Author's Note: In this fanfic the city is not the entire planet, there's a desert and some forests and so on. Like how in that one episode Rev's parents lived outside of the city on the top of mesas.

WARNINGS: Flashbacks to F/M (Other/Tech) in this part. Implied coercion, trauma, all that fun stuff.


Part 2


Rev kept on hoping for a repeat performance of that night under the stars, but unfortunately none came. They both went back into the base to get something to eat while standing a little too close to each other. That was broken up when Slam came into the kitchen to eat a bunch of food, and nothing was less romantic than Slam gouging.

Tech sighed and smoothed back his ears. "I've got to get back to my project," he said.

Rev couldn't help it. He darted up to him and gave him a peck on the cheek, despite Slam being onto a few feet away. Tech grinned and waved him off before leaving the room.

Rev turned his attention to Slam who was staring after Tech with his mouth wide open and still full of food. When he turned back to Rev he laughed out loud and pointed at Rev.

"HEY!" Rev protested.

Slam let out a bunch of mumbled words which basically said "haha, you have a thing for Tech."

Rev stuck his tongue out at Slam to hide his embarrassment. "So?" he replied. "You-don't-see-me-teasing-you-about-any-tasmanian-devil-women-you-might-be-dating-uh-if-tasmanian-devil-woman-did-exist-I'm-sure-they-do-somewhere-I've-just-never-see-none-is-all..." he paused and put his hands on his hips. "Stop laughing!"

But Slam was a hopeless case and all Rev could do was gather up his food and flee to his room as quickly as possible.


He only wished the relationship wasn't going so slow! He actually honestly considered throwing himself at Tech's feet in hopes for another repeat performance the night after that... but he couldn't get anything out of Tech except a few quick gropes before Tech came up with another excuse... usually having something to do with getting back to work on some big important machine or device made because it was needed ASAP.

Rev tried not to show how disappointed he was. Sure he had grand visions of their first time... he'd take out one of the bottles of lube he kept in ample supply everywhere, in his room, in his regular clothes, tucked in his tail, in his superhero outfit... and Tech would bend him over a lab table and gently push a finger into him to prepare him... he'd keep his legs open and sigh that he was his, all his...

But Tech seemed more interested in his projects than him. Finally he caught Tech when he had just finished a big project. He zoomed in front of Tech and the coyote had to stop mid-step and blink at him.

"Why-aren't-we-having-sex-yet?" he demanded to know.

Tech's mouth fell open. "What?" He replied, looking more surprised than anything.

"Sex," Rev repeated, trying not to show irritation. "Sex, why aren't we having it yet? Is it because I'm a roadrunner? Is that it?"

"I..." Tech's eyebrows flew together. "No!" he replied.

"I-smell-like-food?" Rev began to rapid fire list. "You're-my-natural-enemy, you-think-I'm-ugly, blue-is-not-your-color-"

"None of those things!" Tech exclaimed, looking a bit appalled.

"Then why!" Rev's arms waved very much like they would if he had a full set of wings. "We haven't even made out again since last week!"

Tech pushed past him and placed his hands on one of his consoles, sighing as he looked down at it. "It's not that Rev… it's just that..." he ran a hand over his face. "I just want our first time together to be... special, you know?" He turned back and there was a sad look on his face, which stopped Rev's question in its tracks. "My first time... it wasn't all that special," he made a face, then shook his head as if to clear it. "I wanted yours... ours to be."

Rev's forehead creased even as his heart melted a bit. "but... we-can't..."

"If I'm in my lab all the time, I know." Tech looked like he was considering long and hard. "Well, we can always plan a time... how about this Saturday night? We could go see a game together and maybe catch some dinner and find a nice quiet place to spend the evening?" He grinned toothily and Rev's breath caught.

"Uh-sure-Tech-sounds-awesome," he exclaimed, darting forwards and pressing his beak to Tech's snout again. Tech's eyes widened then narrowed as he let out a contented growl. "It's-a-date!" Rev said happily when he pulled away.


Don't get him wrong, he loved the bird dearly, but his incessant talking still got right under his skin sometimes. Tech resisted the urge to clamp a hand over his mouth several times during the Basherball game, and instead endured as Rev cheered, jumped up and down and rattled off multitudes of random facts and stats he had stored in that photographic memory of his.

He instead grabbed Rev's hand and squeezed it affectionately after one of Rev's stints of jumping up and down. That did the trick, as Rev went suddenly shy as he sat beside him. Tech suppressed a smile. He could control the roadrunner after all, good to know.

He also shifted uncomfortably and tried to ignore the stares from people around them. Usually people were okay with the animals around them, but they were still rare. Even rarer was to see two of them as an obvious couple in the city. Unheard of was two completely opposite animals as a couple. Heck, everyone knew that dating outside of one's species was an exercise in futility. They couldn't breed with each other after all. If they could Tech imagined the world might have more than a few half human half animal children running around.

Huh. He tried to imagine what a half coyote half roadrunner child would look like and couldn't. Then again, Rev and him didn't exactly have to worry about that anyway, even if interspecies children were possible. Being two boys and all.

