Sarah P.O.V

I can't believe Buck lap dance on Josh and tongue kissed him. Well it does make sense he is bisexual. And plus I'm the last person left on this game.

"Well there's only one person left." They looked at me.

"Well there's only one person left who didn't dare someone." I looked at Rosie.

"Well since I'm the only one here I triple dog dare you to do third base on Jesse in a party." I looked at Rosie.

"You bitch." Rosie laughed.

"Nice Rosie." Ethan said.

We went to a party and we saw Jesse.

"Well what are you waiting for Sarah go to him." Rosie said.

"Shut up." I walked up to Jesse. I put my arms around Jesse.

"Um Sarah?" I nodded.

"Um what are you doing?"

"Oh nothing just something speical." I grabbed Jesse's arm and bring him a room. I put on the bed and started making out with him. Jasmine was there with a gross face.

Ethan P.O.V

I walked around the party I just can't believe I'm in a party which it's late. It was after 12:00. A guy walked up to me.

"Hey is this you?" He showed me his phone which it was me running around naked. I was shocked.

Rory P.O.V

Everybody was pointing, laughing at me. A girl walked up to me.

"Hey why do you smell like pee?" I sighed.

"Dare." She nodded and walked away.

Rosie P.O.V

I walked around looking for Jasmine recording Sarah. I bump to a girl and guy.

"Hey are you that girl who sing Moves Like Jagger the Vocaloid way?" I nodded and sighed.

"It was epic!" I smiled.

Sarah P.O.V

I was still making out with Jesse. Jesse was trying to push me off. I stopped making out with him.

"Sarah what's up with you?" I sighed.

"It's a stupid dare by Rosie I have to do third base with you. And if I don't I get punch by her. We playing Triple Dog." He nodded.

"Well you just going to get punch because I love someone." I was shocked. Jasmine came out.

"WHO?! I got to know this."

"Oh hey Jasmine." Jasmine waved.

"Let me guess Jasmine dated you and she broke up with you."

"Sadly true." I nodded.

"I'm in love with Benny."

"I KNEW IT!" Jasmine jumped.

"Yeah whatever do Benny like me?"

"I don't know, but you better ask him." I got off Jesse and Jesse got up and looked for Benny." Jasmine and I ran and saw Benny and Jesse.

"Well sure I like to go out with Jesse." I was shocked, but Jasmine was happy.

"Well let's go to park to see who's the best dare." We went to the park and watch the videos. The most votes was Ethan.

"Well I feel good." Everybody smiled.

"Well somebody have to punch me." Rosie punch me.

"Sorry Sarah."

"It's ok."

"Well I won all the prizes you guys brought." Ethan said.

"Ok let's go back to that party!" We all went back to party and have fun.

It was the craziest, funniest night ever.


A/N: HAHA funny thing the sun shine when I put 'I'm in love with Benny.' hehe anyways this is the end of this story. I hope you guys like it! And there's going be I Triple Dog You 2, but it's going be on Total Drama. So if you watch Total Drama then it's good news! SO yeah enjoy!