"It makes him sound like a vampire. Like, a Mexican vampire," the screen said. I chuckled. Just like Jon to call the anime Meta Knight that.

I paused my phone screen, locked it and slipped it in my pocket. It was all quiet in the house. Not surprising since it was eleven and a school night. I opened the bedroom door and slipped out, tip-toeing to the bathroom. The night was stifling hot, about 26 degrees (in Celsius) and there were no clouds covering the bright stars.

I briefly wondered what the Kirby Anime was like. Apparently, according to people in the comments, there was a Japanese and an English dubbed version. But if the English one had a Mexican, vampiric Meta Knight in, it probably wouldn't be too good.

"Aargh!" I yelled suddenly. As I was daydreaming, I tripped over one of the steps into the bathroom and fell over. Groaning, I rolled over onto my back.

A bright light shone in my eyes. "Hey, who's that?" A boyish voice yelled. It was unfamiliar, as was the voice of the person who replied, "I don't know. She looks knocked out!"

Someone grabbed my arm. "Are you okay Miss?" The boy asked. I opened my eyes and glanced at the person. He was a small boy, with blond hair (and blue tips) covering his eyes, and a yellow shirt. He also had no... legs.

A girl ran to where we were. She also had blonde hair in a ponytail with beads running down it, and was in a pink and green dress. She also had no legs. Upon further inspection, I saw that they had no noses or ears.

Sitting up and rubbing my head, I mumbled, "Where... Where am I?" The girl stared at me concernedly.

"You're in Dreamland, just outside Cappy Town!"

I jumped up. "Where?" I- I couldn't possibly be here-

"Dreamland!" The boy explained. "It's a southern island!"

I blinked once or twice, and stood in silence. I think the girl must of thought I was an idiot, so she said, "I'm Tiff. And this is my little brother Tuff. What's your name?"

"My name's Emmy..."

Tiff smiled at me. "That's a nice name. Is there something wrong?"

She was looking at me weirdly, and I realised I had a blank expression on my face.

"Oh, nothing. I... was just thinking of something." Hopefully that would do. And apparently, it did. Tiff grinned, and replied, "Are you from here? You looked different."

Well for a start I have legs I thought sourly. Why'd she have to ask such awkward questions? And a nose, and ears!

"No, I'm not from around here. I don't know how to get home, either." That was true. The two siblings looked at each over, then Tuff said, "Why don't you stay with us?"

Tiff nodded in agreement. "If you don't have somewhere to stay, then we can accommodate you!" I stared in shock at them. A random girl appears out of nowhere, and you help her? Well, I shouldn't really be arguing about that. I nodded, grateful, and we walked over the tip of the hill.

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and everything was at peace.

...Until we saw a mob of angry cappies (without the caps) march up to the castle.

Tuff, Tiff and I all looked at each over worriedly.


Preview of next chapter:

"You live in a freaking castle?" I yelled. Some waddle dees looked at us, then carried on with their business. Tiff sighed.

"Yes, yes we do. Please stop freaking out!"

"Tiff, who is... dis?" A voice called. It sounded Mexican... kind of vampiric. We turned to see the all-powerfull...

Meta Knight! Who was also standing on top of a Dedede statue.

I did the most plausible thing.