Chapter 19

"Mommy mommy look at my picture!"

"Oh Emma honey, that looks great." Emma chuckled and examined the piece of paper like it was a piece of art. "Oh sweetie, you drew the Wayne family and us together? That's so sweet."

"We are part of the Wayne family." Emma's bob of dark brown hair bounced as she nodded frantically at her mother. "Uncle Alfred said so."

"Did he indeed." Brenna shook her head and patted her beloved child's head. They shared a giggle and Emma skipped back to her small drawing table, starting her next masterpiece. The long lost Wayne took the opportunity to look closer at the picture. It had Bruce in the middle, wearing a black suit, with Dick and Tim to his left (they looked identical except for the figures height), with a little girl in a pink dress holding hands with Bruce and Brenna. "...i'm not really that I?"

"Good morning." Brenna flashed her steely blue eyes up from the picture and sat back against the sofa.

"Morning?" she raised a brow at him. "Bruce, it's 3pm."

"Oh...late night in the office." He chuckled and sat next to her. His short black hair was damp from the shower he'd just had, and he wore a pair of gray joggy trousers and a black gym vest. He had a towel around his shoulders and dabbed his ears with it.

"So late a night that Dick and Tim had to go with you?"

"Well, they will run the business one day." Bruce chuckled. They'd actually been out chasing the Penguin and dragging his sorry ass back to Arkham. "What's that?"

"Oh this?" Brenna beamed a smile and handed it over. "Emma drew a picture of us."

"" Bruce held it in his fingers like it was the most precious thing in the world. "...can I have a copy of this?"

"I don't know. You'll have to ask the artist." She bumped shoulders with him, still enjoying how touched he always was whenever Emma did something cute like this. His firm lips would part ever so and his hard blue eyes would soften around the edges. "Emma? Grandpa would like to know if he can have your picture." She looked up from her drawing and nodded a few times, before getting to her feet and waddling over to them. She collided with Bruce's knees and dropped her hands and chin onto his lap.

"Grandpa, do you want the picture? I drew that one for mommy, but I can draw you one too." She put her hands up and waited patiently for him to pick her up. He did so gladly and sat her across his lap. She snuggled up against him and held the picture.

"I'd love to have one of your pictures."

"Ok Grandpa." She folded her little arms over her blue dress and nodded with cute determination. "What would you like me to draw?"

"Anything you want." Bruce put his arms around the little girl and kissed the back of her head. "Although I'm rather partial to bats." He whispered to her. "Why don't you start that drawing for me Emma?"

"Ok. I accept the mission!" Bruce helped her off his lap and she eagerly returned to her drawing table.

"You know she loves that." Brenna picked up her half drank cup of coffee and smiled at her daughter. "I didn't even know they made art tables for children." Brenna laughed. "And I dread to think how much it cost."

"Cost isn't an issue Brenna. You're Waynes now."

"Yeah..." She turned in her seat, smoothing her hands down her jeans and picking up an envelope from the floor. "...and now it's official."

Bruce creased his brows at her and took the offered envelope, taking out it's contents and reading the fine print. "Alfred supplied me with the correct documentation."

"...but...Brenna you didn't have to change your name. Alfred means well but I hope he didn't pressure you into anything?"

"You know, he really didn't." The proud mother finished her coffee and put her hand on his shoulder. "I don't do anything by half measure. All my life I wanted to find you. To have a family, a real one. Not one where I didn't know if my mother would come home at all, or if she'd be alone." Brenna sniggered bitterly, keeping her voice down as to not alarm her daughter. Emma was happily scrawling away with a black crayon. "I've worked hard to give Emma everything I didn't have. These last few weeks you've spent every moment you could showing me who you are." She turned to smile softly up at her father. "You're a good man under all that public hype and money Mr Wayne. I'm in for the long haul, and so I might as well take your name. Dad."

Dick rolled his shoulder round, wincing at the ache knotting in his muscles. Alfred handed him a coffee on his way to the drawing room and felt butterflies dance in his stomach. Bruce had his arm around Brenna and Emma was totally focused on the picture she was drawing. As he walked up behind her and saw what she was drawing...a giant bat. He pursed his lips and didn't say anything more than 'nice work kiddo', before walking over to the sofa and sitting on Brenna's other side.