Yes if there was a contest for the most illogical couple ever, he supposed Rev and him would win.

He was brought back to the game when Rev jerked his hand out of his own to stand up and cheer again. The entire crowd around him did the same. Even though he was completely confused, Tech stood up and slowly clapped. He glanced at the scoreboard. Oh. It looked like their home team had just won over the Whirlwind Devils.

He tuned out Rev's excited babble about how amazing the game was as they left the stadium hand in hand. As Rev talked he sneaked glances at him out of the corner of his eyes. He had to appreciate the roadrunner out of his super hero outfit. The sleek blue feathers framed his bright intelligent green eyes. Those green eyes never stayed fixed for long as the roadrunner's head moved back and forth, taking everything in around him. Tech had also realized, a very long time ago, that Rev was probably the smartest of his kind, with the possible exception of his brother. He had always been a sucker for intelligent people. It's what attracted him to Mallory in the first place... at least before...

He looked away from Rev, his mouth curving downwards into a frown. He didn't want to think about her. Not here at least... but his mind wouldn't shut up and he actually closed his eyes to try to force the memories back. That made him stumble a bit.

"Tech? Tech-are-you-okay-man-you-don't-look-so-good-what's-wrong-is-it-the-prezels-you-ate-did-I-do-someth-"

Tech held up a hand to stem the tide of words. "No Rev," he said quickly, opening his eyes to meet two wide green ones. He smiled gently and nudged his nose against that beak. "Everything is fine," he breathed as he brought his hands up to hold the sides of the Roadrunner's head. "Shhh," he added.

He could see Rev just about tremble with the effort to keep his words back and not talk, eyes still bright with curiosity. It took a couple more nuzzles and a swipe of his tongue toying with the corner of his beak to get Rev to focus on other things. Suddenly he found himself pressing the Roadrunner up against the brick side of a building, running his hands down the bird's sides and licking at his neck as Rev moaned softly. The bird rubbed against his hip, enjoying the contact while the humans gave them a large berth while walking around them.

They broke apart moments later, both panting and horny as hell. Rev's eyes were completely dilated and his hands fisted Tech's jacket. "Can-we-just-skip-the-dinner-and-go-right-back-home?" he asked more than a bit wantonly.

Tech shook his head and pulled away the rest of the way. "No," he replied, giving Rev a sharp look when it appeared that Rev was going to protest. "We're going out to dinner first," he added, leaving no room in his tone for argument.

Rev heaved a sigh. "Yes, Tech," he said as Tech began to lead them purposefully towards the restaurant they had agreed on. Tech shook his head a bit as he lead Rev away. The bird was far too eager. Then again, he reflected, he had been too...


She had been one of Mallory's friends... or acquaintances at very least. She had pulled the girl up to him during the University after hours party she had forced him to go, to and introduced her as a girl in her class. She was very interested in non humans, just like he was in humans, she added with a wink.

The girl flushed bright red at that and was embarrassed. Tech regarded her with interest, he already had a couple drinks in him and was feeling much more open than he usually would be. "You do?" he asked, before he could stop himself.

She nodded, her blond curls bobbing about her head. Tech raised an eyebrow and looked her up and down. She was okay looking for a human, which was a plus. Her pale cheeks were flushed with both embarrassment and alcohol he imagined. She held her small hands clasped together in front of herself as she looked at him with open curiosity.

One thing led to another and he soon found himself in a corner, kissing and touching a girl in ways he never expected to... at least not outside of his own kind.

He growled softly when she tried to pull away from him, and he pulled her back. She giggled at that and fell back in his arms, hands sliding up under his shirt and petting his fur, and suddenly he realized he wanted more. A lot more.

He wasn't sure if he told her or if she just figured it out, but moments later she was tugging him out the doors and into the cool night. They ended up running hand in hand, ducking past staff, other students, and down a back alley. There was a set of steps at the end leading to a low roof and they made their way up them, her hands tugging on Tech's tail as they went. Finally they both collapsed at the top, out of breath as they admired the view. Or rather she admired the view, and Tech admired her. He loved how her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath, how she grinned with her cheeks flushed. He reached out and touched her arm, and she looked at him, her eyes wide and full of curiosity and lust.

It went from there. Her clothes came off, and then his own, and suddenly she was on him, wiggling against him eagerly, sliding her smooth hairless body against his fur. He knew it felt good, and he knew the exact moment he lost control. His memories became convoluted at that point, flashes of images, of him growling and pushing her back down against the rooftop, her mouth open wide into the shape of an "o" as he slipped inside of her. Feeling his knot swell and lock her and finally the tears...

The tears. He couldn't forget them. She was crying, he realized, as he was still inside of her. The reality hit him like a cold splash about half way in and he tried to scramble off of her. That made her scream as his organ just pulled at her flesh.

Agony followed as he tried to will his erection down enough to draw out of her as she lay there stiffly and whimpered. All he could do was apologize again and again and feel as if he was going to die of embarrassment.

