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"Well, it seems that puffy pink visitor is a Star Warrior after all," A man looking into a telescope said. He turned his head sideways and looked at an ominous shadow behind him. "I don't know what to make of the other visitor, though. She certainly isn't a member of Dreamland."

"Leave her be for now," A rumble came from the shadow. "And let's see what develops. If she turns out to be a threat, we'll... eliminate her."

"Whatever you say boss," The man chuckled.

"Yawn~!" I sighed, leaning back on the couch. Night had was going on outside the castle, and I was almost falling asleep in my clothes. After we'd defeated the giant evil octopus, Dedede and Escargoon had stealthily retreated to the depths of the castel a.k.a their bedrooms. When they'd gone, I decided it was time to go to bed. And by that I meant falling down on the ground unconscious. Sleep depriviation can do alot to you. So, when I woke up a few hours later, I was told by a very annoyed Tuff that they had to drag me back to their quarters and set me up on the couch. It reminded me of an earlier situation with Meta Knight, though I didn't dwell much on the subject.

"Why are you yawning? You just had a really long nap," Tuff complained.

"Yawning doesn't nessecarily mean I'm tired Tuff," I explained, looking up from where I was inspecting my sword. "It means that I've taken a very deep breath, and usually you do that when you're tired."

Tuff yawned and then sighed. "Great, now you're getting to me too!"

"S'not my fault you're tired. We did have a long day, after all. Why are you still up anyway? I thought you would've gone to bed by now."

"My Dad wanted me to help clean out the drawing room. It's cluttered with stuff."

"Was that what Tiff was doing before we went to the throne room when the cappies were there?" I asked, pondering a bit.

"Yeah. Apparently there's some interesting stuff in there but I got bored and came to see if you were awake yet," Tuff admitted, stretching his arms out.

"Ah, right..." I said, rolling my eyes at him. They then came to rest on a strange device on the table. "What's that?"

"Whu? This? Some pieces of junk Tiff found- what are you doing?!"

The last part was due to me leaping off the bed and running to the table, dragging out a chair and inspecting the "junk" carefully. What had looked to be a strange device was actually just some metal pieces. Picking them up, I peered at them closely.

"Damn light..." I muttered. "Can't see a thing without my glasses." I paused. "Wait, where are my glasses?"

Tuff looked confused. "Glasses? What glasses? You never wore anything like that."

"Then how was I able to see? I can't see now. And I always wear my glasses during the day- wait a minute," I replied. I lifted my hands and put them to my face. No glasses. Damn. But then I also put my hands down to my chest. Strange feeling fabric? Check. No bra? Check. Probably no underwear? Check.






"WHY THE FUCK AM I IN MY PYJAMAS?" I screamed loudly, no doubt waking anyone up to at least the outskirts of cappy town.

"What? Your PJ's? Yeah, why are you in them?" Tuff asked. "They're nice, by the way."

That, I knew, was a lie. Well, maybe to him. My PJ's were ripped up from being pushed down a ledge, and really dirty too. Even before that, they didn't look nice. At least, to people with fashion sense. My top was a long white top with crude pictures of various inventions I'd doodled on them when I'd ran out of paper. My bottoms were also long, reaching up to my toes (it was a wonder I hadn't tripped over them already) with back pockets, where I'd stored my phone, and black love hearts over a light grey. Everyone question why I used them still, even though they were too big for me and dirty, when I was back home.


"Ooweh..." I sighed, flopping down onto the table. Tuff leaned over me.

"What's wrong?"

"I homesick," I blearily replied. "I don't live here, remember? I told you and Tiff that when we first met."

"Oh yeah. But why are you feeling homesick now? Shouldn't you have travelled here to get to where you are now, so shouldn't you've felt homesick earlier?"

"Stop being such a smartass..." I mumbled. "I'm also hungry. Do you have any food?"

"There should be some in the fridge but I have a question; Where are you from?

"A galaxy far, far away..." I answered mysteriously, waving my hands about. "So far away you'd probably wouldn't be able to see it with Google Sky maps!"

