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Quinn had carried this particular fifty pence piece all six months. In March, she'd hulked out a bit when some idiot had tried to snatch her purse. He had two black eyes when the police got to them, and the constable had asked if she had anything valuable in there.


In May, she'd had a brief scare when she realized there was a hole in her pocket. Luckily, it wasn't big enough for the coin to fall through. Now June was coming to a close, and it was almost time to go home. Her study abroad program had been amazing, but all she wanted now was to be back in Lima with her mom and Rachel. She smiled, and looked out toward Tower Bridge.

The airport was packed, as always, but Rachel managed to find a spot near security where they could say goodbye.

"I'll miss you so much," Quinn said, hugging her.

"I know. I'll miss you too. I have something for you."

"I thought I said no presents?" Quinn said, quirking an eyebrow.

"It's not a present, because I didn't buy it," Rachel countered. She pulled a fifty pence piece out of her pocket. "As you know, my Daddy's family moved over here when he was sixteen. When he got here, he had about fifty of these. Every year, when we go back to visit, he would let me toss one in the Thames and make a wish. So this one's for you. On your last day, I want you to stand on one of the bridges, facing Tower Bridge, and make a wish. Deal?"

"Deal," Quinn said softly, smiling.

Quinn pulled the coin out of her pocket and closed her eyes. She kissed it, and flicked it into the river. Time to go home.

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