Naruto X Pokémon crossover

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Chapter 1

Everyone thinks that Twinleaf town was just your average town just for of people and trainers. What everyone now knows is that that sinnoh champion Minato Namikaze lives there along with his wife Kushina and son Naruto. Minato has been champion ever since Naruto had been born. Naruto was told how great his dad was when he was tucked into bed by his mother. The reason being is that his father Minato was never really home.

Naruto has lived in Twinleaf Town his whole life and never left except when he goes to study under Professor Iruka in Sandgem Town. He was always alone because truth be told Minato never announced that he had a son. Naruto knew the reason why for if people knew that the champion had a son than naruto would mobbed by fan girls and bullied by other kids that hated his dad. Even if His father was the champion of Sinnoh people hated him because he had been champion for twelve years.

Naruto didn't realy had any friends because he couldn't say his last name was Namikaze until he was a pokemon trainer like his father. The other kids thought he has a nobody because they didn't know his last name, so they just ignored him. The only person that he had as a friend was Sakura Haruno because just like him the kids picked on her for her giant size forehead, which Naruto thought was really cute. The two had been friends every since Naruto helped Sakura get away from some bullies that were making fun of her forehead. They became freinds since they were four years old.

For Sakura and Naruto it was time leave and go visit Professor Iruka for their daily lessons. Most future trainers and cordinators studied at home. However, Professor Iruka knew who Naruto's father was and wanted to help Naruto learn about pokemon when he became a trainer. As soon as Professor Iruka told Naruto that he wanted to teach him about how to become a trainer Naruto was thrilled. However, the happiness died down when he thought about Sakura and how he was going to be away from her. When he told Professor Iruka that he would only agree to it if his best friend Sakura Haruno would be taught as well. Iruka was shocked at first agreed to it and teach Sakura how to be a cordinator. When Naruto told Sakura about it she was so excited that Naruto was being crushed in a big hug.

There daily studies include the pokemon that lived in sinnoh, myth and legends, what types of pokemon and moves there were, know about medication and berries, how to cook poffins, and learn to work a pokeball and pokedex. They even got a chance to do a few practise battles with pokemon that Professor Iruka had in his lab. Sakura was good at remembering everything that came from books and cooking poffins, and was okay in battles. Naruto remember all the basic from his studies, cooking poffins was justas good as Sakura, but when it came to battle Naruto knew what he was doing because most of his besides hanging with Sakura was studing up on all the pokemon and learn all that the moves that each pokemon could leaarn. Needless to say he could come up with stragies that know one thought possible.

Today was a special day through because Iruka was finally going to give them their birthday present. Iruka Said that he had forgotten about it and told them that he would give it to them one month before they became a trainer and a cordinator. For both Naruto and Sakura them being happy was a understatment, they we extremely happy about finally getting their birthday present from besides that Naruto and Sakura were on there way to Professor Iruka's Lab.

On the road to Sandgem Town from Twinleaf Town Sakura was wondering what the present that Profeesor Iruka was going to give them. "Hey Naruto do you have any idea what Professor Iruka is going to give us as a present" said Sakura.

"No Sakura I don't and to be honest I had a hard time sleeping because I was wondering the same thing" said Naruto.

"What do you do you think it is" said Sakura. For she was not getting any sleep over it either. "Maybe its a pokemon because of al the effort that we put into our studies" said Naruto, which got him a slap over the head by Sakura does that when Naruto says or comments on something stupid. "You idiot Professor Iruka wouldn't do that it's unfair for the other trainers and cordinators that will get their pokemon" scolded Sakura.

On their way to Sandgem they see Professor Iruka holding briefcase and standing in the middle of the crossroad going to Sandgem Town and Lake Verity waiting for them. Both Sakura and Naruto were confused to as why their teacher was waiting for them. "Good moring Naruto, Sakura" said a happy Iruka.

"Good morning Professor Iruka what are you doing here" ask a confused Naruto and Sakura.