"Wha-what's with you guys? It's gone three, it's clearly not the morning after all."

"erm...late night?" the original boy wonder shared a look with Bruce and chuckled nervously.

"Yeah yeah Bruce said that already." She rolled her eyes at him and poked his arm. "Now I have a bone to pick with you Mr."

"Oh?" Dick sat with his side into the back of the sofa and crossed one leg over the other. He rested his elbow against the back of the sofa and tangled a hand through his damp black curtains. "What have I done?" mischief twinkled in his baby blues and he smirked at her.

"Done? Done?" Brenna turned to look at Bruce and pointed back at Dick. "Have you seen the dress he's put on my bed for tonight?"

" I have?"

"Well daddy dearest, I know tonight is the first time I'm to go in public as your official daughter, but I'm sure no one needs to see my thighs and cleavage." Brenna hissed under her breath and smacked her 'brother' across the chest. "What am I? A salsa dancer? Do I look like I have the body of a salsa dancer? You know I've had a kid, right?"

"But-" Brenna pulled a pillow from behind her and beat him across the head with it.

"And do I look like I've ever worn pink in my life? Pink?!" she beat him with the pillow repeatedly. He just put his hands up and laughed nervously, feeling Bruce's hard gaze on him as well.

"Sorry! I just send for something out of a magazine. It didn't look all that revealing. Ouch! I submit I submit!"

"Coward." Brenna chided him, returned to sitting properly between the men and tucked her ebony locks behind her ears. "Right, now I have nothing to wear tonight. I told you I could just go back to my apartment and get something out my wardrobe!" She huffed, glaring at Dick with a Bruce worthy scowl. "I'm not going if I'm going to look like an idiot or a peasant. Even if my name was put on the damn invitation."

"You're going." Bruce put his arm around her shoulders and kissed the side of her head. "And I'm going to show the world how proud of my daughter I am. Alfred is more than happy to watch Emma, and you are going to have fun. And since Dick seemingly chose and utterly inappropriate dress..." Batman glowered through Bruce's eyes over the top of Brenna's head, making Dick gulp. "He can take you to buy a new one."

It took all of 3 seconds for Dick to return to his happy mood again.

"Sure! I mean Tim is just doing some homework anyway and it looks like Emma is drawing him the biggest Bat in the world, which might take some time." he all too eagerly jumped up from the sofa and held a hand out for Brenna. "So I'll just put a suit on so people believe who I am without the big guy, and we'll go, say, now?"

"..." Brenna half turned her head to Bruce and had a very sceptical look on her face. " he always this...peppy?"

"When he is excited. I'll take care of Emma while you go shopping. Remember, cost is not an issue. Dick has a family card so he can get you whatever you want."

"Is this a bad time to say I hate shopping?" Bruce shoved a hand behind her back and pushed her onto her feet. "That is cheating!" Dick grabbed her wrists and dragged her towards the door.

"You're going to go shopping, spend Bruce's money and look like a princess." Her eyes narrowed and set to stun. "Whether you like it or not!"


"I understand sir."

"But in all my years tailoring for high society I have never been kicked out of my own changing rooms!"

"I know, she's new to this."

Dick chuckled, trying not to piss off the shopping assistant any more than he already was. You could see and hear the steam coming off him. Apparently he had tried to dress Brenna into something that could hardly be called a swimming costume, never mind a dress, and received a few warnings before a warning shove out of the cubicle. "I'm sure we'll be out of your hair soon sir." The shopping assistant minced off to complain with his colleagues at how rude Miss Wayne was. Dick leaned back against the wall next to the changing rooms and sighed.

"Psst." Dick turned his head towards the changing rooms and listened hard. "Psst." Yup, he wasn't imagining things. He made sure no one was watching and slipped into the changing rooms, finding the only occupied cubicle.

"Hello? Brenna?"

"Are you alone?"

"Yeah. The personal shopper has gone to lick his wounds."

