Ichigo sighed. He had only been away from home a few days and he already missed his friends and family. He had started college yesterday and so far didn't have many friends. He had two which was a shy, quiet, possibly emo midget kid that had an insane albino with demon eyes and what seemed to be fangs following him around. Ichigo was kind of glad to have made friends so quickly.

Though after finding them in the bathroom… doing stuff…with no pants on, it was a bit awkward till everything was explained that they were both gay and on a sexual dating level. After Ichigo explained he was gay as well, Shiro, the crazy albino suggested a threesome which got him two smacks over the head.

Anyway, now Ichigo was sitting at a lunch table, alone. Tensa, the quiet midget had a club meeting during this lunch and Shiro had gone with him which left Ichigo alone. He sighed. "You okay?" a voice asked, making Ichigo jump. He looked up and his throat went dry.

His honey brown eyes meet piercing bright ocean blue. The eyes were cheerful and caring, framed by teal markings. A sharp nose led to a small and sweet little smile. Messy bright sky blue hair shaggily fell all down his neck and stuck out in a mess on his head. He was probably about 6'3 with a muscular form of lightly tanned skin. He wore second skin tight black jeans, a baggy pink shirt that had two very adorable kittens on it and hung slightly off his left shoulder to show off the skin, and a pair of light blue sneakers. "I'm fine" Ichigo breathed.

"You sure?" the blue haired smiling male asked.

"Yeah…I'm-" the oranget didn't get to finish.

"Ichigo Kurosaki…we are the same art class" the idol chuckled softly.

"Oh…sorry…I don't know your name" Ichigo muttered, trying not to blush. That was a nice chuckle.

"Akira Jeagerjaques" the blue haired idol smiled. "May I sit?" he asked.

"Sure, do whatever you want" Ichigo replied.

Akira sat down, covering his mouth with his hand. "Don't tell me that or I will do what I want" the bluenet promised with an odd look in his eye. Ichigo couldn't help but blush a bit, getting what Akira was at. "So…where are your friends? I saw them with you yesterday after school?" Akira asked, curiously.

"They had something to do at lunch" Ichigo shrugged.

"I will keep you company then…you deserve someone special's attention and while I'm not too special, I hope to help you with that" Akira responded.

"Thanks" Ichigo smiled slightly. Akira smiled at him again.

They ate their lunch quietly together for a few minutes in a comfortable silence before Akira asked a question. "I heard you came from Japan…what's it like over there?"

"Depends on the area… I lived in a more dangerous one…lots of gangs so I learned to fight but other than the gangs, it was a pretty peaceful town. Lots of pretty sights to see." Ichigo shrugged.

Akira nodded. "Where did you learn English? You speak it pretty fluently." Akira asked.

"My mother lived here for most of her life before she moved to Japan to follow her dreams. She taught me." The oranget replied.

"Aww that's nice of her." The blue haired male chuckled. "So do you only speak English and Japanese?" he added.

"I know a bit of Spanish, one of my friends back in Japan was from Mexico and taught me some." Ichigo replied. "What about you?" he asked.

"I'm fluent in English and French, and learning German." Akira replied. "Though I would love to learn Japanese but I couldn't ever find a teacher who would teach me." He added after a moment.

"I could teach you." Ichigo shrugged.

"Really? That would be amazing Ichi-chan." Akira chirped.

Ichigo scowled. "I'm not a girl!" he huffed.

"You are cute enough to be one…and I'm pretty sure you are younger than me." Akira replied. Then lunch ended. "Bye Ichi-chan!" Akira chirped before getting up and disappearing through the crowd.

Ichigo frowned, wondering what he got himself into. Then he sighed and went to his next class.

"Akira Jeagerjaques? I would be careful Ichigo… He may seem sweet but he's evil" Shiro stated. Ichigo glanced at his friend, rolling his eyes. They were leaving the college and heading back towards their apartments. Shiro and Tensa shared one and Ichigo had one nearby theirs.

"Ichigo, seriously! You don't want to get mixed up with the Jeagerjaques." Tensa added.

"Guys, I will be fine. I lived in a city controlled by gangs and I survived that. I'm tough and smart enough not to be tricked or anything." Ichigo sighed. His friends accepted the answer hesitantly.

They continued to walk and talk till they reached their parting street. "Think about that idea of a threesome Ichigo." Shiro teased, getting smacked by Tensa. "Ow, I'm kidding Ten" he added, cooing the smaller male.

Ichigo rolled his eyes, waving them off as he turned and walked towards his small, sort of unpacked apartment. He passed by a diner, stopping when he saw a flash of blue. Ichigo looked through the window and he blushed lightly.

Standing near a table, bright ocean blue orbs with teal markings on the corners of them focused downward on a notepad, with his black glasses sliding down his nose was a beautiful familiar male. His sky blue hair was combed back, flattened to his head. His thin but muscular 6'3 form hidden under loose navy blue dress pants, a black button up dress shirt, and a white tie. Ichigo felt his throat go dry. He quickly shook his head and started walking again. He didn't know that the man he thought was Akira just cleaned up a bit for work, wasn't the cheerful male but one of his older brothers.

Grimmjow laid on his bed on his stomach. He silently watched his youngest brother in amusement. Akira had 'fallen in love'; at least that was his claim. The youngest brother had plenty of lovers, all toys for his own pleasure and amusement. Grimmjow was interest to meet the foreign kid in Akira's art class that captured the younger bluenet's heart. He knew Riku would be interested too. Who knew, maybe the three of them could enjoy the kid together.

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