"Well," said Profeesor Iruka "Today is the day I'm going to give you both your presents and I thought that we could go to Lake Verity today because it is such a nice day out today."

Both Naruto and Sakura were both happy because is said to hold a legendary pokemon by the name of Mesprit. Whenever they went to to Lake Verity Sakura always heard the sound of a pokemon, but could never identify what pokemon it belonged to, so she thought it was Mesprit. Naruto and Iruka on the other hand didn't hear a thing. Naruto was always has to go their because before he was friends with Sakura he made friends with a pokemon there, but it wasn't Mesprit.

"So are you guys ready?" said Professor Iruka to the children which gave a excited nod, "Alright then then lets go."

It was a five minute walk to Lake Verity, which was a lot closer then Sandgem Town for it was a ten minute walk to get to town. As soon as Professor Iruka, Naruto, and Sakura got there they to the edge of the lake and while once again Iruka told them about the legend for the millionth time. When he was done telling the legend he put in front of him the briefcase that he brought with him and said "Are you guys ready for your present."

Sakura gave a happy nod while Naruto was nodding repeatedly for he was filled with excitment. When Professor Iruka opened up the brief case three pokeballs went rolling around the breifcase. As soon as Sakur and Naruto saw them they were shock for what they saw before them. Iruka finally broke the silence by saying "I know what you guys are thinking and yes each of these three pokeballs has pokemon that will be your starter pokemon."

If Naruto and Sakura eyes got any wider then their eyes would fall right out. They just couldn't believe what they just heard come out of their teachers month. Then all of a sudden Sakura was rubbing the spot that she slapped Naruto on the head. While Sakura was doing this Naruto was growing a pink blush on his face from Sakura rubbing his head. Sakura only did this she slaps Naruto, but later finds out he was right. Sakura was embarrised every time this happened and felt guilty about it. However, like always Naruto quickly forgave her because he hated it more when Sakura was sad, guilty or miserable.

After two minutes of rubbing and forgiveness, Iruka told them they both get to choose one of the three pokeballs and had the remaining month to train that pokemon before they started on their journey. Both Naruto and sakura nodded and looked down at the three balls. Naruto being who he was said 'ladies first' being the gentleman he grew up to be because of his mother's wayon how a young boy should act. Sakura said "Thank you Naruto" and slowly picked up the pokeball that was on the right side of the brief case. After Sakura picked up her ball up Naruto reached in and picked up the pokeball that was in the middle of the briefcase.

Iruka not sure what pokemon they got because they were rolling around in the briefcase so much asked them to release the pokemon that was inside the pokeball they had chosen. Both Sakura and Naruto looked at each other and gave the other person a nod and middle button i the middle of the ball, which made it largen and threw them into the air and shout their pokemon releae cry.

"Pokemon(name of pokemon) Spotlight" said Sakura while Naruto called out "Pokemon(name of pokemon) Battle Time" as both both pokemalls opened up and showed themselves.

Naruto's pokemon was Chimchar while Sakure's pokemon was Piplup. Both pokemon lookedat the trainer that released them and gave a smile to their respected trainer.

'Chimchar' said Chimchar

'Pip Piplup' said Piplup

Iruka seeing the poke said "Alright then looks like Naruto partner is chimchar, while Sakura's partner is Piplup which looks good from my point of view, so that would me that the Turtwig is going to the trainer in Veilstone City.

Both Naruto and Sakura looked at their teacher with confusion in thier eyes, while he explained that this trainer has been learning about pokemon from his older brother and gets to the pokemon in the briefcase.

After thirty minutes at getting to know their pokemon Naruto and Sakura became friends rather quickly which amazed Iruka because it would have taken a few days for thw pokemon to understand their trainer. Just when they were about to leave, several Starly swooped down and starting attacking for know reason at all. Iruka once out of the line of fire called out to Naruto and Sakura saying "Naruto! Sakura! Use your pokemon to fight off these wild Starly"

As soon as Naruto and Sakura got the chance they both shouted "Chimchar/Piplup use ember/bubble" while still trying to avoid the starly.