"Good. Tried to shove his hands up my damn shirt, pervert." She hissed behind the cream wooden door, and even that wasn't enough to mask the amused chuckles from Dick. "hay! I didn't call you here to hold my damn hand Dick."

"Ok, why are we whispering like naughty children through the cubicle door?" he heard her growl with frustration, and the door opened. Dick gulped deeply and tried very hard to focus on her steely blue eyes. The dress she wore was stunning. From her waist downwards long black chiffon flowered elegantly down to her ankles. Her upper half was covered in a nude material that matched her skin tone, with black floral lace on the top. It had a modest V neck and long sleeves.

"I can't reach the zip." She turned with a huff and pointed to the back of it. "I need to take the dress off to buy it, right? I'll be damned if I have to grovel to that touchy feely son of a-"

"Ok." Dick cleared his throat, and his nerves, and carefully untangled the zip from a piece of the lace, before sliding it down her back. he stood there as she shrugged it off her shoulders and only realised he was staring when she did. Brenna blushed and held the dress against her chest and blinked over her shoulder at him.

"Erm, thanks Dick. I can manage from here."

"Right, I'll be out-"

"Yup, see you out there."

Awkward. Dick nearly ran out of the changing room and stood at the counter. He was still blushing when he told the cashier which dress she was talking. When the woman herself turned up at his side with the dress folded in her arms he blushed even harder. The dress was put in a fancy box, with some complementary jewellery and Dick insisted that she had some black heels to go with the dress. "This is going to cost a fortune!" She hissed by his side, sulk in full swing. "The first time Bruce let's me buy something and I'm breaking the bank? I don't need new shoes Dick!"

"Brenna, dearest, you're a Wayne. You need to look like one. It's just easier." He paid for the shopping, practically catching Brenna from falling over when she heard the price of the outfit, and carried her and the shopping out of the store.

"We-we can take it back. I haven't worn it out yet so we can just go back in there and-"

"No Brenna." Dick put the shopping into the back of his silver Aston martin db9 and held the passenger door open for her. it was easier to look at her now she was wearing jeans and a woolly purple jumper again. "I'm not taking it back. in fact, we are going to get some lunch, then you can be pampered at a salon and return to Wayne manor in time to change and leave for the party." Brenna stood next to the car, ready to get in and pointed at his chest, trying to ignore the amused grin on his boyishly good looking face.

"Listen you. I'm a primary school teacher, who specialised in sports like rugby and wrestling, and gave birth 5 years ago. I'm not some high society bell-of-the-ball and I will not sit there and be pulled, probed and 'pampered' for hours on end. I have a dress. I have shoes. I am more than capable of putting on a bit of make-up and doing my own hair. Understand?!" she glared at him hard, and watched him bit his lips like he was afraid to respond to her. "Got something to say brother dearest?"

"Well, one I'm not your brother." He winked at her. "and two, wrestling?"

"Wha-but-is that the only thing you heard just now?" she pinched her nose and got in the car, counting to ten to calm down. She reached seven when Dick started the engine and pulled away. "Can we please skip the salon thing?"

"can we still have lunch?" Dick glanced at her for a split second as they waited at the lights. "These last few weeks it's been great to have you living with us. You've spent most of that time though with the big guy. It'd be nice to have some time with you." He was watching the road again and driving through Gotham when Brenna turned to look at him.

"You just said 'I'm not your brother', and now you want to spend time with me? I'm not saying I expect anything from you, but could you make your mind up?" She felt the sting of rejection from his comment, no matter how innocently he'd meant it. "I mean I know where Bruce stands. He is my father, and wants to be my father. He wants to be Emma's grandpa too. I want you to know I don't want you to feel you have to fall in line. I'd never-"

"Stop right there." He pulled up against the curb, turned off the engine and turned in his seat to look at her with intense concern. "When I said I'm not your brother, I didn't mean I don't care about you. I do care about you and I want to spend time with you."

