Chapter 14

Adrian is getting tired of being in the house all the time. She has gotten so huge. Waddling to the door she heads out to get a bite to eat for dinner. Jack won't be home till late, he has a big game tonight and would grab something with the team. Maybe she will see him at the pizzeria; she could go for a pizza with everything. As she opens the door, Ben is there ready to knock.

"Hello Adrian. Are you going out?"

"I was just going to head out to get a bite to eat. Do you want to come along Ben?"

"Sure why don't I drive and you can relax." He offers her his arm. "What were you thinking of getting?"

"I really want a pizza with everything and a huge coke." She gets into Bens car.

"The Pizzeria it is." Shutting her door and getting in the head out.

At the pizzeria it is crowded with Friday night outings. There are a lot of high school kids and college students. Adrian sees Laura and Madison sitting together, that is a surprise she thought they were fighting and Amy, Ricky and John are sitting in a corner. Adrian gets a table by the window so she can face the door.

Ben sits on the other side, grabbing a menu, "You said a pizza with everything, even anchovies? I thought you didn't like them."

Looking at her menu, "Not with anchovies but everything else and cheese sticks and a salad and a large coke." Closing her menu she sees the waitress is already there.

"Did you get all that?" Ben has a huge grin on his face.

"Yes I did and what would you like to drink?" She smiles at them both.

"I'll have a coke also."

"Is there anything else I can get you?"

"No that is all for now. Thank you." Ben looks back at Adrian and she is looking wide eyed at someone that just came in. He turns slightly on the both and sees Grace and Grant heading to the other side together.

"I see Grace has found someone to be with, I wonder if she is keeping it from him to and how long it will last?"

Turning back to Adrian, "They have been hanging out a lot together at school and seem to be happy together."

"That's good then maybe she will stay out of Jack and my life." She sits back and rubs her stomach and moves her back.

"Are you ok? It looks like you are in some pain." Looking at her with concern.

"My lower back has been hurting some, but that's the way the babies are sitting."

"Remember what the doctor has said that sometimes back pain can single labor pains." Looking at her with concern in his eyes.

"I'm fine Ben, you also have to remember that there are two and I get a lot of pain with them growing."

Not long after the waitress brings them their food and Adrian digs in like it is her last meal. Ben sits back and watches her eat as he nibbles on a piece of pizza. Not long after a crowd comes in and you can see that the football team makes up the majority of them and they are hype from winning the game.

Jack spots Adrian and goes over and sits next to her and gives her a long kiss. "I thought you were going to stay home?" Glancing over at Ben, "Hi Ben."

"I was bored from being stuck in the house all the time and was heading out when Ben stopped over and we came here." Leaning into him "I thought we would wait for you."

"Ya there is plenty of pizza and I can get you a drink, what do you want?"

"Thanks Ben, a coke and a glass of water would be great."

Ben gets up and heads over to the counter to get Jacks drink when Adrian gives a startled cry and looks down between her legs.

"What's wrong?" Jack looks down on the floor and sees a puddle. Ben gets back to the table and puts the glasses down.

"Adrian did your water break?"

"Yes, the babies are coming."

Jack helps Adrian out of the booth and helps her out the door as he hears:

A shout from the football team "Hey Jack you're going to be a dad tonight! Hey who had today in the raffle or tomorrow? Someone is going to win the pot!"

Helping Adrian into the back seat of Ben's car, he gets in beside her. Ben gets in and starts heading to the hospital.

"Hold on Adrian I'll get you there in time. Jack shouldn't you call your parents."

"Ya your right." Taking some deep breaths "Adrian are you ok?"

"I'm fine Jack, leave me breath you call the folks."

"Hey mom, can you call Ruben and Cindy and let them know that we are on our way to the Hospital." He listens for a minute. "Yes mom the water broke. We will see you all at the hospital, Goodbye."

He hangs up the phone as the get closer to the hospital and Jack is starting to look more like Ben all white.

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