could use the money to file for a divorce and get a new place.

Naruto took out the application and went to get a pen. After filling out his and Sai's information and all the other questions asked, he put it in a brand new envelope and sealed it shut. Quickly glancing at the time, he sighed in relief after seeing he still had enough time to make it to the post office to mail it in.

Before Naruto left, he hid the letter in one of their spare drawers in the kitchen. He'd tell Sai about this if they were picked to star in the show. With a hopeful smile, Naruto left to mail in his application.

This was quickly becoming a lost cause. No matter how much she batted her eyelashes or tried to appear apologetic, it just wasn't working on him. He sat there glaring at her with such a cold look in his eyes, and she just knew that even her womanly charms weren't going to help her in this situation.

"But Sasuke, I swear I didn't see that woman coming! She was in the wrong!"

Sasuke pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. "Sakura…you were texting on your phone while driving in the wrong lane. You caused that woman to swerve out of your way and then crash into oncoming traffic. Not to mention, it's illegal to text while driving now!"

Sakura cast her eyes down and slumped her shoulders in a defeated manner. She did go a little too far this time, and now Sasuke was finally getting fed up with her.

And fed up with her he was. Sakura should count herself lucky that Sasuke bailed her out of jail. Maybe he should of just left her there…but then the media would be on him, wondering why he was so cold hearted towards his own wife by leaving her in prison to rot. Damn those reporters to hell.

"Sakura, don't you dare ever cause such a scene or get into anymore reckless accidents-"

"I promise, Sasuke! And thank you so much for getting me out of that disgusting, dank hellho-"

"Not so fast," Sasuke returned to glaring at her. "Lately you have been doing some uncouth activities that have been grabbing the attention of the media. You know I have a respectable reputation to uphold and I will not have you ruin it."

Somehow Sakura had the decency to look even more ashamed, but Sasuke knew that she hadn't learned her lesson. If she was going to be like this, then he was just going to cut her off to make his point. Sometimes he felt that she acted more like a child than his own wife.

"To make sure this doesn't ever happen again, I'm freezing your bank account so you can't receive any more money from mine."

"WHAT?! But Sasuke, I-"

"Enough! My decision is final. Until you can pay me back for all that I spent on bailing you out and paying for all the expenses, your bank account will remain as it is." Before Sakura could start screaming her head off at him, Sasuke got up and left the room to go to bed. He had such a long tiring day, and being told that Sakura was in jail didn't help matters. He felt a powerful migraine coming and all he wanted was to sleep his problems away.

As Sasuke left the room, Sakura quietly fumed. How dare he do this to her! She'd never gotten in any sort of car accident before this. To her, she thought Sasuke was being a bit extreme. How the hell was she suppose to come up with $40,000 for all the damage she had caused? She didn't have a job. She hadn't worked in years, not since she married Sasuke. There was just no need, since he made so much.

With a huff, Sakura stood up. If she put her mind to it she could accomplish anything. Her determination was what landed Uchiha Sasuke as her husband, after all. Sakura walked into their living room and turned the T.V. on to watch the news. Unfortunately she had just missed the weather and had to put up with some commercials for the time being till it came back on again. She was starting to get bored with the commercials until the next one caught her attention.

This spring, Konoha Connections is hosting a new reality T.V. show! This new program we're bringing you, is Life Swap! Any couple in the United States is welcomed to apply for a position on our show. The rules are simple. One spouse from a couple will swap places with another spouse of another couple who live a completely different life style for one month. The spouse that performs the best with their new, temporary family will win $50,000! If you'd like a chance to be in Life Swap call the number below:


Sakura scrambled to find a pen and paper to write the number down. This was it! This was how she'd pay Sasuke back! She just had to win on Life Swap. Not to mention she'd have $10,000 left over that she could spend on whatever the hell she wanted. It was perfect! The only downside was that Sasuke was sure to be furious about some stranger taking her place for a whole month. But her darling would just have to cope with it. She'll only tell him about it if she's chosen to swap with someone for the show. So for now, this was going to remain a secret…

Sakura dialed the number and waited as it started to ring. A smile of triumph slowly appeared on her lips.

