Zarina slowly came awake. She noticed a few things before she opened her eyes. Her wrists were shackled above her head. She was kneeling on a concrete floor and she was bleeding. And finally that her cloths had been torn; her pants were now shorts and her t-shirt was now a sleeveless shirt. Suddenly the last twenty-four hours came back to her.

Hearing that the Rits were still after Dev and were going to use him to get to her uncle Syn. Her changing the marking on her ship to match Dev's and making the Rits think that she was him. Being captured by the Rits and being beaten and tortured for information on Dev and Syn; information that she never gave. And finally being put in this cell to await her next round of torture.

Groaning Rina lifted her head to look around her. She heard a shuffling but saw nothing.

"Are you awake now?" The voice of a little boy greeted her.

"Yes." She replied softly not wanting to spoke him.

"What did you do that they didn't like?"

"What do you mean?" She asked softly as she shifted.

"Well they only put people who didn't do anything but they don't like in here. So what did you do that made the Rits mad?"

"I protected my uncle and my cousin."

"I told you Colt. I told you she was too pretty to be a bad person." A little girl's voice said.

"There are two of you?" Rina asked surprised. They sound too young to be in a place like this, a thousand times too young.

"Yes, I'm Colt and that was my little sister Katlyn."

"How old are the two of you?"

"I'm seven." Colt said proudly, something about it reminded her of her brother Taryn.

"I'm five." Katlyn replied excitedly.

"My god you're just babies what in the world are you two little ones doing in here?" Rina gasped.

"Our parents were arrested when I was four and Kat was two. They died and the Rits just kept us in here."

"Please step into the light. I'd really like to see you." After a few minutes the two cutest children Rina had ever laid eyes on stepped out of the shadows.

A few hours later the guards came in with their dinners and released Rina's arms. Rina took her food and split it in half and gave each one half of it.

"But what about you?" Colt asked as he looked from the food she had given to him to her.

"You are both growing kids, you need it more than me cause I'm done growing." She smiled as she ran a hand over his hair.

Silently Katlyn shifted closer to Rina and leaned against her as she ate. Colt moved into her other side.

A few days later Rina had still not been pulled into the torture room for the second time. She knew they hadn't forgotten about her but were letting her fall into a false sense of security. On the fifth day Rina looked to the two children she had come to love.

"What do you two say to coming away with? You'll stay with me; I'd like to take care of you."

"You mean like you'd be our mommy?" Katlyn looked up at her.

"I would very much like to be yours and Colt's mother." She smiled at the little girl.

Colt and Katlyn shared a look before launching themselves at Rina. "Can we call you mommy?" Colt asked.

"If you want to."

"We want, we want." They cried together.

"Do we have a daddy?" Katlyn asked.

"Well I have a boyfriend but I'm not married. But it's up to you two either way whether or not anyone becomes your daddy." Rina hugged them both close. "Now come on, we're getting out of here." She said standing.