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One: Sharp Objects

Halt held out the saxe knife to his new apprentice. "Feel the weight of it, feel the balance."

Will cringed. "Get that thing away from me! SHARP OBJECTS!"

Two: Puppy-Dog Eyes

"If you love me, you'll let me have it." Will gave him the dreaded puppy-dog face.

"Ugh, fine, here," Halt said as he threw a cookie at Will's feet.

Three: Bad Memory

Halt watched as the Skandian ship went farther and farther away, taking his apprentice with it.

But he forgot what advice he was going to yell to Will.

Therefore, he yelled the first thing that popped into his head.


Hey, that kind of works, doesn't it? Will, son, get it!

A/N: I was thinking of Castaway…complete crack, that was!

Four: Delivery

Knock, knock, knock

Halt stood up. "I wonder who that could be," he said to his apprentice, who was on the floor, sharpening his throwing knife.

He opened the door to a messenger. "I have a package for…Ranger Halt." The messenger was holding a large wooden box.

Halt took the box from him. "That's me." And he shut the door in the messenger's face.

He put the wooden box on the ground. "I wonder what it is."

Will looked up from his task. "You've been wondering a lot. Besides, Halt, don't be retarded. It's a box."

Five: Movement Part I

Halt sighed, never looking up from his reports. "Will, I can see you."


Six: Movement Part II

"Will, I can still see you."


Seven: Movement Part III

Halt shook his head disdainfully. "Will, I can still see you."


Eight: Movement Part IV

"Will, I can—"



"Will, you missed."


And Will ran off screaming bloody murder.

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Nine: Bees

"Ahhh! A bee!" Dennis, a first-year apprentice, cowered and shrank back in the folds of his Ranger cloak. This was his first year at the Gathering, so not many knew him that well. However, they now knew that he wasn't the fondest of bees…

"Goodness, Dennis, it's nothing," Halt said from across the new apprentice. His face was as grim as ever. "You would think that your master James had never showed you an insect."

Dennis shrunk even further into his cloak.

"Lad, you're drawing a scene," said the grizzled Ranger. Indeed, a few of the other Rangers were beginning to look their way (they might be thinking that Halt was torturing the poor boy). Halt shrugged his shoulders. "Here, boy, see this."

Halt reached out his hand to the bee, enveloping the flying insect in his rough hand. Dennis cocked his head, wondering exactly what the Ranger was getting at. After a moment, Halt opened his hand, and the bee flew free. "See, lad," he said, holding his hand out to Dennis, so that the lad could see the stinger stuck in his palm. "It can't hurt you now. It doesn't even hurt at…"

Just then, the effect of the stinger's poison took full effect. Halt trailed off from what he was saying, his face twisted into a pained grimace. "OW OW OUCH OH MY OW!" he exclaimed (along with a few other semi-muffled choice words that I refuse to type) as he shook his hand vigorously. "Get-it-out-get-it-out-get-it-out-get-this-thing-out-of-my-hand!" he screamed.

Dennis went wide-eyed and left, panicky, as quickly as he could. The boy left Halt to his devises as Halt finally pried the stinger loose. Needless to say, Dennis kept his fear of bees, and Halt got a new one.

Ten: Awkward Wordplay

Will was at the campfire, Crowley the only Ranger with him, and was across from him. Will was attempting to make coffee, but for some reason was having a terrible time with it. Especially after spilling the water into the fire, putting out the flames.

"Son of a—" But he paused when he glanced at Crowley, who now had an eyebrow raised at him. He revised what he was originally going to say. "—biscuit-eater," he finished warily after a very, very slight hesitation.

Crowley's other eyebrow joined the first. "Got down off my horse, stepped in a pile of shiftin' sand, and busted my aspirin bottle."

Will ran off. "Halt! Crowley's saying bad things!" he said as he ran to his mentor.

Halt crossed his arms. "Now, boy, there's nothing wrong at all."

And Will ran off screaming.

Halt went and sat by the ruined fire next to the Corps commandant. Crowley looked at him, shaking his head disdainfully at the boy. "Amateur." Halt nodded his agreement.

A/N: if you didn't understand Crowley's tiny monologue, much of that sounded shockingly similar to a few dirty words that most people are familiar with. Say it out loud, you'll understand. And Crowley's saying is courtesy of Papa. *claps wildly*

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