Why is it that whenever you're in the middle of doing something that's important to you, something else always has to interrupt? Naruto had just finished taking a shower, then came out of the bathroom and walked into the bedroom with nothing but a towel around his waist. Sai couldn't help but trace the outline of that tan, toned body that was still dripping wet, and was quickly becoming aroused. It had been awhile since the last time he and Naruto had done anything intimate, so he was going to seize this chance now, whether the blonde liked it or not.

Sai got up from the bed and came up behind Naruto, starting to ghost his fingers along the blonde's back. He felt the younger male stiffen and saw his shoulders go rigid.

"Not tonight, Sai, I want to sleep. I'm exhausted from work."

Not listening, Sai encircled his arms around the blonde's trim waist and pressed his hard on into Naruto's lower back, sensually grinding into him. He placed feather light kisses along the juncture of Naruto's neck, attempting to get Naruto into the mood.

However, Naruto was not in the mood. He didn't feel that tingling sensation he usually got in his lower abdomen at the moment, because he was honest to god dead beat. Hell, he didn't even have enough energy to resist and push the older male away. Maybe it was best to let him have his way after all, the faster he got this over with, the faster he'd get to sleep.

Sai smirked when he felt Naruto sag against his body, a sign that he wasn't going to struggle this time like he has in the past. His hands traveled down lower and lower until they reached the hem of the towel that hid the rest of the blonde from his eyes. Just as he was about to undo the knot of the towel on the side, there was a knock at the door. He chose to ignore whoever it was and continue to fondle his husband, but the damn blonde pulled away from him.

"Sai, go answer the door while I get something to change into."

Another knock reverberated from the front door and Sai mentally cursed, knowing he just lost the mood. Scowling, Sai walked out of the room to answer the door. Before he opened it, he plastered on one of his fake smiles for whoever the hell it was. He expected to see the landlord since he hadn't paid for their rent yet, but to his surprise it was a tall man wearing a mask that covered the lower part of his face. And if that wasn't strange enough, he had grey or silver hair, yet he didn't look a day over forty.

"Can I help you, sir?" Sai just hoped this guy had the wrong address or something.

"Ah hello, Mr. Hoshino Sai, I presume?" Sai assumed the man was smiling judging by the crinkling skin at the corner of his eyes. The man held his hand out to shakes Sai's. "I'm Hatake Kakashi from Konoha Connections. I'm here to tell you and your husband that you have been selected to partake in our new show, Life Swap."

As Sai let go of the man's hand, he looked at him in confusion. 'Partake in what now?'

Before he could shut the door in the man's face for spouting such nonsense, Naruto walked in fully dressed.

"Who is it, Sai?"

Naruto peered around Sai's shoulder and stared at the peculiar man at the door. "Umm..hello, sir. Can we help you?"

Kakashi turned towards Naruto, "Oh, you must be Uzumaki Naruto!"

Confused, Naruto stepped around Sai to stand in front of the man. "Yeah I am. How do you know?"

Kakashi chuckled. "I'm Hatake Kakashi from Konoha Connections. I received your application and you and your spouse were selected for Life Swap."

"Wait, what application? What is he talking about, Naruto?"

Naruto felt himself start to sweat from disbelief and nervousness. He sent that damn letter just a week ago! He didn't expect to see any results from it for at least a month or more. Hell, he didn't even expect for him and Sai to get picked for the show!

"Well um.." Naruto rubbed the back of his neck. A nervous habit he was never able to break. "You see, Sai, I umm…kind of signed us up for this guy's new T.V. show last week and-"

"You what?"

Kakashi glanced between Naruto and Sai and could feel the tension building between the two of them. He smirked behind his mask. Looks like he chose the right kind of couple for their show.