She didn't speak to him at all when he finally did get free of her, merely stiffly replaced her clothes as she sniffled a bit. They returned to the party in silence. He offered to do anything to make it better, but she only shook her head no. When he got back she turned to give him a wave with no smile and disappeared into the crowd.


"And… Tech? Earth-to-Tech! Are-you-okay?" Tech blinked as he came to and stared at Rev for a moment, before remembering where he was and what he was doing. He was at dinner with Rev, he remembered. He had faded off into bad memories when he started tuning Rev's constant natter out.

He managed a small smile, smoothing his napkin over his lap. "I'm fine," he lied. At the same time horrible memories danced through his head. Rev wasn't the same species as him either, if he ended up hurting him as well...

Then again, as Mallory proved, sex with humans wasn't all bad. He schooled a twisted smile. It always came back to her didn't it?


She teased him relentlessly about his "failed" coupling with that girl for months after the fact. Never mind the fact that the girl wouldn't even look at him in the halls, and all he could feel for weeks was a horrible gnawing guilt.

Mallory didn't think it was nearly that serious. The next day when he told her how he felt about the entire thing, Mallory merely laughed it off. "She'll be fine," she said airily, "It's not every day that a girl has to deal with a knot after all," she then winked and she patted his crotch, which made Tech stare at her, horrified.

"Mallory!" he protested, but Mallory was already off in the lab, laughing at him as she went.

To make it worse Mallory didn't relent either. She seemed to enjoy teasing him sexually every chance she got. Like the time she backed him up against the hallway wall when no one was looking and asked if "the puppy wanted to play".

When he merely turned his head to the side and told her not to tease, she got upset… for a moment. Then she smiled serenely. "I'll get you to play one way or another, Tech," she said sweetly. "You'll see," she then turned and walked away.

The situation just ended up getting worse, the coy remarks from his protégé getting harder and harder to handle. Most of the time she was okay… but sometimes… sometimes though she'd slip in the most inappropriate comment in the middle of figuring out a very complex set of problems, and he'd choke and lose his concentration.

It reached a point where he would have decided against continuing to tutor Mallory if the girl wasn't so damn brilliant. She had a natural aptitude for learning and was probably the only person on the planet who could give him a run for his money in the smarts department. He was in awe of what she could do.

He also knew she was somewhat evil long before she proved she was. He remembered the rat incident quite well, and to this day it made him shudder slightly when he thought about it, partly because of his reaction to it.

He had wondered vaguely at it when she brought one of the university experimental rats into their lab. She calmly set it down beside the consol he was working at and just as calmly gutted it. The rat squirmed and bled out, it's squeals of distress growing weaker and weaker and until finally they stopped. He stared as she raised her head and smiled knowingly at him, her eyes glittering. She then asked if he wanted a bite.

His mouth watered at the prospect. He hadn't expected that, having spent his entire life around books, he had never actually killed anything… or been around a freshly killed animal before. He actually found himself leaning towards it unconsciously, before his mind kicked back in and he was horrified. He turned away quickly and coolly asked her to not waste the University's resources on nothing. She wasn't too pleased at that to say the least, hmphed at him, then disintegrated the rat. There was still a red stain on the counter after that though, a red stain that would sometimes catch his eye and make him shudder involuntarily.

It got so bad that when she came onto him again, about five months after his first sexual encounter and asked if he wanted to come home with her, he did in hopes it would make her teasing finally stop. This time the sex wasn't horrible and traumatizing, though Mallory was in control the entire time. Tech felt like he was a puppet for all the work and involvement he actually had in the act. After that Mallory did stop teasing him as much, which was a relief. They only had one more repeat performance, this time late at night in the labs. Two weeks after that she tried to suck the intellect out of all the professors at the college and Tech had her put in jail. The rest was history.

At least until now...


It was near the end of dinner when he noticed he was feeling a bit different. He felt warm and sleepy, which he often did after a good meal... but the meal was not that good. He frowned as he patted his belly and looked up at Rev. Maybe he was just tired, it had been a long day after all…

Rev apparently felt the same because he grinned back and yawned noisily. "I'm-wiped-wasn't-that-a-good-meal-Tech? Well-I've-had-better-but-it-was-pretty-good-anyway-if-I-do-say-so… hey-what-do-you-say-you-and-me-head-back-home-now-and-get-on-with-this-evening-huh-Tech-sound-good?"

Tech nodded lazily before sighing and hauling himself out of his seat. He tossed Zadavia's charge card down on the table and stood, looping an arm around Rev's waist. Suddenly it didn't matter as much if people saw him close and personal with Rev, and the bird seemed completely okay with that. In fact Rev practically hummed with happiness as he walked right out of the restaurant with Tech.

They made it out into the street and Tech was just about to summon his ship to come pick them up when a blinding flash happened to his right. He threw up an arm shield to protect both him and Rev only to find his powers wouldn't come and whatever it was hit him from the side and sent him flying. He was unconscious before he even hit the ground.