Tuff didn't bother asking me what Google Sky maps was and decided to settle down on the couch and close his eyes whilst I raided their fridge. I hadn't had any food since the banquet before, but that wasn't really filling, so I was feeling really hungry, It didn't help that the energy used to azmek up for my sleep depriviation had come from my really needy nutrients.

"Emmy? What are you doing?" Tiff asked. Well, I thinhk she asked, but it was more of a shout but she was in another room and I couldn't really hear her that well in my hungry rage. I grabbed out a carton of milk, half empty, and let the entire contents go into my mouth. Once empty, it was placed not very gently on their table, and four slices of raw ham were taken out of the fridge. I shoved them into my mouth and ate them very, very messily. Very messily.

"EMMY!" Tiff shouted again. I jumped this time, and stopped stuffing my face for a minute to look at her. She'd come into the room, carrying a large box filled with silver objects, and had settled it down on the opposite side of the table. Now, she was glaring sternly at me.

"What are you doing?"

"Isn't it obvious?" I replied, gesturing to the fridge. "Eating."

"I can see that, but why have you decided to clear out the fridge?"


"You vouldn't have been if you'd been avake vor dinner!" Likelike said, following after he daughter. For some reason, she was carrying a bouquet of flowers. In fact, I think I've seen her carry that around before. Did she just randomly pick up bouquets of flowers?

"Oh, give her some slack dear! She was asleep, after all. I expect she must be all tuckered out!" Ebrum replied, suddenly appearing near her. Can these people teleport or something?

"Oh, right!" I exclaimed, suddenly remembering. "Do you have any clothes?"

They all looked strangely at me. "What?"

"Do you have any girls clothes that might fit me? I'm in my pyjamas, and I've been in them all day."

Likelike looked carefully at me for that. "That's true, isn't it? You've been wandering around Dreamland all day without any proper clothes!" Her expression changed to one of horror. "Oh, we need to get you some nice clothes straight away!"

She grabbed my arm, and with surprising strength, dragged me to her bedroom.

"NO!" I wailed. "SAVE ME! I don't wanna die-"

After a few hours of me crying loudly and Likelike greabbing more of her clothes, I was lying on the couch in some fitting new pyjamas. My old ones Likelike wanted to throw away, but I grabbed them and wouldn't let them go.

No reason why...

I laid back on the couch and clutched the pyjamas tightly. His smell was still there...

Then I lost consciousness. (Falling asleep this time!)

I'm walking along a busy street. Someone is walking next to me, holding my hand. Smiling. Now it's raining, and lots of people are going inside nearby shops and cafes. Not us, though. We splash through the puddles, laughing gaily and resting against each other.

He pulls out a bag, and presents it to me. A sign of his love, he tells me. I open it and find some pyjamas; a white top, and grey bottoms with hearts on it. At the collar of the top is a little doodle of him and I embracing each other. I laugh, take the bag, and hug him tight. Never wanting to let him go. I hear him say we should go inside, to a nearby McDonalds. You're such a pig! I laugh, following him across the road.

The rain hardens; we hear the screech of tyres, of a truck out of control. I'm still in the middle of the road, and he and I both realise it. Time doesn't slow down, like it does in action movies. But I'm unable to move, frozen in time, my eyes trained on the vehicle that was bearing down on me. He runs forward, pushing me out of the way as a masive red truck skids towards us.

Then it hit.

I gasp but that's quickly silenced by the side of the turck ramming into me and the front of it. For a minute I'm stuck at the side of the road. Shards of glass from the windscreen are sticking into me and my chest hurts like hell, but I barely notice as I get up and run towards the body collapsed on the ground. Blood was splattered across the ground, and the truck driver was slumped into his broken windscreen. He's been rammed into the side of the road and was panting heavily. A large red wound was on his chest, and I grab him and hold him tight against me.

"Emms..." He whispers into my hair. I can smell his. Blueberries and blood. Why would anyone use blueberry hair wash anyway?

His heart stops beating. Slumping down on me, I stay there until I realise he's gone.