Naruto felt guilty now. He could see how angry Sai was. He hated it when people kept things from him, so Naruto could understand why he was so mad. "I'm sorry, Sai, it's just that…well we've been so tight on money lately, and then I found out about this show and if we win we'll get $50,000! So I thought, what the hell, I'll try it, but I seriously didn't expect for us to be picked right away…" Naruto trailed off. He was rambling and Sai hated it even more when he rambled.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner…or even asked you first if you wanted to do it…"

Thinking back on his earlier plan, Naruto now felt ashamed. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to send in that application for something as trivial as his marriageable problems…as if the show really would solve all his problems. He waited for Sai to blow a fuse but was surprised to see that he hadn't yet. In fact, Sai didn't look so much as slightly pissed anymore. After a couple minutes of silence Sai finally said something.

"We get $50,000 if we win? How do you win?"

Naruto was too surprised by the change of attitude in Sai to respond, but luckily Kakashi stepped forward.

"It's simple really. One of you has to swap places with another spouse from a couple who lives a completely different life style than you do. More often than not, you will definitely face odds with your new temporary family. The spouse that does the swap has to get along with the new family for one month. At the end of the month, the company will compare both of the opposing spouse's performances and whoever got along the best with their enemy will win the $50,000."

Sai stood there thinking it over while Naruto stared at him in astonishment, still letting the fact sink in that Sai didn't seem so angry about this anymore. Though, he probably shouldn't be surprised. The moment money was mentioned, Sai calmed down and thought over his options. Naruto frowned.

"This doesn't seem like a bad arrangement at all. Good thinking, Naruto, we do need that money…" Sai seemed to be talking more to himself rather than to his husband.

Kakashi grinned, even though the other two could not see it. "Well then, if you two are in an agreement on this, then you should decide who will be doing the swap. I will be back in one week to collect the lucky one who gets the privilege."

Kakashi patted Naruto on the shoulder then slightly bowed. "Goodnight, gentleman. I will see you in a week."

And with that, Kakashi left. A heavy silence filled the air as Sai still had that thoughtful look on his face. Even his smile didn't look forced or faked. He really did seem pleased at the moment.

Without saying a word, Naruto left the room to go to bed, even though he wasn't feeling tired anymore. He was still exhausted, but now he felt wide awake. Naruto stripped down to his boxers and climbed into bed and tried to get comfortable.

Several minutes later Naruto heard Sai moving around in the kitchen and then finally the opening and closing of the front door. Naruto heaved a sigh and pressed his head into the pillow, willing himself to sleep before any kind of sadness, despair, or even anger could sweep into his vulnerable mind. He couldn't deal with his emotions right now. Actually, he never wanted to deal with them again! They only made him think things he never wished to even think of.

Sai's constant disappearances in the night only made him suspect that he was cheating on him. Cheating on him with some dickless bastard that was probably infested with all sorts of sexual diseases. And then coming back to him when he was done screwing around with all these nameless flings.

Naruto felt a pang in his heart at the thought of it. He would constantly tell himself that even though Sai drove him up a wall more than half the time, at least he was faithful to him…at least he hoped. Plus he had no real proof that Sai was cheating. Even though the obvious signs have been glaring at him for awhile now. He just chose to ignore them, hoping that it wasn't true.

And now that he was going to be away from Sai for a whole month…that made him feel even more apprehensive about the whole thing. He was practically giving Sai a free ticket to do whatever the hell he wanted while they were apart. Naruto clenched his eyes shut. If he didn't fall asleep soon, his mind was going to wander into very dangerous territories that would leave him an emotional mess for days on end.

Naruto tossed and turned around in the bed a bit, desperately trying to find a comfortable spot. He gave up after a few more attempts and just lay there staring up at the ceiling. He kept his mind blank and listened to the ticking of the clock as a small distraction. Finally, after what seemed to take hours, Naruto felt himself fall into a dreamless sleep.






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