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Forty-Six: Snack

Crowley looked into the kitchen at his friend, who was rummaging through the cabinets. "Uh, Halt? What are you doing?"

Halt turned to look at him, slamming the cabinet door. "There is nothing to snack on here! Absolutely nothing! Just cereal! But getting cereal is unnecessarily loud, and if you hadn't noticed, I'm trying to be quiet!"

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Forty-Seven: Nihon-Jan Paper Armor

"Kurokuma, Chocho, what do you thing of our armor?" Emperor Shigeru asked, showing off his attire to Horace and Will.

Will frowned, confused. "Uh, Shigeru?" he said skeptically. "…It looks like parchment."

The emperor nodded. "It is parchment."

Will and Horace regarded the armor with quizzical interest. It was made from palm-sized squares of folded parchment an inch thick, all overlapped in scale-like formations and held together with thin strips of leather threaded through holes in the squares. Both young men tilted their heads slightly to the right as they looked at the armor.

Horace looked to his best friend. "Will? Do you mind?" he asked, holing his hand out, palm up.

"No, of course I don't mind," the Ranger answered. He unsheathed his saxe knife and handed it, hilt first, to Horace.

To Shigeru, the young knight shrugged one shoulder and gave a slight lopsided grin. "Forgive me, but…" he trailed off. Holding out the saxe knife at the emperor, Horace cut gently at the parchment of the armor. The hardened steel blade sliced a thin rivet through the first few layers of one of the squares.

Handing the weapon back to Will, he shrugged. "Doesn't seem very sturdy," he said.

Shigeru grinned and cocked an eyebrow. "You'd be surprised, Kurokuma."

Will raised an eyebrow, too. "Well," he pointed to himself, "Chocho thinks that your armor is quite stupid."

A/N: I got this idea from Mythbusters. I thought it was hilarious, but I really can't remember what conclusion they came to. I'm starting to wonder if it was plausible or not…

Forty-Eight: Half-Caff

Halt took a sip of his coffee, then spewed it back out in disgust. It was quite a noteworthy spit-take moment. "What happened to my coffee?" he demanded.

Looking much too innocent, Pauline replied, "I don't know what you mean, dear."

"My coffee! You gave me decaf, didn't you?"

"No, of course not! …It's half-caff. It's better for your health."

"Better for my health, my foot! Just now I about died of shock at the difference!"

Forty-Nine: Farmers

Relaxed, Will and Halt traveled the foreign countryside. Sights and smells that they took in were different, exotic, and fascinating. And, of course, Will was full of questions. And, of course, his questions were very stupid.

The apprentice pointed out to the vast fields. "Halt, who are those people?"

As one, all of the men stood up and chorused, "We are Farmers! Bum ba-dum bum-bum-bum-bum!"

Halt just raised an eyebrow and made a 'there you go' gesture.

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Fifty: In a Bottle

"Will, come look at this!" Horace cried excitedly.

The young Ranger came in to find Horace's grin, wide and infectious. Will smile back at him. "What you got there?"

"Look!" the knight said, thrusting the object forward. Will frowned thoughtfully.

"Is that…" Will said slowly, "…is that a ship in a bottle?"

"Yep!" And indeed, the inside of the glass bottle was littered with small pieces of wood, string, and cloth. "Well, it's not a ship yet. But it will be. I'm going to build it!"

Will looked skeptical. "Are you sure you have enough patience?"

"Oh, yeah, of course," Horace said confidently. He took the glass bottle in a secure grip and shook it firmly, twice. Will watched in wide-eyed shock as with those shakes, the ship formed inside the bottle, completing in less than five seconds.

Will just stood there, mouth agape.

The young knight smirked, showing off his new creation. "Told you so."

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