1 year later

"Draco," Rose scoffed, rising from her chair, "I have to go and I'm not going to argue with you anymore about this. You have to switch accounts, there's no way around it."

Draco scowled, rubbing his worn grey eyes, "This is ridiculous."

"Yes well, you were the one that chose to set everything up this way."

"Astoria always kept up with these things." He grumbled.

"Well further proof that your wife was a saint." She snorted, resting her hand on his shoulder, "I'll see you Friday for the rehearsal dinner."

He gave her a look of disgruntlement.

"Don't look at me like that." She told him tossing her jacket over her shoulders. "You've known for months this was coming and yes it's going to be really uncomfortable for you, but if you want to blame someone blame your son. If he didn't fall in love with me, you wouldn't be in this situation."

"I better get grandkids out of this…"

Rose laughed shaking her head at him. "We are getting married on Saturday. Can you at least let us get married for a minute before you start making demands?"

"I'm just-"

"Don't worry," She rolled her eyes and heading towards the door, "The Malfoy name will live on."

Rose left the Malfoy manner and apparated to the ministry to finish some paperwork. Her son to be husband, was sitting the desk across from hers banging his head on his desk.

"What are you doing?" She laughed in amusement at Scorpius.

He stopped and rolled to the side to give her a hopeless look. "I hate paperwork. I hate it."

"I never asked you to apply to take a year off of active duty." Rose pointed out sitting down at her own desk.

"Yes," He retorted wryly, "I'm quite aware of that fact Rose."

"I just thought I'd briefly remind you." She grinned, going through the stack of notes on her desk. "I just came from your dad's. He wants to know when he will be getting an heir."

Scorpius laughed, "Oh joy."

"Is James coordinating your stag night?" Rose asked nervously.

"He's working with my mates from the states on it."

"…great." She grimaced with a laugh. "Please do not tell me what happens unless you'd have to. I'd rather not know."

Scorpius nodded with a smirk, "Who is in charge of your hens night?"

"Um…I don't know…Technically my maid of honor is Lily, but Lauren is in my wedding party so who knows…"

"What are you doing?"

Rose glanced up, "I'm going to lunch with my father and brother. Then I'm going to get my dress fitted one more time, baby sit for Victoire for a few hours and then go home."

"Is your father alright with your uncle walking you down the aisle?"

She paused. His question was honest and therefore harder to answer. She was 25 and in the past year she had come to accept certain things. One of them being that no matter how healthy her father was he still couldn't walk on his own.

At first it was horrible to watch, but once Uncle Harry retired and they starting spending every day together she didn't notice it as much, but still when the time came Rose realized he would never be able to walk her down the aisle. But it was okay, because her Uncle Harry, after getting permission from her father offered to do it. At the time Rose was quite taken aback, but as the weeks grew by she began to see it was his way of apologizing for blaming her for Albus's death. It wasn't enough, but the gesture alone was enough for her to let go any angry she held towards him.

"I think he's made peace with it," She moved to joke playing with her silver heart shaped necklace, "I don't think he particularly would want to give me away to you anyway."

Scorpius scowled and gave her a dirty look, "Thank you for bringing that up, because I love thinking of how he glares at me whenever I enter the room."

"Oh don't be such a baby!"

"What would you know?" He grumbled, adjusting his work shirt, "You have my father wrapped around your finger."

"You know as well as I do, that you could be anyone and he still would hate you because you are marring his daughter."

Scorpius rolled his eyes, "Yeah yeah yeah."

"I signed us up for next years office Quidditch league by the way," Rose added while she checked off her to do list absentmindedly.

"Oh?" He muttered sipping his coffee and starting on a new file.

"Yeah, I hope you don't mind we are on opposite teams."

He laughed, and gave her a look. "I mean if you want to lose."

"I do remember…Gryffindor winning the cup," She said tapping her fingers to her lips feigning pensiveness.

"Well this time I will have a legitimate team." He shot back.

"Sure you will," She teased.

For a few moments they said nothing to one another, they just worked on their respective work when Rose took off her jacket. She was surprised Draco said nothing about it. When she woke up in the morning looking for something to wear for casual Tuesday, she somehow stumbled into his side of the closet and she was surprised to see his old Quidditch jersey hanging up in the back.

It brought back memories of long ago, when she was young and refused to wear it because she didn't want the entire school to hate her. When she looked at the engagement ring on her finger and the silver necklace around her neck, she thought she would top it off by putting on the jersey.

Scorpius hadn't noticed. He was too preoccupied with his work so Rose decided to make it easier for him to notice.

"Oh by the way," She smirked, leaning forward, her long red hair falling on the front of the faded jersey, "I'm headed to the filing room do you need any new files?"

"No, but thanks."


"What love?" He asked glancing up.

Rose tried to seem innocent as his eyes locked on what she was wearing. "Oh…I forgot what I was going to ask you…"

On her way to the filing cabinet, a smirk grew on her face. At first the department put them at desks far away from one another, fearing they wouldn't be able to keep their relationship professional, but they proved them wrong. A month ago, when they both switched to desk duty to get a few months of normalcy, their desks were chosen right next to one another. It seemed to be done under the recommendation of James Potter, who just received a fancy new promotion.

Pretending to look for something, she went in the back and grinned when Scorpius flipped her around and pinned her against the back wall. "Mr. Malfoy, you aren't supposed to do that here."

"Ah huh, why are you wearing my jersey?" He asked his hands sliding up the back of the jersey in question.

"I couldn't figure out what to wear this morning and I saw this…"

"You know how I feel about this," He growled, grabbing the back of her waist possessively.

She giggled, "You know anyone could come over here."

"I don't care," He told her huskily, "I will quit. Right here. Right now."

Then he proceeded to pin her against the wall, gripping her and snogging her senseless.

Authors Note:

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Just so you know:

+Hugo and Lauren eventually got back together and moved in together.

+Every year on Albus's birthday Rose visits his grave and leaves flowers until her own death.

+Rose and Scorpius eventually went back to active duty, but they also had three children; Helene, Portia and Leo.

Leo looks just Scorpius.