Naruto X Pokemon crossover

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Amaterasuice: Make Lee the fighting type, and Hinata the water type.

I have to say that Amaterasuice is correct with the change in gym leaders.

So, just a reminder the first gym leader is Kabuto Izanami and yes he is good in my fanfiction. Second gym leader is Ino Yamanaka and I also am putting her as part time coordinator, I'll explain later. Third gym leader is now going to be Rock Lee. Hinata Hyuga is also noe being the fourth gym leader, which again is why is not a Naru/Hina fanfiction. Fifth gym leader is Kurenai Yuhi. Sixth gym leader is Tenten. Seventh gym leader is Haku. Eighth gym leader is Kakashi Hatake.

Now, I figured that for the trainers that Naruto and Sakura have to face I will tell you about. Also, I want the the opinions of the fans again of what they want so that everyone is happy.

Sasuke is a trainer and Naruto's rival and Sakura's secret love between Naruto and Sasuke. Kiba is a trainer Naruto will be facing. Kiba will be using pokemon that that have one move in particular can you guess what it is?. Shikamaru is a trainer that also Naruto will have to face as well. He will be using six of the same pokemon with different evolutions, care to take a guess? Ino will face Naruto in the Gym, but will also face Sakura in contest, explained in the story. Neji is going to to be a trainer that faces Naruto. All his pokemon are evolution pokemon that evolve by trade or fast evolution such as evolving from a certain item. Temari is facing Sakura in contests.

Now the ones I have trouble with are Shino, Garra, Haku, and Hinata. For Haku and I want your opinion if I should put them also as corrdinators along with Ino. Garra, again I want your opinion if he should be just a trainer or one of the elite four, if not in the elite four then his father is. Now is tricky for me he is either going to be in the elite four. If not then his father is going to be in the elite four. If shino is not in the elite four then he is either a trainer, corrdinator, or both. I want your help to decide.

Also, as for Choji, Kankuro, the sound genin, the sound five I haven't thought of what to do with them yet.

I think you heard enough of me babble, so on with the story.

"Character talk"

'Pokemon talk'

Chapter 3

Twinleaf Town

Beep Beep Beep

Naruto's alarm clock was going off, however Naruto was sleeping sleeping right through it. Buizel not used to the noise got up in a battle stance and was doing three-sixties trying to figure out where at damn noise was coming from. After spinning a few times Buizel found the source coming from the alarm clock. Not sure what it was Buizel was trying to figure out how to stop the thing from beeping. Buizel tried everything from tapping it, to shaking it, throwing it, to sonic booming it. Nothing worked this thing was indestructable. Naruto hadn't woken up yet from all the racet that Buizel was making. However, Chimchar was starting to stir from what Buizel what doing to the alarm clock. Chimchar getting to a standing position while the back flame from its behind lit up. Chimchar making a big yawn shaked itself awake saw Buizel now water guning the alarm clock. Chimchar walking over to Buizel patted the pokemon on the shoulder and waited for Buizel to stop with the water works. When Buizel finally stopped his water gun it saw Chimchar walking over to the beeping machine and touched the top, which stopped the the beeping from continuing. Buizel seeing this facepalmed itself not thinking about doing that. Then something accured to him and Buizel asked Chimchar in pokemon talk how do we wake Naruto since the alarm clock didn't wake him up.

Chimchar seeing that Naruto was still asleep signed and walked over and did something unexpected and Buizel thought Buizel was overdoing it a little. 'Chimchar' Chimchar shot a framethrower attack at Naruto's ass, which woke up Naruto. However, since Naruto's ass was on fire he was running around like a headless Doduo. Buizel after waiting a few seconds to focus fired a water gun attack at Naruto's rear end.

"he he thank you Buizel for putting out my flaming bottom" said a grateful Naruto while Buizel him his soldier salute. Naruto turning his head to Chimchar and said "Thank you for waking me up Chimchar, but lighting my ass on fire might have been a bit much." Chimchar just stare at Naruto in a little embarrisment while scratching the back of its head. However, Naruto gave it the job of waking Naruto up if he didn't get up from the alarm clock.

Naruto after getting dressed he walked down the stairs were his mother was cooking dinner and Ninetails at her side "Morning son who I love so much" said Kushina while her faithful pokemon gave out a 'yip' as her greeting.

"Morning mom" 'Chimchar' 'Bui Bui' gave greetings from Naruto, Chimchar, and Buizel. Naruto took his seat at the table while Buizel and Chimchar went over to their food containers. Kushina as soon as she was done cooking she came over to the table and gave Naruto and his pokemon their breakfast. However, Kushina wanted her sin to do something for her while his pokemon journey.

