Sorry if this part is confusing. This story is a continuation from my first story: Banshee. This story, somewhat takes place in the future. The story will make more sense later on. I hope you enjoy :)

"Where are we going, Priscilla?" I asked as I walked along the street dirt road of Dirt. Priscilla didn't answer me as she kept her eyes glued straight forward. I closed my mouth and continued to follow her.

Suddenly a series of whoops and gunshots were heard from inside the Gas Can Saloon. Priscilla and I stopped and turned. Bad Bill and his gang laughed as they rolled out of the saloon. They were drunk. My eyes widened. What were they doing here? What was going on? I asked myself in my head.

They laughed and fired more rounds of bullets into the air. Kinski tilted his head way back and chugged a whole bottle in seconds. He chucked the bottle to the ground, where it shattered into a million pieces. Priscilla and I started to back away from them, not wanting to get hit by one of the bullets.

Stump leaned against Chorizo, laughing and drinking alcohol out of a bottle. Chorizo hiccupped and laughed as he tried to aim his gun at a couple of hanging bottles. Bang! The bullet whizzed by the bottle he was aiming for, and chipped a chunk off a wooden post instead. The gang guffawed some more and started firing some more rounds at random objects. A couple of the townspeople who were strolling along, screamed and ran into the nearest building or behind a barrel, so they wouldn't get hit. The four men staggered along, tripping over their own feet and drowning themselves in fire burning alcohol.

Suddenly, the four drunks spotted us. "Banshheee, nice ta sssee ya," slurred Chorizo in a cheerful voice. I backed away from them, pulling Priscilla away as well. "Whassh wrong Banshheee? Why donsha come 'ere?" asked Kinski grinning, revealing a row of yellow rotting teeth. They approached us, grinning a couple of creepy smiles, as Priscilla and I walked backwards away from them in terror. Suddenly they quickened their pace and attacked.

Pricilla and I screamed and bolted. Priscilla got out of Stump's reach and kept running down the street…I wasn't so lucky. I felt their rough hands grip my shoulders and wings. I kicked and struggled in their grasp. The gang just laughed as they pinned my wings down to my sides.

"Stop it!" I yelled angrily. They ignored my screaming as they continued to harass me. I saw Priscilla stop from a distance. She saw me in the outlaws' clutches and gasped. "I'll go get Sheriff Rango!" she yelled to me and quickly ran off to the sheriff's office. I fought with the gang. I tried screaming, but I felt very weak.


Just then, I saw Priscilla and Rango. Priscilla walked right behind Rango as he slowly approached the four gunmen. Rango jutted his chin out and stuck his head up, trying to look fearless. Chorizo, Bill, Kinski and Stump loosened their grip on me a bit. I started to move but Bill shoved his gun against my temple, making me stop. Rango gave them all a hard glare. "Bill?! You and yer gang are causin' some tribulation here, I'm gonna have to ask you to discontinue your misconduct and proceed with it someplace else!" Rango demanded in a firm voice.

Bill and his gang stopped and turned to the sheriff, swaying a bit where they stood. Suddenly they shoved me away, making me fall onto the hard pack dirt road. The gang got into their shooting stance. Their hands hovering over their guns. Kinski sneered, drool seeping out from his mouth, Chorizo growled, his eyes flashed red, Stump cocked his head with a wild look in his eye, and Bill snarled, baring his teeth.

Rango's eyes widened, his body started to shake in fear, but he stayed where he stood. "Er…g-gents, now l-ets not get hasty," Rango started, putting his hands up. "W-we don't have to start sh-shooting each other to come to a resolution…" started Rango, trying to talk his way out of the confrontation. Priscilla helped me up from the dirt, my wings scratched and bloody. We held our breaths as we watched the face-off.

Suddenly the gang pulled out their guns, aimed them at Rango, and pulled the hammers back. Rango pulled his gun out. The bullet holder flipped out, it was empty. Rango's eyes widened and he gulped loudly. Priscilla and I gasped. The gang grinned evilly.

All of a sudden, before we could react, Rango's posse: Beans, Waffles, Spoons, Elgin, Mr. Furgus, Buford, Ambrose, Sergeant Turley, Wounded Bird, and Doc, came out of nowhere and fired their rifles and guns at the four drunk outlaws. The air was filled with the sound of guns going off.

"No!" I screamed as I watched in horror as the four gunslingers were shot in the stomach by billions of bullets. Their bodies fell backwards. Their guts exploding with chunks of flesh and blood-

I screamed as I sat bolt upright. Sweat poured down my face. I took a couple of deep breaths. Calming myself down. It was just a dream…just a dream… I repeated in my head. I touched my head with my wing. My heart pounded. It wasn't just a dream... it was the dream... The dream felt so real. It didn't make any sense. The dream would change slightly every night, but it was always the same...Is that normal?