"but you said-"

"Bruce adopted me. But he's not my father. He." Dick exhaled deeply and folded his arms over his chest. "He was there for me when my parents were murdered. In front of me." The air in the car became very heavy, and Brenna felt sorry for her earlier outburst. She put a hand on his shoulder, and he sighed. "He took me in and I'll always be grateful for that. He is my father figure, but he will never replace my father." Sadness danced in his baby blues. "We were such a team, my parents and I. The Flying Graysons. That's where I got my mad cartwheel skills from." He chuckled and saw she was still looking up at him with such a worried heart. "My family is dead. Bruce and Tim, and now you and Emma are my family, but you're not my sister. It's complicated for me. Always has been and always will be. I even left home a few years back to make it on my own. I still had such..." Rage. Hate. Frustration. "...issues that I misplaced my emotions and lashed out at the one person that cared the most for me. He even took me back without a second thought. Bruce always knew I'd come home." He took her hand from his shoulder and held it in his on his lap. "He's a good man."

"I'm getting the picture now." Brenna leaned her head against his shoulder and sighed. "We're family, but I'm not your sister."

"I'd really like to be your friend Brenna." She turned to look up at him and then blushed at how close their faces were. "And friends don't drag each other to salons."

"Good." She nodded and sat back in her seat, pushing down the fluttering feeling in the pit of her belly to deal with later. "So, lunch?"

"Sure. Would madam like to eat at a French cafe? Or perhaps the senorita would like to go for Mexican tacos?"

"You're a little nuts aren't you?"

"...*shrugs*...tacos it is."


Brenna pushed the last taco around her plate to scoop the dregs of her melted cheese and salsa onto the chip, before munching it down and moaning with delight.

"It's been too long since I've had tacos." She giggled when she looked up from her plate. "Erm, Dick? You have a little-erm-meal around your mouth." He picked up a paper napkin and dabbed the corners of his lips. "Erm, and your chin. No down a bit...and the left cheek...more to the right...ok now your forehead...down a bit...and your eyebrow-"

"Ok, now you're making it up." Dick put the used tissue onto his plate and held his glass of milk, one of the fingers around the cool glass pointing accusingly at her.

"A little..." she cackled and chugged the rest of her milk. "So what do you do anyway?" He flashed his eyes up from his mobile and raised a brow at her. "You know, at work all night with Bruce?"

"A lot of things." He put the phone back in his jacket pocket and put his pest lying smile on. "Depending on day really. I could be checking up on accounts, touching base with project managers or calming down investors. My real skill however, is calming down Bruce."

"Oh I bet." She chuckled and sat back in the chair, looking around her. "I still can't believe you told the restaurant to put a table and chairs up on the roof and they did it."

"Well no way we can get bothered by the press alone on the roof." He shrugged. "You'll learn these tips, young padawan." He winked at her and put his hands on his stomach.

"You? a Jedi? Please, I only just believe you used to be in the freaking circus." Brenna sniggered and stretched her arms up above her head. "And that's only because of how much of a twinkle toes you are with Emma. You know she hasn't gone a day without doing cartwheels because of you?"

"Well, she's very coordinated for a five year old." Dick put his elbows on the table and smiled happily at the woman. "You know, she could be a gymnast. If you talk to Bruce I'm sure he could get her lessons. I'll help her too of course. She looooooves Uncle Dick teaching her gymnastics."

"Wait, you'll be her uncle, but not my sister?" she folded her arms over her woolly jumper and pouted at him. "It's the cute-factor isn't it?"

"Who can refuse Emma? She could probably take over the world if she wanted to." The pair laughed whole-heartedly and enjoyed each other's company. "Seriously though, she'll be starting school in a few weeks wont she?"

"Yes, she is. And I'll be going back to work."

"Hmmm." Dick decided not to comment. He was sure that Bruce would have something to say about that, but it wasn't his place to mention anything. "So why did you go from rugby and wrestling to primary school teaching?"

"Oo, tough one. I found out I was pregnant before I started my degree so I had to change from pure sport to something a pregnant lady could do. I had done a lot of summer work volunteering through my A level studies as a youth camp leader so the university was happy to change my course to a primary education with sports specialism one." He nodded at her and there was a question burning in his eyes. She saw the same one in Bruce's eyes whenever her pregnancy came into the conversation. "Emma's father was a student at my collage and one drunkard night we must have forgotten to use the obvious protection. His dad was a hot shot lawyer. Neither wanted anything to do with me once I told them I was pregnant. In fact they tried to pay me to have an abortion." Brenna kicked one of the table legs and put her fists on her knees under the table. "Can you believe that? after I told them I wanted to keep her, they thought money would change my mind? I even had to sign a form to dissolve any parental ownership or responsibility from David to Emma."

