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"Those idiots!"

Old Man Yamamoto stabbed is staff into the floor in anger, his usual calm yet frightening composure all but gone at the sheer stupidity presented before him. He eyed the report with enough intensity to silence crying babies. It told of how the Dark Lord had been defeated in the world of the living but the soul was somehow able to cheat its way from its eventual destination, Hell. The evil wizard that has been haunting the hidden magical community for half a century had been finally been defeated by a baby.

What angered him however, was the complete lack of clean up from the living side after the incident. After news got out that the Dark Lord have been defeated, the magical community erupted in cheers and celebration, completely ignoring the fact that just maybe, the foe was not truly dead.

The problem was that after Voldemort's death, the Gates of Hell opened up to receive its new tenant but the soul was still somehow anchored to the world of the living, thus making it impossible to be collected. In its outrage, the Gate opened a few inches, just enough to let some of Hell's miasma to leak into the world of the living in search of the escaped soul. This resulted in famine and diseases to run rampant. As a result, the situation in Hell was brewing into something they cannot handle. It was doing everything it can to take home one of its most important citizens. Lord Voldemort certainly fits in with its VIP list.

Soul Society have succeeded in the quarantine of most of the damage by erecting barriers around the world but they were barely hanging on. If the situation was left unchecked, Hell itself might start to invade the world of the living.

The old man gritted his teeth, blaming the wizards for their persistence in learning about magic. While it may seem beneficial at first glance, the headache that it gives the clean up crew (Soul Society) afterwards is just damn infuriating.

A knock on his door jerked him from his thoughts as he said "Enter."

"How is the collection of the pieces going?" He asked tartly, his previous annoyance giving his voice more coldness than usual.

The Shinigami didn't falter from the anger that the old man was emitting, a trait that the old man has come to appreciate over the years. If everyone were to crumble just by being in his presence, efficiency would surely decrease and nothing would get done.

"Captain Hitsugaya and squad 10 have successfully recovered a Horcrux and Squad 11 have also recovered another. According to information from the Gates of Hell, there should be five left. We believe we should have recovered all the pieces in a few more days."

"And what of the child?"

"Sir... we believe that a piece of the Voldemort's soul have also lodged itself on the child. The only way to extract the soul is to kill the child. The humans have taken custody of the child and it would cause a large disturbance if we were to eliminate it at the moment."

The old man thought deeply. While haste is of importance, he also considered the effects it would have on the world of the living if their savior was to disappear just when they needed his presence more than ever.

"Prioritize finding the Horcruxes for now. That should keep Hell satisfied for the moment. If it demands to hand over the child however, then we have no choice but to follow its wishes."

"Understood, sir."

The old man rubbed his head where a headache was beginning to form.


Vernon Dursley cursed his bad luck as people wearing black, oriental clothing burst into his house and started ransacking the place. He instantly labeled them as thugs and went for is shotgun, aiming it at the biggest one who he recognized as the leader. Petunia hid behind him, holding their newborn Dudley close to her chest and shook in fear.

"W—what do you people want? Get out of my house before I call the police!" Vernon's voice shook as pulled the trigger.


The shot hit the tall man with bells in his hair in the chest. The rest of the gang just laughed as the man brushed off the small pellets from his white captain's coat.

A bald one holding a spear laughed louder than the rest.

"Shooting a shotgun at our captain, what an idiot."

The captain of Squad 11 looked down on the shaking fat man with a scary expression. Vernon's shock was clearly written on his face as Zaraki Kenpachi took a menacing step towards him.

"Oi, did you just challenge me?"

"Eeeekk!" Vernon gave a pig-like squeal in terror as the man raised his katana and swung it down. Blood splattered on the walls as Vernon fell to the ground, chopped in half. Petunia fainted at the sight.

"I told you guys not to cause a ruckus. Now go find that damn baby with a lightning scar on its forehead."

"Yes, sir!"

The bright light of a Senkaimon turned his attention to the newcomer. The short girl saluted, and spoke.

"There has been a change in orders. We are not to kill the child. Squad 13 will take custody of it until further orders."


Just when Kisuke Urahara thought his day couldn't get any more hectic, his computer-like machine started ringing, indicating a call straight from Soul Society itself. He sighed and went to answer it, yawning as he did so. He had been working for four days without sleep ever since the Gates of Hell appeared and opened, releasing miasma into the world of the living. Soul Society was unable to handle the mess by themselves and had pleaded for his help to coordinate the quarantine of the harmful substance. Thinking back on it now, he found that he prefers his sleep.