"Hey sweety can I have you do something for me while on your journey" his mother said calmly. Naruto and pokemon stopped eating and turned to Kushin. When she saw a that she got there attention she said "I know that Sakura is the contest corrdinator, but please enter the Tsunada contest that will be happening in the next few months."

Naruto was falbbergasted at what his mother just asked him to do and answered back "Uh Um mom why would you want me to enter a contest that is taking place in a few months?"

Kushina understood what her son meant and answered back "Well you know that I used to be a corrdinator and me happy as a mother to see my son enter at least one contest and him on television before he enters the Sinnoh league."

Naruto understood what she meant and said back with a smile "Sure mom I can give you that and I will also keep it a secret. Heck maybe I can trick dad that I am a corrdinator and not doing gym battles as a joke" making him and his mother laugh.

"Also, while on your journey make sure that you take care of your pokemon and Sakura as well" Kushina said with a smile which made nod in response with a small blush on his face.

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door.

Knock Knock

Kushina got up from the kitchen table and answered the door., which behind it was Sakura.

"Oh good morning Sakura are you here to pick up Naruto" said wide face Kushina trying to tease her son, which was working because she knew Naruto hated when she still thought of him as a baby boy.

"Yes Mrs. Namikaze. I just came by to pick up Naruto and make sure he isn't oversleeping again" replied Sakura.

Naruto got up from the table and walked right over to the door. "No need Sakura I got a warm wake up call" he said while rubbing his rear end.

"Good then lets get going and catch that..." Sakura stopped herself when she Buizel walking up to the door with Chimchar. "Oh nevermind you already got Buizel."

"Yep just Buizel yesterday" said Naruto.

However, that earned him a pouch to the head by Sakura "Why didn't you tell me that you caught Buizel you baka" said a fuming Sakura.

Naruto rubbing where Sakura responded back "I was going to today, and the reason I didn't tell you yesterday was it was already late out and I didn't want to disturb you on our relax day."

There earned him another punch from Sakura who said "A relax day is were your not supposed to do anything."

"Sorry" said a hurting Naruto.

Sakura turned to Buizel and said "Well its nice to meet you Buizel" which Buizel respond 'Bui Bui' with a knight bow. Sakura was a little taken but shrug it off and patted Buizel on the head saying "Welll aren't you a gentleman pokemon"

"Yea you get used to Buizel doing that right Chimchar" said s litlle less hurting Naruto.


Kushina was gigging at her son, his pokemon and Sakura playful antics. "Well hope you two are ready because instead of walking we getting to Sandgem we are taking my motercycle" said Kushina this got smiles from Naruto and Sakura, while confused looks for Chimchar and Buizel.

Kushina left them while she went to the garage. It took a few minutes before Kushina came out with a motorcycle with two side cars attactec to it. "Well what are you wanting for hop in" she said with a playful look on her face. Naruto return Buizel to its pokeball while both trainer/corrdinator climbed into the side cars with Chimchar in Naruto's arms. Thats when something hit Naruto and asked Sakura a question "Hey Sakura wheres Piplup at?"

Sakura gave a sheepish grin and answer "Sleeping that pokemon does not have a wake up call time."

"Alright you two hang on tight and Kyubi watch over the house while I'm gone" she got nods from the teenagers and a 'yip' response from Ninetails. "Okay than here we go" yelled out Kushina as the three sped off tolds Sandgem Town.

Sandgem Town

Professor Iruka was doing some research when he looked over to the clock on his desk and saw that Naruto and Sakura might be here soon 'I can't believe that it has alrady been a month already. It seems like yesterday that I gave them their first pokemon' thought Iruka.

All of a sudden there was a loud screeching sound that came from outside. Iruka figuring that something bad might have happened got up from his seat and ran out to the door. However, when he got to the door he found himself staring at Kushina on her motercycle that she loved to ride for the thrill of it and also saw Naruto and Sakura in some side cars on both sides of the motercycle. Iruka now seeing what the sound was regained his composure and said calmly "Well I see you two finally made it, but was is really necessary to drive them in that crazy thing Kushina."

"Yes" announced Kushina, Naruto and Sakura.

Iruka signed and looked to Naruto "Well come on in Naruto and lets get you signed up as a trainer, and give you and Sakura your pokeballs and Pokedex."

Naruto, Sakura and Kushina got off/out of the bike/sidecars and followed Iruka inside the Lab.

They waited a while Professor Iruka came back with ten pokeballs and two Pokedex "Here are are your pokeballs and your pokedex" said Professor Iruka.

"Thank you Professor Iruka" said both Naruto and Sakura.

"Now then Naruto lets get you signed up to compete in the Sinnoh League" said Iruka which he got a nod from Naruto.

