Klaus watched Caroline as she lay on the ground, her clothing soaked to the bone and her face covered in some slices – some real and some fake. Her body was launched into the air with thin, nearly invisible wires that made her twirl in the air as she thrashed her arms in and out of the cyclone of water and violent wind around her.

"Remy!" he screamed, tears falling down his face. "Remy, no!"

She kicked and punched through the walls of water and wind, exhausting herself as she begin to slow her fight.

"Remy, fight!" William yelled to Caroline.

All of a sudden, Caroline's body fell from the cyclone and she crashed down against the thick mattress of padding on the floor.

"Still rolling!" Ric called from his directors' chair.

Set workers rushed in and Caroline hopped off of the mattress to lay in the dirt once more, her eyes shut against the lights beaming down on her as the wind and rain died down. William dashed to Caroline, tripping over his feet blindly as he fell down beside her and pushed the hair off of her face.

"Remy!" Klaus bellowed again, breaking free of his spot on the ground where he'd been trapped by Illusion to hop onto his feet and sprint to Caroline.

"Remy, Remy wake up! Remy please wake up!"

Klaus was sobbing as he pulled Caroline's limp body across the ground and into his chest, rocking her back and forth. He put his nose in her hair and kissed the skin of her forehead over and over, soothingly rubbing her scalp.

"I love you, Remy."

Caroline began to cough up water then, spewing it out all over her lap and Klaus' arms. He looked at her in shock and then crushed her to his chest once more, laughing as tears dripped from his eyes.

"Thank god," he murmured into his blonde tresses. "Just – thank god."

Caroline pulled away from Klaus and tilted her head, eyes sleepy. "Nick? Did we win?"

Klaus nodded and laughed again, shaking his head. "Yeah, we sure did."

"That's a wrap!"

The entire studio was filled with the sound of roaring cheers and happy crying. Hugs were given, kisses were exchanged, and handshakes were passed around throughout the cast. Ric was crying as he sat in his chair, his head shaking back and forth in astonishment.

Caroline bounced over to him and he smiled at her lovingly, hangs going to cup her cheeks.

"You did it, Ric!" she exclaimed. "You did it!"

He shook his head. "No, you did it."

She laughed through tears and squealed in delight as Klaus wrapped his arms around her middle and swung her into the air, spinning her around and round as he closed his eyes. He dropped her back to the ground and spun her to face him; his hands cupping her cheeks just like Ric, but Klaus tipped her head back and rubbed his nose against hers.

"I love you," he whispered against her waiting lips.

Caroline sighed and smashed her lips against Klaus', wrapping her arms around his neck as she crushed herself to him.

"I love you," she murmured just as she pulled away. "Thank you for saving me."

Caroline didn't only mean literally, for he truly had saved her life – she was also talking about her heart – because Klaus did more than just keep her alive.

He completed the heart she hadn't even realized was missing something.

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