'Chimchar' said Chimchar using its ember hit a couple of starly.

'Piplup lup' said Piplup shooting bubbles every direction traping and making contact with a few starly.

After a few minutes nine Starly were down, while three Starly remained in the air circling Chimchar and Piplup. Both Naruto and Sakura saw that their partners were exhausted from holding off the wild Starly.

Iruak was to far away from the briefcase to call on Turtwig to help out. Suddenly, one of the Starly left the group and headed straight for Sarura. Iruka seeing this called out "Sakura WATCH OUT".

Sakura seeing the bird charging at her braced for the impact while closing her eyes. Then she heard a voice coming tolds her yelling "SAKURA". Opening her eyes she sees the Starly hitting the wrong target for just in the last second Naruto jumps in and intercepts the attack and is being sent into Lake Verity. Sakura seeing this follows Naruto as he slams into the lake while she is Screaming "NO NARUTO".

Sakura was about to dive in after him when she hears Iruak yelling at hear "Sakura behind you". As she turns around she sees the Starly from before making a second attempt. However, just before the attack could land a spray of water shoots out of the lake hits the Starly sending it flying next to the other injuried Starlys. Turning aroung she finds Naruto riding on top of a pokemon coming to the shore.

Racing out of the water Naruto and the pokemon he became friends with rush next to Sakura. Sakura seeing the pokemon close up finds it to be a Buizel, but gets confused for Buizel don't live around here. Snapping out of her train of thought she hears Naruto giving a command to the pokemon.

"Buizel focus on the Starly circling overhead use water gun to shoot them down" order Naruto. Buizel doing as it had been told focused its eyes on the two remaining starly and fires a water gun at both of them making contact. After Buizel's water gun hit the two remaing Starly the result being that all the wild Starly took off seeing that could not win in this fight.

Once the the Starly took off Professor came over and congrulated themon fending off the Starly. Then Iruka turned to the mysterious Buizel thar Naruto command very well like they have done this before. Now turning to Naruto asked "Naruto do you know this Buizel and if so how?"

Naruto answered "Buizel and I have been friends since I fell into Lake Verity when I was three. It was a time that My mother and I came here to have picnic. My mother thinks Buizel came to train because when I came back the next day I found Buizel training in the water and on land. I come to visit Buizel every month ans ask if it wanted to my pokemon when I became a trainer, and Buizel just nodded sealing the deal."

Sakura was happy that Naruto made a friend even if it was a pokemon and Iruka understood and a little shocked that Naruto was friends with a wild pokemon, but happy none the less.

Thinking it was time to go Iruka , Naruto, and Sakura deciding it was time to leave left. Naruto said good-bye to Buizel, while pokemon waved bye and dived back into the lake.

Getting to the Crossroad Professor Iruka turned around and said " As of this point on you two are know longer my students and have one month to train your partner" getting a nod Iruka continued "Well I guess I will see you in one month take care of yourselves."

Sakura and Naruto at the same time said " Thank you Professor Iruka and see in one month."

Going home and reaching their houses both Naruto and Sakura turn tords each other. Sakura said "So, Naruto tomorrow do you want to train together to grow stronger." Naruto thought about it and replied "Sure Sakura sounds like fun." Sakura nod and was about walk home until she stop and stared at Naruto. Naruto getting was about to ask what was wrong until Sakura tackled him into a hug. Naruto seeingblush thinking why was Sakura giving him a hug when Sakura said in a whisper " Thanking you for saving me at Lake Verity." Narut said" Hey what are best friends for." Sakura hear this turned tords his face and gave him a kiss on the cheek saying "Thank you" one last time before running tords her house.

Naruto standing in the same spot frozen his hand on the cheek that Sakura kissed just moments ago thought only one word 'wow'.

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