Sakura on the other hand had something bugging her and asked "What about me Professor Iruka?"

Before Iruka could answer Kushina jumped into the conversation and responsed first "Sakura you don't register here because since your a corrdinator that means the first contest you enter they register you there."

Sakura hearing that was relieved and nod to Kushina.

Iruka was about to get the registration papers for Naruto when the door open and a young called out "Hello is this Professor Iruka's Labority?"

The young man looked to be the same age as Naruto and Sakura. He had black raven hair and was around Naruto's height and had black eyes. The guy was wearing a blue shirt with a strange fan symbol that on the back of it and wore gray shorts. To the left of him was a pokemon that was yellow with black circles going around his body and a black bolt that was on its front.

Sakura turning to see who spoke and when she saw him her heart was doing a little dance, while her face was showing a pink color forming on her cheeks. She snapped out of her trance when she heard Professor Iruka's voice say "Yes its and may I ask who you are and what I can do for you?"

"My bother told me that this is where I needed to come and sign up for the Sinnoh League and my name is Sasuke, Sasuke Uchiha" said the boy now names Sasuke.

"I see, well then you have to do, and this includes you also Naruot, is to sign this form" said Professor Iruka who got two pieces of paper out of his desk. He handed one to Naruto, then walked over to the new comer and handed him one. It took a few minutes to get the forms signed out but both of them finished and handed them to Iruka. Iruka gave a nod and looked at both of them and said "I will contact to Sinnoh Pokemon League comittee to have them rigister you two for the Pokemon League. It should take only a few minutes, so if you would excuse me."

Iruka left the four to get the two young boys signed up for the pokemon league. By the time Iruka was out of sight Naruto for the Uchiha staring at him , which was starting to get on his nerves. "Do you want something if so then tell me."

"Battle me, loser" said the ungrateful Uchiha.

That got the attention of both Kushina and Sakura from what they just heard. Naruto was now fuming at what he was called. Sure he was picked on a lot when he was younger, but know went far enough to call him a loser. "Alright you ass let battle, but don't say you will regret it when you lose" Naruto said turning tolds the door with Sasuke following him. Kushina and Sakura for different readons. For Kushina its was to make sure that things didn't get out of hand, but Sakura it was to see if the new handsome boy had some moves and to get a better look at him.

Once both trainers got out of the labority they spaced themselves far apart from each other. Sasuke looked tolds Naruto and yelled out "How me pokemon do you have?" "Two so will a two on two sle battle be alright with you?" ask Naruto who got a response back from Sasuke "Whatever dope. Elekid your up first." 'Bi Bi'

(An: I don't know what Elekid's say in the pokemon language but I'm pretty sure its not Ele, El , or Kid.)

"Alright Chimchar I want you to be my second pokemon 'Chimchar' good but for my first pokemon, Buizel Time for Battle!" yelled out Naruto while throwing Buizel's pokeball and out came Buizel. 'Bui Bui'

"Hn you are Dope and this will be an easy win for me for my Elekid has the advantage" said a smirking Sasuke

"Don't underestimate my Buizel's skill. Lets start this battle Buizel use sonic boom" Said Naruto. Buizel used the sonic boom from its twin tail to attack Elekid.

"Hn, Elekid use thunder" said a not imprest Sasuke. 'Bi Bi Bi' Elekid started spinning its arms like a windmill and launch its electric attack. The sonic boom didn't stand a chance and it was blown away with Buizel, who got hit by the Thunder.

'Bui!' "Buizel hang in theiruse water gum" shouted Naruto.

'bui Bui' Buizel followed its order and fired a shot of water at Elekid that looked like it was going to make contact.

"Hn, Double Team" said yet again a calm Sasuke. Once the water gun was about to connect with Elekid there were five Elekids. The middle fake Elekid disappeared from the water gun strike. Naruto was about to order another attack, but Sasuke beat him to it "Alright now Elekid charge in and use Brick Break." All the Elekis that remained charged in moved around in random positions.

Naruto wanting to make sure that it didn't launched another attack "Buizel use sonic boom rapidly until you find the real one." 'Bui Bui Bui Bui' Buizel was now launching a furry of sonic booms at all the Elekids. The attacks connected, but the real one was nowhere to be found. It was when the Brick Break landed that Elekid jumped at the last seciond without being noticed into the air.

Sasuka was now smirking at the pounding that he was giving Naruto's pokemon with and order another attack "Elekid use thunder one more time."

Naruto seeing what was about to happen took a chance with combination attack that he made up in battle practises with Sakura. "Alright Buizel trust me on this and use aqua jet."

Sakura and Kushina who were watching the battle from the sidelines were shocked at what Naruto Just ordered buizel to do. They thought was probible going to object the order, but buizel followed up with the attack.