Then, as ambulance sirens fill the air, I lift my head up and let out a soundless scream of despair, pain, and sadness.

"AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHGHHHH HHHHHH!" I screamed, jolting up. I was still on the couch, a green blanket half off me and my old pyjamas clutched tightly against my chest. Where he died.

"Emmy! Are you okay?" Tiff shouted, running into the room. Tuff followed her, rubbing his eyes and yawning conspicously.

"Really, Emmy? It's two in the morning," he complained, shotting a glare at me. He stopped when he looked properly. Then his face turned pale and he ran quickly towards me. "Woah, what happened?"

"W-What do you mean?" I asked in a strangled voice. My eyes were full of tears and it was like my throat had closed up.

"You're crying and there are red scratchmarks against your chest," Tiff pointed out. I sniffled, and turned away from them.

"I'm fine," I replied thickly, lying back down onto the bed and turning away from them. "Go back to bed."

"Well, if you insist..." Tuff said, dragging Tiff along with him. I couldn't see, but I could tell she shot me a worried look.

Once people found out what'd happened, they all did.

The next morning was bright and sunny. Likelike had lent me some of her clothes (when I say lent I mean forced them on me whilst I ran away screaming) and we were all outside, saying goodbye to Kirby. The time'd come to say goodbye, as he was going to wherever he was going, and we were all sad to see him go.

Especially me.

I'd hoped we could've found a way for me to get home, and I wanted to hang out with the little poofball a bit more. But, before I went to sleep for the last time last night, I'd watched some Kirby: Right back at ya! Episodes on my un-turn-offable phone. So, basically, I knew what was going to happen up to episode 12. Geez, I knew Kine was going to be in there somewhere! But I also knew that Kirby was going to stay longer, since this was the anime and it would be rubbush if Tiff and Tuff were the main fighters.

Still, I was a bit miffed that Escargoon and Dedede hadn't thought about what would happen if they blew Kirby up. I mean, lots of innocent cappies (well, maybe they weren't that innocent...) could've been blown up too!

As I was wondering about this in my head, Tiff elbowed me. "Say goodbye!" She hissed. "Kirby's leaving!"

"Whut?" I nodded, then turned to where Kirby had already climbed into his ship and was waiting. "Bye, Kirby. I'll probably see you sooner than you expect."

"That's a weird goodbye," Tuff said folding his arms. "And you've been acting a bit weird today, too, Emmy. Is something wrong?"

"I'm fine. Just had a bit of a restless night," I replied.

The yellow starship's window slowly closed, enclosing Kirby in it. He frowned and turned back to us, as if unsure about what to do.

"Goodbye Kirby!" Tiff exclaimed, running after it. "Thanks for saving us!"

"Come back and visit soon!" Tuff yelled, following not far behind her.

"Don't die!" I added as an afterthought. Then again, I usually said that as a goodbye to people. Not that it worked though.

The ship suddenly exploded at the side. All the cappies (and I even though I didn't need to) gasped as it descdended towards the ground. Actually, decended makes it sound elegant. Well, then, it plummeted to the ground where Dedede and Escargoon where hiding. They weren't so hidden now, and they were laughing aloud, but their expressions turned to fear when they realised the spaceship was set straight on a crash course with them. Ha! Serves them right. Though Kirby might be in danger... Frack!

A loud crashing noise cam from the starship as it fell. I leapt over the edge of the hill and ran to it. Opening, the window, Kirby seemed unharmed as I took him out and handed him to Tiff who'd followed me and started to inspect the ship. Noone really cared about Dedede and Escargoon, and they were lying on the ground crying like little babies. That was, until the fat blue penguin got up and started choking the snail and ranting about something.

"Looks like you won't be leaving, Kirby. Wanna stay with us?" Tiff asked Kirby expectantly.

Kirby looked at Tiff, Tuff and I, and jumped into the air. "Kirby Kirby Kirby!"

The he looked in a random direction, winked, and said again, "Kirby!"

"Did he just break the fourth wall?" I asked no one in particular. "Ah, whatever. Chapter, END!"

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