I blinked and looked around. I found myself in a dark, cold ally way. Trash littered the place. Graffitti was seen across the long, narrow walls. I looked up. It was still dark outside. I rubbed my eyes and got up. I couldnt go back to sleep. It didn't matter to me anyway, I had to get myself home.


I walked down the ally way toward the festive lights. I stopped and peeked out onto the busy street of Main that was part of Bill's City, hiding behind a decorated wooden post, that was supporting one of the ten casino places in the city. I wore a long black cloak to hide my wings. I pulled the hood over my head and ears as I briskly walked down the long brightly lit streets of the Las Vegas like city that was once known as Dirt...

The past couple of years were the worst years that the citizens of Dirt and I could last remember. To summarize, Bill has become ruler of the town. How did he become ruler you may ask? It's not a happy story… nor it has a happy ending. Bill killed Rango in a showdown…already sums it all up.

The whole town was a witness to the horrible event, and still haunts its' citizens to this day. To make matters worse, Rango's body disappeared. Mr. Black was the last person to see him since he was getting his coffin ready for the funeral, but after that, no one saw Mr. Black, even his shop. It was as if he disappeared off of the face of the earth. No one knows where Rango's deceased body, or Mr. Black went, but rumors say that the "Spirit of the West" took Rango's body and has taken it to "The Other Side," a story Rango has mentioned countless times. Everyone lost all hope after that…Mr. Black's disappearance was still a mystery.

The citizens were forced to "upgrade" the town. Bill has seen Las Vegas, and was told about it from the last mayor who too wanted to try and take over the town. Bill somewhat made the Mayor's desire come to life and now it has become a new "civilized place," as Bill always says.

It was dusk, the moon was just starting to come up. I ignored it as I tried to make it past the crowds of people as they made their way to the machines to waste their money. Bill's Hotel like building, loomed over the city. It was a huge, thirty to thirty five story building. All of its windows were covered up, where no light could come through. Bill was never really much a secretive person. It sometimes felt as if Bill knew where I was and was watching me from above. It always gave me chills. I didn't really know why the thick black curtains were drawn, but Bill and his henchmen: Chorizo and Stump, had their reasons… reasons that I didn't want to know.

I passed by a couple of wanted posters that had my name and face on it. The price for my capture, dead or alive, was $100,000. Enough to waste it all on beer, and hours of feeding the slot machines. I was wanted because of the many reasons Bill hated me. Mostly because i tricked him and became a member of his gang a couple years ago.

I escaped his clutches and now live with the rest of the towns citizens, which included Rango's original posse, Petunia, (Stub's little sister) and Priscilla. We all live underground, our safe haven. The rest of the town's citizens were either a slave to Bill and work at the casinos. When Bill's Casino City came up, everyone from every town far and wide in the Mojave Desert, came to waste their lives and money away on the machines, the games, and the whore houses…sadly. Bill has hired some men from different towns to become his "Security Guards" as we call them. There are over four hundred of them, and they're everywhere. Always on the lookout for anything suspicious…like a cloaked figure-

"Hey! You in the black cloak! Stop!" yelled one of Bill's security men as he pushed his way through the crowds to me. I snapped out of my thoughts and saw a couple of security guards approaching me in their white uniforms. I took my chances and ran. I pushed and made my way through the street and into one of the casinos. I kept running, with my face hidden as I ran through the maze of slot machines and poker tables.

As I ran through the huge room, I noticed a lot of people I knew that were once the normal citizens of Dirt, now the dealers of Bill's casinos. Slaves. I saw Ricochet and Stub, wearing red vests over white long sleeve shirts as they dealed out the cards to a couple of drunk creatures. Their somber eyes slowly shifting back and forth as they flicked the cards right and left. Dark bags hung under their eyes, as if they haven't been able to get much sleep in days. They didn't notice me as I ran by.

I felt horrible. I wanted to help them, but I was in the middle of a chase. Next time you'll help them, I told myself. I dove under a table and out the other side. I turned my head to see if the uniformed security guards were still after me.

The security guards just crashed into Mr. Snuggles and Clinker, both carrying trays of drinks. I smiled then turned back and kept running. I turned a corner and ran down a hallway of slot machines and pushed through the double doors and was out of the casino.

I went down a dark, gloomy alleyway, with no lights and people. This place was where the citizen slaves of Dirt lived, which was the old town, and was now located behind Bill's Casino, which hid us in a way, and blocked the sun from us. Trash littered the streets and graffiti was written on the walls and doors of the apartments and homes. Windows were shattered and broken from the recent visitors who came to gamble at the Casino City, got drunk, and took a wrong turn down our street and destroyed it.

I approached the two story house that once belonged to the Rodent family. The house I also stayed at. I walked up and knocked on the door three times and then once. "Who's there?" asked someone on the other side. I heard a rifle being cocked. "Banshee," I quickly answered. Then the door opened. Elgin, the black bobcat, was on the other side. He nodded as I walked in. He quickly looked outside to see if anyone followed me and then quickly closed the door.