"What an asshole."

"I was actually happy to sign the form." She sighed and relaxed the tension from her body, leaning on the table with her elbows like Dick. "Me and David were a hot and heavy thing through collage, but never more than that. I realised just how much of an ass he was when he ran to daddy to buy him out of trouble. Jackass." She hissed and got to her feet. "So I signed the form and never looked back. Now I really need cheering up. Thinking of David always makes me angry."

"Alright." Dick left a whopping pile of bills for the bill, pinning it to the table with his empty milk glass. "Let's go back and get ready for the party. Oh, and I hope you know you're my date, right?" He held his arm for her, and waited a painstakingly long time for her to take it. finally she grumbled to herself and took it. "No dancing all night with Bruce. He always has women swarm all over him. As do Tim and I, but I think as my friend you should be my wingman."

"...huh?" Brenna walked down the fire escape with him, trying not to look down as they reached the floor. "You want me to help you pull?"

"No, stop other women trying to pull me. Really, I've had enough of the assumptions that I'll be a playboy because I'm a Wayne."

"Oh, so I'm a cockblocker? I see." They reached the Aston martin and got away from the restaurant unscathed.

"You'll be the prettiest cockblocker in the whole place."


"Brenna? Can I come in?"

"Sure, I'm dressed. I'm just trying to pin my hair up." Brenna grumbled from her dressing table. She looked in he large mahogany framed mirror at her new room, and would never get used to the life of luxury she now lived. Her room was filled with antique furnature, portrates of past Waynes, a four poster fairytale bed with red satin sheets, family airlooms and trinkets about the place, and a soft (expensive) brown carpet. She got into her dress alright and was wearing the black heels that went with it, carrying the same lace pattern over her feet as the top section of the dress. She had gone for natural colours on her face, with nude lipstick, charcol eyes and a soft blusher. Now if my damn hair would just pin up, I'd be good!

Bruce came inside the bedroom and for a moment his breath left him.

Sat at the dressing table like that, fussing with her hair and looking so elegant, she looked just like his mother. All the times he tip toed into his parents room as they got ready to go out and his mother looked just like that. "There! got it! right, where is the-hair stay!" She had twisted her hair into a french clip at the back and had small hair gems twisted around the clip decretivly. She sprayed her head and held perfectly still for a few mometns, before nodding with approval and turning to look up at him.

"You look so much like my mother." Bruce was dressed in a new Black suit with tails and a pressed white shirt underneath. His neck tie was folded immaculelty and his collar was without any creases and bumps. All smooth all over. He was freshly shaven and his cufflings were silver and in the shape of a W. He also had a long black box in his hands, and this is where Brenna's eyes fell to. "Brenna, I want you to wear this, if you don't mind. No no, don't get up." He walked behind her so she had to turn in the seat to face the mirror again. Brenna heard the box open, and saw it put on the dresser to her left. She watched in the mirror as he placed a silver necklace around her neck and fasnoned it. She gasped as she looked at it. The while chain was made up of tear shaped diamonds and had a much larger one handing from the centre of it. it was beautiful, and probably the most expensive thing she'd ever touched. "It suits you."

"Bruce I can't-"

"It was my mothers." Brenna snapped her mouth shut and just stared at her father in the mirror. His hands were on her shoulders and he looked at her reflection with pride. "She'd want you to have it. It was her wedding present from my father. It belonged to his grandmother and so on. It's been in the Wayne family for a long time."

"Bruce..." She traced her fingers over it, feeling the love and history locked away in the diamonds. "'s beautiful."

"You're a Wayne now Brenna. One day you'll put this neclace around Emma's neck. But until then, it's yours." He walked around to her left and held his arm out for her. "Miss Wayne? Shall we?"

