A/N: I had this idea on how Lag Seeing would/should die, and I wasn't planning to act up on it, instead typing a snippet of how it was going to go. As I was cleaning up my computer, I came across the old document, and, in preservation purposes, decided to upload it on fan fiction so that I wouldn't truly lose it. Anyone wanting to adopt the idea and even parts of my chapter(s) are welcome to, just make sure to mention that it originally came from me!


Careful arms pulled Lag into a more comfortable position, to which the pure-hearted boy stirred at, awakening.


The amber eyes looking down at him dimmed. "No, it's Noir."

Lag fully woke up, realising it wasn't the eyes of the Letter Bee from his memories but the eyes of Noir who replaced him. "Oh."

Noir's arms cradling Lag tightened their hold, his eyes shadowed, and Roda was the first to sense her companion's anger.

"Gauche died the day he lost his heart and his memories," Noir spoke through gritted teeth. "I am here, not Gauche–I, Noir, who pretended to be the Gauche you wanted when I woke up in Thunderland's office, who chased after you when you took the dangerous route to the Town of Resentments. And yet, why, Lag do you…" The silver-haired young man couldn't finish his sentence, and instead lifted his face to connect his gaze with Lag. Noir's eyes were brimming with unshed tears.

"…Am I not good enough for you?"

With a weak breath, Lag placed his hand on Noir's. "Noir and Gauche are irreplaceable."

Noir's eyes widened at this, at a loss for words. Lag chuckled at the expression, but a pain suddenly wracked through his body, and his laugh became several coughs before he continued just focusing on breathing.

"Noir is part of family, just like Sylvette, Niche, Steak…Zaji, Connor, Aria-san, Dr. Thunderland…." The amber-eyed boy looked like he was going to name more when a wave of pain caused him to clench his teeth for a moment and grip Noir's hand. Zaji patted his friend's shoulder in a weak attempt to make him feel better while Niche watched on, searching for the origin of Lag's hurt so that she could lick it; unsuccessful, so far.

"You don't have to be good enough to be anything," Lag regained his voice, "you are Noir, my…friend."

The last few sentences seemed to drain the last of Lag's energy, and the boy's eyes drifted closed as his breaths grew softer.

No. It can't end like this.

"Lag," Noir spoke thickly, through the tears that built up, "Lag, stay with me!"


Yet another A/N: I know the ending was kind of abrupt, but like I said in the first A/N above, this was just a snippet. ;^^