He picked up the phone attached to the machine and pushed a button. A hologram of the captain of the Thirteen Division Imperial Guards appeared. He doesn't look pleased to see Urahara at all.

"How are the barriers holding up?" The old man asked.

"Much better than expected." Urahara answered while stifling a yawn. He reached out for coffee, only to find he has ran out of stock. He sighed in resignation and turned back to the old man.

"Tell me what you want and leave. I'm not exactly in the best mood at the moment." Urahara's usual jovial attitude was gone. His crankiness has reached its limit and just about every little annoyance made him want to last out.

The old man ignored Urahara's rudeness and spoke of his business. He didn't want to stay in the other man's company for long periods of time either.

"We have kidnapped an infant."

"You what?!"

"A piece of Voldemort's soul have latched onto the infant and we want it extracted. It is beyond Captain Kurotsuchi's ability and he recommended to leave it to you. The child will arrive in a few hours so be prepared to receive it."

The hologram flickered and the old man was gone.

"Fucking old man!" Urahara cursed the Gotei Thirteen and the old man for giving him more work. He was barely keeping himself together from he lack of sleep and they want him to take care of a baby? Impossible.

Tessai's tall figure came through the doorway and handed him more coffee. He looked Urahara over worriedly. Although he had been helping out as much as he can, Urahara still took care of most of the work. Another sleepless night would surely cause him to break down.

"Tessai-san, please prepare the operating room."

Tessai raised an eyebrow but did as he was ordered.

Three hours later, Kuchiki Rukia came to his doorstep cradling an infant in her arms.


"Interesting." Urahara whispered softly, his thirst for knowledge piqued by the mechanics of the soul bound to the baby. The baby's body lay on a separate table with its Chain of Fate hanging loosely in the air, connecting it to its soul which lay on another operating table. Urahara turned the baby over, checking for other clues as to how the other soul merged with the infant's.

He noticed that although the soul itself, seems normal, it emits two distinct spirit pressures, telling him that the two souls are definitely merged into each other and impossible to extract.

Urahara frowned and transformed his hand into one of his inventions. He thrust the reptile-like hand into the infant's soul, searching for links and weak spots in the binding. To his surprise, the two souls were melded into each other flawlessly. It's almost as if one relies on the other's presence to continue to exist. He concluded that it is definitely impossible to separate the two. Thankfully, the piece of Voldemort's soul seem to be dormant and appear to have no consciousness of its own.

However, Urahara is not one to back down from a challenge. He brought out his tools, choosing the sharpest scalpel and butcher knife. He gave the butcher knife to Tessai and held the baby's Chain of Fate taut on along the floor. The tall, mustached man brought down the butcher knife through the Chain of Fate, cutting it cleanly in half. The corrosion ate at the chain, slowly devouring the it. Urahara quickly held the soul and started the surgery. Using the scalpel, he quickly opened the soul from the neck to the pelvis. As the spiritual pressure got out, he replenished it in equal amount using the replicated substitute he prepared beforehand. He took a quick look at the internal organs and brought his scalpel down to sever the places where the two souls were joined. Voldemort's soul was attached to every major organs and Urahara chopped them off, hurling them across the room into a small tub. Each one shrieked as it zoomed across the room before hitting the tub and gushing out spiritual pressure. Urahara's hands worked with the precision and efficiency of a veteran, replacing each organ that he threw away with new ones that he obtained from Soul Society's black market. He gave the soul a last check before sewing it back up. The corrosion have almost reached the soul by this time but Urahara ignored it and grabbed the body. He opened another cut vertically and this time, blood gushed out. He quickly grabbed the organs in the tub and stuffed them into the body. Without pausing, he quickly stitched the body back up.

He went back to the soul and looked at it with pity. It was a shame he couldn't save its life but at least he can purify it after it turned into a Hollow, instead of tossing it into Hell despite being innocent.

He exited the operating room carrying the body containing the last piece of Voldemort's soul. Rukia accepted the body with a nod and opened a Senkaimon back to Soul Society to deliver the body.

Urahara watched her go with relief. The Shinigami have finally located the last piece of Voldemort's soul and the only piece left is the one that he surgically removed. Hopefully, he would finally be able to get some sleep after this whole ordeal is done with.