"We haven't seen you in a couple days, Banshee, me and the others thought you got caught by one of Bill's men," Elgin said. I shook my head, taking deep breaths as I told the old bobcat my story, "No, there is… more… security… out there…its now…harder for me…to get…back." Elgin looked at me, "You are out of breath, were ya chased?" he asked. I nodded, "I lost them," I said.

Suddenly Petunia, Mr. and Mrs. Rodent's only daughter, and Stub's little sister, came running from the shadows and to me. "Banshee! Yer ok!" she squealed happily and threw her arms around my legs and hugged me. I smiled and hugged her back.

Just then, Priscilla came out from the shadows as well. She wore tight black pants and a tight black long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve white shirt. A small skull hung down her neck as a necklace. One long braid came out from the back of her head.

Priscilla looked more goth- like then she did when she was younger. She had grown out of her dress and gave it to Petunia, who was wearing it right now. Petunia was five, Priscilla was fifteen, and I was twenty-five. That meant this 'Dark Age' has been going on for five long years.

"Banshee? Where did you come from? The rumors were already starting about yer disappearance," said the teen Priscilla as she came up and hugged me. "I know, and I'm sorry, there is more security out there in the streets, its harder for me to go down Market Street and get more food," I said.

There was six different streets in the City. The formation of the streets is sort of sorted out like the tic-tac-toe game. The biggest one, which is in the middle, is Main Street, which is the Las Vegas parody, which has two casino chains on either side. In the center of the City was Bill's palace (or center square). The side streets are The "Cathouse" Streets, which are on the right of Main Street, and Market Street, which is on the left. Rebel Street (as I told you before) is behind Bill's Palace, as if he was purposely trying to hide what was once the town of Dirt, which is where the rest of us live. Bill has no idea where we are, but I'm sure he knows we are hiding somewhere from him.

Elgin, Petunia, Priscilla and I walked into the Rodent family's kitchen, which had no light. The only light came from Elgin's and Priscilla's lanterns. "Did you see my family?" asked Petunia, looking up at me with her huge eyes. She held my hand as we entered the dark kitchen.

"I saw Stub working at one of the poker tables when I was running away from security," I told her. Petunia looked down, "I miss him, and my mommy and daddy," she said. Stub, and Mr. and Mrs. Rodent, were captured and forced to work at the clubs and casinos. The posse and I were in charge of taking care of Petunia.

Elgin and Priscilla removed a rug which hid a trapdoor. Elgin grasped the metal ring and lifted up the trapdoor for us. Wooden stairs descended down into darkness. Petunia squeezed my hand. Priscilla lifted her lantern and lit the way. Petunia and I followed after Priscilla. Elgin closed the trapdoor and threw the rug back on top of the trapdoor. He was lookout for the night.

Priscilla, Petunia and I carefully made our way down the rotting wooden steps. The trapdoor was already installed in the Rodent family's house as their basement, but now, it has expanded and the little basement has become like a prairie dog home, a network of tunnels. Oversized sticks, pencils, and other human objects held up the crumbling dry ceilings of the grading down tunnels. A couple of times, the supports would snap and buckle, thus caving in the tunnels. It takes three months to fix up a tunnel. Thankfully, no tunnels have collapsed on us in the last ten months.

Everyone was all joined in a huge room in the underground network. The posse members, were murmuring amongst each other. "We have to do something before it's-Banshee?!" said Beans as she looked up at me in disbelief. I couldn't help but smile as I came down the steps to the crowd of open mouthed citizens. "Miss Banshee! Yer ok! You have been gone fer a long time! we thought that you got captured by Bill!" said Waffles as he ran up to me and hugged me.

The others from Rango's posse came and hugged me as well. "Market Street has more security guards?" asked Wounded Bird, but obviously he already could tell. I nodded anyway, and the posse stopped hugging me. "More security guards? Why?" asked Ambrose. "Most likely that Bill really wants us captured," answered Spoons angrily and spat the ground. "He's an idiot he is," said Sergeant Turley bitterly. "Were ya able to get more food?" asked Mr. Furgus hopefully. I looked down and shook my head sadly, "No, I couldn't," I said, feeling horrible.

Beans came up to me and patted my back lightly. "Well it ain't yer fault," said the female tan lizard. I looked up at her and smiled a small sad smile.

After the conversations and the news from the Rebels, I went off down a couple of twisting network of tunnels to where my room was located. A couple grains of desert sand crumbled off of the lopsided ceiling and rolled down to the floor. I looked up at the ceiling with caution before walking on. I entered my room.

My room was somewhat smaller then my old room. It had a bed, a nightstand, and a random chair. I fished my sunglasses out of my pocket and placed them on my nightstand. I didn't want to go to sleep, but i was exhausted from being chased. I laid down on my bed and fell fast asleep.

I didn't want to give too much information to confuse everyone. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. Tell me what you think and I'll continue. :)