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The young justice team was told to all come to mount justice for a new mission. They were all excited since it has been a full week from their last mission. They all waited for a good ten minutes before batman entered. "You have a new assignment" was all he said before making the screen come alive with the pictures of four boys. "Do any of you recognize any of these boys?" Batman questioned.

A few slow nods happened before Artemis spoke up "that's Dick Grayson he goes to my school."

"how about the others." Batman asked.

"the youngest one is Damian Wayne biological son of billionaire Bruce Wayne." Kaldur informed.

"the older one is Jason Todd. He was Red Hood before Bruce adopted him but it's most likely that Mr. Wayne doesn't know that." -Conner said making Dick smile and let out a little laugh.

"Robin seeing as you have time to amuse yourself mind telling us who the last boy is." Batman asked.

"um sure he is Tim Drake he was rich and new Bruce before his parents were murdered but once they were Mr. Wayne took him in." robin said still with a small smirk on his face.

"nice to know that you all know a little bit about the richest 'brothers' in Gotham your mission is to protect them all especially the oldest Dick. We were informed that someone wants to capture him. Not for ransom so there would be no way to get him back unless you were to re kidnap him which I hope it won't have to come to. Mr. Wayne has also agreed to let the four of you stay at his home to protect them until we capture the threat. Robin is not going with you because I need him on a mission that I will be on. Oh and you won't see Mr. Wayne there because he is on a business trip." Batman announced to the teens.

"what kind of crazy parent leaves there kids when a threat has been made?" M'gann wondered aloud.

Robin smiled and let out another little laugh retrieving the bat glare before batman answered. "the kind that knows you'll do a good job." they all went to pack up some clothes and anything that they might need for the next couple of days then they all meet back, (except for robin) entered the bio ship, and were off to Wayne manor.

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In the bio ship…..

"so since Dick Grayson goes to your school are you guys friends?" Kaldur asked the archer.

"I guess you could call it that I don't really know many people at my school and he's nice to me except for the fact that he's a troll." Artemis said.

"I say that we each get to know one of the boys to make it easier at protecting them that way we know their strengths and weaknesses and could get inside their head if they don't listen to us." Kaldur suggested.

"whoa there these are boys not soldiers they don't have strengths and weaknesses." Artemis said.

"then let's just do it so we can get inside their heads and try not to be annoyed by their stuck up rich kid act." Conner said visibly annoyed.

"agreed." they all seemed to say in unison. "well here we are." M'gann informed.

"let the torture begin." Conner muttered.

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Wayne manor…..

They were just about to knock on the door when an elderly man most likely their butler opened the door. "welcome to Wayne manor. You must be the heroes that are to protect the young masters. They are all inside. I hope that you make yourselves at home. Please leave your luggage at the door I will take it up to the rooms that we have prepared for you. When you wish to go to your assigned rooms please find me to escort you there. Have a good and safe day at Wayne manor." Alfred said.

"thank you." Kaldur responded right before the butler left. Just then one of the boys showed up.

"hi I'm Dick Grayson and I know who you guys are but do you know why you are supposed to be protecting us?" Dick asked with a hint of worry in his voice. Before any of them had the chance to answer a bucket of water was dumped on top of his head making him whirl around fast to stare at his target.

"and that Damian is how you spill a bucket of water on someone's head and this is how you avoid getting the living crap knocked out of you" Jason Todd said as he was running away from dick who reached him with remarkable speed. They were starting to hit each other when Jason shoved dick off and over the railing. The team just stood there unknowing what to do and in complete shock. To their surprise dick did a back flip then landed nicely on his feet. angry with seeing that Jason jumped off but did a front flip to land on his feet. The two 'brothers' were then staring to fight.

"let me tell you some information on the young masters. That is master Jason the miniature devil and troublemaker in the manor. Fighting him is master Dick who is generally nice but will never back down from a fight. Up there is master Damian master Jason's henchman together him and master Jason gain up and torment master Tim who is probably hiding somewhere." Alfred said making them worry a bit adding a small smile to his face.

"do they normally do this?" Wally questioned think of how hard it was going to be to watch them,

"yes. Now if you excuse me I'm going to take the rest of your luggage upstairs." Alfred said. Not waiting for an answer he left. Seeing that dick pinned Jason to the floor got up and gave a hand to help him get up they though that it was safe to come over and try to get to know them. But just then they saw knives being thrown at them by Damian who was a few feet away. Unsure of what to do they just stood there after all Alfred wasn't worried about it so should they be?

"Damian no knives!" Jason said as he ducked one headed towards him.

"stop now!" Dick yelled. A knife was headed straight at him so he kicked the part of the knife that you hold jerking the knife upwards making half a semi-circle before he caught it. Out of the only three knives that he brought with him he ran towards a door.

"I'm gonna kill you!" Jason declared before running after Damian. Dick bent over and picked up the other two knives and started to put them away when he stopped dead cold in his tracks at the sound of one of his teammates' voices.

"how can Damian throw knives like that Robin?" Aqualad asked feeling betrayed. there was heavy silence as the other team members considered this accusation. But then it hit them robin did that same move on their last mission. Dick also came to that conclusion thinking it was the only logical reason on how they would think that he was Robin. "I expect an answer Robin"

"why do you keep saying he's robin even if he was he would never admit to it bats won't let him tell anybody." Wally said trying to protect his best friend.

"you say that like your defending him!" Artemis yelled catching on.

"Because his grandfather is Ra's al Ghul and he was raised with a bunch of assassins, don't be mad at KF he knew me before I was Robin that's how he knows." Dick said receiving a bunch of stares and opened mouths at what he just said. Just then Tim walks in.

"Bruce is ganna have your head you know that right?" Tim said before getting a friendly shove from dick.

"rahatul dreapta. (shit your right)" dick muttered under his breath.

"so why would Bruce be mad?" M'gann asked a little confused.

"because he thinks that if someone captured and tortured you to find out my civilian identity that you would give in and tell them." Dick simple said.

"so you and batman don't trust us?!" Connor accused.

"I do he doesn't" Dick responded.

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One week of uneventful things happened before they became less paranoid. It was dark out around 11 o'clock. They were walking back from a movie that they all went to see when it finally happened. Three white vans pulled up next to them releasing a lot of armed men, henchmen, and the joker.

"hahaha! Bring me the two older adoptees! You can kill the rest for all I care all I want is the birdie boy and the birdy boy in training! Hahahehaha!" Joker said way too happily.

They all tried to fight back but they released a knock out gas that took them all out. When they woke up they realized that Dick and Jason were missing. They went back to the manor much faster than they intended told Alfred what happened then tried to think of a plan. "wait shouldn't we tell batman or Bruce considering it's his kids and we failed the mission?" M'gann suggested.

"your right we should. I'll do it since I'm leader." Kaldur pulled out his communicator and called batman. "sir we failed the joker came took us out and kidnaped dick and Jason."

"I'm on my way there w/o robin." Batman said.

"sir it's ok we know that dick is robin and you are Bruce Wayne." Kaldur said seeing an annoyed batman before the screen went black.

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