Sasuke just smirked seeing this was going to be an easy win for him. Elekid finally launched its thunder attack at Buizel who was charging in with its aqua jet.

Before the aqua jet and thunder collided with each other Naruto gave out one final order "Now Buizel spin with the aqua jet." Buizel started spinning, which made Buizel disappear into a swirling aqua jet. When the thunder made contact with the rotating aqua jet it seem to combine with it. It looked like the electricity from the top of the aqua jet was being sent down by each rotatin that it made.

Sasuke was shot out of its calmness and statred to worry. Buizel connect its electric aqua jet with Elekid. Buizel stopped spinning once it made contact panting at the amount of power to make sure to keep spinning and not let the thunder attack do any damage.

"Thunder punch" said Sasuke not wanting to lose this battle. The attack hit home sending Buizel flying.

'Bui Bui' Buizel's eyes were now swirls making it a sign that it couldn't battle anymore.

"You did great Buizel take a nice long rest" said Naruto. Sakura, Sasuke, and Kushina were having thoughts on the first battle.

'Too bad Naruto' thought Sakura who was impressed with the combination attack that Naruto used. SHe want back to looking at Sasuke.

'The dope almost got me their with that attack' thought Sasuke 'I'm going to have to take him more seriously'.

Kushina couldn't be more pound at what her son just done, but was a little sad that he lost his first battle. 'Naruto you make one heck of a corrdinator with those combination attacks'.

Naruto shook off his loss and nod to Chimchar who nodded back leaping of its shoulder. "Lets star the next battle my second pokemon will be Chimchar" said Naruto

"Whatever dope. Elekid use thunder punch" order Sasuke taking this battle to the next level.

"Chimchar dig"said Naruto. 'Chimchar' Chimchar was quick and burode underground. Elekid stopped seeing no point in charging anymore, but was then thrown into the air when Chimchar a fist from under it.

As quickly as it started it suddenly ended. Sasuke was shock at how fast the dig was. Sakura and Kushina weren't really surprised at what happened for Naruto and Sakura trained together for a month.

"Elekid return" said Sasuke "Grotle stand by for battle."

Out came the evolve form of Turtwig which shock both Naruto and Sakura. Naruto wanted to know where he got it and shouted out "Hey! Where did you get that Grotle?"

"I got Grotle a month age when it was just a turtwig" said Sasuke.

It now made sense to Naruto and Sakura on who now got that Turtwig. 'It was this jerk/handsome devil' thought different opinions from Naruto and Sakura.

"Lets start" said Sasuke "Use Razor Leaf." Grotle fired at least 15 leaves per second showing it was well trained.

"Framethrower" said' Naruto. Chimchar fired its attack burning down all the leaves and hitting Grotle slightly. This shook Sasuke a bit see this little fire pokemon could use framethrower.

"Use Bullet Seed" order Sasuke wanting to end this quickly. Grotle took a step forward and opened its mouth shooting its attack.

Naruto whisper "dig" which Chimchar did when the first attack landed in front of it. Naruto noticed that attack had a lot power, but a lot of control for the attack was hitting everything in its path.

Grotle finally stopped its to let the smoke clear from its attack. Sasuke smirk at the destruction his attack caused hoping that he got at least one hit in. "Well dope i think that your Chimchar..." Sasuke's sentence was cut short when Chimchar popped for under Grotle and sent it onto its back.

"Now chimchar use Flame Wheel at full power" order Naruto.

Chimchar got it its rotating ball of flames and made contact with Grotle making it unable to battle. Sasuke was shock that he lost the battle. Naruto was being congrulated by his mother and Sakura.

That was rthen that they heard clapping coming from Iruka. "I'm glad to two trainers show great potential in battle" said Professor Iruka who in hand had two Trainer cards. He gave them both to Naruto and Sasuke. Iruka gave a revive to Naruto for winning his first real battle.

"Hey dope" called Sasuke which made everyone turn to him "From this point on we are rivals, so be prepared for our next battle" who then turn and started to walk tords the Pokemon Center.

Buizel was revived to from the revive that iruka gave to Naruto. Buizel was glad its loss was not invain for Chimchar winning the next two matches. Iruka was smiling and said "Well I hope you two have a great journey and make sure to keep in touch."

Kushina gave both Naruto and Sakura a hug and said "Naruto good luck in your Gym battles and Sakura good luck in being a Corrdinator." Both said "Thank you. See you later Professor Iruka, Mom/Kushina." They both turnedand headed tords Route 202.

"Are you going to worry about them" said Iruka.

"No. They have what it takes to be the best they can be" said Kushina wiping a tear from her cheek.

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