Ichigo sat in front of his computer, reading the data sent to him as well as some more he found through his brief research. All while cooking breakfast to eat before school. Over the soft sizzle of bacon, the oranget heard a soft knocking on his apartment door. He closed the things running on his computer before getting the door.

"Feeling better Tensa?" he asked when he saw his guests.

"Yes," the small male nodded. Ichigo let them in, going back to his stovetop to finish cooking his breakfast.

"… How long have you been living here because it's a mess," Shiro stated.

"Shut up, unpacking takes time!" Ichigo huffed, turning off the stove and putting his food on his plate.

"Why do you even have all this shit? You are one guy living alone!" Shiro asked.

"It's mostly books, clothes, music, and games that I haven't gotten around to unpacking," Ichigo huffed.

"Again, how long have you been living here?" Shiro asked.

"Little over a week," Ichigo replied before flopping in a seat and starting to eat. "So why are you two dropping by? I know how to get to school from here and it's not like I'm gonna get mugged in the few block walk there," Ichigo asked.

"We are friends and can walk with you if we want," Shiro huffed. Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"Uh Ichigo, something's flashing on your laptop…" Tensa stated.

The oranget glanced at the computer before getting up and pressing a button. "What is it Rukia? I have to leave for school in a few minutes," he demanded.

The girl scowled. "Is that any way to address one of your closest friends?" she scuffed.

"Sorry, hey Rukia how are you? Good, great, we haven't talked in almost 8 hours, that's so long… now why are you calling," Ichigo mocked.

"Asshole no need to be rude… I still don't get why you want to go to college in America, what's so great about it anyway?"

Ichigo rolled his eyes. "Tell Renji I said sorry and to grow up!" Ichigo replied. "Now I have to go, bye." he added, giving a small wave.

As he closed the laptop, Rukia gave a slight shriek, "Why did you tell me you had friends over assho-"

"Ignore her…" Ichigo stated, putting his dish in the sink as he put his laptop in his bag and heaved it onto his shoulder.

"What!" Shiro half shrieked. Akira peeked over Ichigo's shoulder to look at the shocked albino who was quickly becoming angered. Tensa held him back. "You are dating him now!?" Shiro growled.

"Yes." Ichigo nodded.


"Because I like him," Ichigo replied.

"… Please tell you haven't slept him yet at least," Shiro asked.

Ichigo turned bright red. "We just started dating, why would I have slept with him already!" he snapped.

"… Are you a virgin?" Tensa asked, making Ichigo's blush darken a bit.

"N-no… I slept with my ex before… wait what does that have to do with sleeping with him on the first date!" Ichigo snapped.

"Calm down Ichi," Akira purred, hugging Ichigo loosely. Ichigo tried to stop blushing but it was hard with Akira's chin resting on his shoulder and Shiro and Tensa's questioning.

School went by quickly. Ichigo was glad for that, his mind elsewhere. "Ichi!" the oranget stopped, waiting for Akira to catch up to him. "Are you free tonight?" the bluenet asked hopefully.

"Sorry Akira… I already have plans… maybe another time?" Ichigo suggested.

"Oh okay… maybe this afternoon?"

"Busy… sorry"

"…okay…" the bluenet looked down.

"Sorry, got to go," Ichigo waved his goodbyes before rushing off. Akira frowned before pouting as he went to catch Grimmjow for a ride home. He didn't think much of Ichigo's busyness yet.

The dark haired man drummed his fingers on the table softly. His eyes slid to look at the door, again. He was late. With a sigh, the dark haired male let his eyes fall closed, listening to the beautiful voice singing in the background.

"I wanna see you strut, strut, strut! Come on walk for me. Strut, strut, strut! How you wanna be. Everybody's looking for some love but they don't know! How to let it all hang out and that's why they're solo, solo, solo. Don't wanna be solo, solo, solo. Don't wanna be solo!" the melodious voice floated through the club. It was rare that they had live entertainment and the singer was using to their full advantage.

"An excellent singer, don't you think?" a voice teased.

The dark haired man opened his eyes, freezing at the man he had been waiting for. The famous Sousuke Aizen, a handsome brown haired male with cool brown eyes, calm and collected as he had been told. Behind the powerful man were two others. The taller had silver hair and eyes closed to slits as he smiled in a creepy way while the shorter had ink black hair and huge green eyes that seemed to stare into his soul. "Yes, the singer is very good…" the young man stated with a nervous nod.

"No need to be nervous… we can all be friends here, right?" the brown haired man pressed as he took a seat next to the young man.

"O-of course," the younger stuttered with a nervous smile.

"Sousuke!" a voice called. "You are late… as usual!"

The group turned to a surprisingly beautiful male. He had bright, shining orange hair that shaggily fell down his sunkissed neck and over his warm honey brown eyes. While he looked annoyed, it looked adorable. He wore tight black skinny jeans and a loose light red (almost pink) dress shirt with a black unbuttoned vest hanging loosely around his arms. He was the singer from the stage. "Ah welcome Ichigo… how long have you been here?" the brown haired male asked, looking over at the oranget.

"Came a few hours early, in case he showed up early or you came late," Ichigo replied as he walked over. There were no empty seats, so the oranget planted himself on Aizen's lap.

"Of course… always cautious Ichigo… maybe a bit too much," the brown haired male chuckled.

"Better safe than a knife or gunshot in the back."

Aizen ignored that comment. "Now shall we get down to business?" he asked with his famous smirk.

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