He couldn't be more wrong.


"Tessai-san?" Urahara addressed the tall man who stood transfixed by the door. Tessai pointed at the table where he had operated on the soul earlier.

Urahara face palmed. His head started to hurt from all the stress of the last few days and it looks like it's not over yet.

There on the table, snoring loudly, was the baby's soul clothed in black kimono. Its small hands grasped a katana that is too big for it to wield and massive amounts of spiritual pressure spilled out from it in a massive torrent, distorting the space around it.

"Tessai-san... what the hell happened here?"

"Dunno. I came back here expecting to see a baby Hollow but it looks like this child don't want to make our jobs any easier. Any idea what we should do with the youngest Shinigami in history?"

Urahara groaned. If his hunch is right, Soul Society won't accept the baby into their ranks. The worst that could happen is they either kill the child or make him take custody of it.

He rubbed his head and wondered what he did to deserve such punishment.


10 years later...

Harry Potter woke up to Ururu's call from the kitchen, vaguely recognizing where he was. The dream he had last night was a bit disturbing. In it, he felt as if he as being cut apart like meat on a chopping board. He shuddered at the feeling and dressed himself. It is wise to hurry to the dining room before Jinta finishes all the food.

"G'mornin." He greeted them and sat down to eat. The man he considers as his father, Kisuke Urahara is absent, more likely on another summon from Soul Society. They had told him about his past when he was old enough to understand, reasoning that it was better to tell him of his origins before he hears about it from someone else. That answered most of his questions such as why he was the only one in the family to have a non Japanese name and why they don't seem to age. He later learned about how he supposedly defeated an evil wizard when he was just a baby and how important he is to the wizarding world. Urahara had kept the wizards away while Harry was growing up, wanting to let the child experience normal life before being thrust into the world of craziness.

He was shocked at first that the body he is so used to is actually what Urahara calls a Gigai. The man used his cane to push his soul out of his Gigai to prove his point. He was told that his real body was long gone and only his soul remained. He was also told of how the balance of the world was kept by the Shinigami and that he will have to do the same someday. Since then, he was always training his swordsmanship against Ururu and Jinta. He stood no chance against his older siblings even though he was strong enough to defeat mid level Hollows that sometimes roam around the neighborhood. The Shinigami in charge of Karakura Town have scolded him a few times when he tried to fight one of the stronger ones but that didn't stop him from trying. It was actually kind of fun seeing the short girl get angry at him for his antics.

Even though Urahara wanted to let him experience normal life along with Jinta and Ururu, he also gave him the necessary training in case he finds himself in trouble. In between going to school and playing with his friends, Urahara took the opportunity to teach Harry how to distinguish between what actions to take based on the situation and how to always use his head before doing anything. He was also taught how to use his spiritual pressure to use Kido. He learned most of the techniques almost instantly, as if his body has a high attribute to magic.

On the night before his eleventh birthday, they held a party consisting of just Urahara, Harry, Tessai, Ururu, Jinta, and surprisingly, the Shinigami in charge of the area.

"Quite a surprise seeing you here, Kuchiki-san." Urahara smiled at the short girl.

"This brat was persistent." Rukia answered, taking a sip from her tea.

"More like he has a crush on you." Jinta laughed.

"Lies!" Harry yelled, the forceful denial only making him more suspicious.

"It's true. On our way home from school, Harry always sneaks off and stalks you. We keep telling him it's useless but he just won't listen."

Rukia frowned. "Strange... I didn't even feel his presence..."

Harry smiled widely, pleased at having succeeded in his stalking missions.

"Now kids." Urahara snapped his fan shut and glared at the kids. "You're making our guest uncomfortable. Have more tact, you idiots."

The kids shut up immediately, knowing intense punishment will befall them if they go too far.

"And Harry, an owl delivered this a while ago." He reached into his clothes and took out an envelope. It is sealed with wax in the shape of the Hogwarts emblem. He handed it to Harry who looked it over pensively.

"Urahara-san, that's..." Rukia's eyes widened in recognition. She is well aware of what the letter entails. If the information from Squad 2 was correct, it is a letter of invitation from the Hogwarts school of magic to all eleven year olds who have magic potential. She looked over at Urahara questioningly.

"What do you think, Harry? Whether you choose to go or not is up to you." Urahara said innocently.

Harry smiled. The decision was obvious.


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