"Dad." She beamed a smile up at him and took his arm. They walked out of her bedroom and saw that Tim and Dick were wearing fitted versions of the same suit as Bruce. Alfred was holding Emma, clearly still quite spry despite his age, and the sleepy young girl reached out for her mother. Without hesitation Brenna walked over to her dozing child and kissed her forehad. "Mommy will be back soon sweet heart."

"Mommy, you look like a princess." She felt tears come to her eyes, but stopped them from falling.

"So do you baby." She pointed to the fair maden on her daughter's nightie and kissed her cheek. "Sweet dreams my love." She whispered, winking at her daughter.

"night night mommy. Don't get stolen by dragons. They live in towers and I hate stairs." She mumbled as Alfred started swaying her in his arms and walking towards her room.

"I'll make sure to avoid talking to any dragons!" Brenna shouted after her daguther. "And grandpa will make sure I stay clear of all towers."

"Alright. Shall we?" Bruce took her hand and held it on his arm.

"Princess?" Dick started snickering, remembering her earlier comment, and recieced smack up the side of the head from Brenna.

"Watch it or I won't be your cockblocker and I'll let those harpies get their hands on your-"

"And on that horrid note." Tim cut them all off. "We're officially late."

"Fashionably late." Bruce corrected him, and lead his family down the stairs and to the limo. They hired another driver so Alfred could stay with Emma.


Prepared for the paparazzi this time, Brenna made sure to smile and walk as elegantly as she could in her dress and heels next to Bruce Wayne.

"This way Miss Wayne! What do you have to say to the rumors that you're pregant? Do you have a child already?"

"Is there a man in your life Miss Wayne?"

"What happens to your career now Miss Wayne? What message does that send to young girls if they can just be rich instead of professional and independant?"

At that Brenna turned to find that arrogant reporter, but Bruce took this as his cue to hurry them along the red carpet and into the Town hall. It was the anual Mayor's Ball, and the Wayne family had attended this much to-do event since records began. You had high society and top officials attending this party. Political hopefuls would try to secure funding, entrepreneurs would do the same and gossip would fly. From the moment they stepped inside Brenna found herself assaulted with questions from said members of the upper crust.

"Now now Bruce, how very naughty of you to lock this darling daughter of yours up in your mansion." Brenna blinked up at the tit for tat and the pompus nature wafting off the supposedly best of Gotham, and decided the best thing to do was to be quiet, smile, and let Bruce defend her from the dragons. "Did you really not know about her? And you have a granddaughter too? Why didn't you bring her for us to see?"

"Because she's five and it's past her bedtime?" Brenna snapped, only to bite her lips when Lady Darsini looked down her nose at her. Dick leaned into her side and chuckled in her ear. Nothing else, just a chuckle. Bruce saw this and nodded to his eldest.

"Why don't you take Brenna for a dance? I have a lot of catching up to do." The gathered crowd whined that they wanted to talk to Brenna, but Bruce handled it well. Dick lead Brenna to safety and openly laughed at her flustered expression.

"They are worse than the press."

"Oh yeah." He held her waist with his left hand, and took her left with his right. She put her spare hand on his chest and looked like she wished the ground would open up and take her with it. "Don't worry, the worst of it is over. Soon they will take to talking about you behind your back."

"Oh fucking joy." She whispered between them, awkwardly dancing to the music from the live orchestra. "Erm, I can't dance."

"You're doing fine." He chuckled and winked at her. "let the cockblocking commence.

Many lovely ladies approached Dick, trying to subtly (and not so much) pry him from Brenna. Some of which, Brenna thought he was nuts to turn down. A good 30 minutes later they were finally alone again.

"Pssst, Dick. Are you ok in there?"

"Of course." He chuckled at her antics and picked up their pace, pulling her closer to him. "You're doing a great job by the way."

"but-some of those girls were hot." Brenna took her hand off his chest and felt his forehead. "Are you all in there? You're a rich billionaire and very sexy women just practically tried to shove their boobs in your face, and you tell them you'd rather spend time with your long lost sister? Seriously? oooh, you gay? Am I your beard?"

"What?! No!" He grumbled and pulled her off the dance floor and to the beverage table. He poured them both a glass of punch and shook his head at the 'seriously' look she was giving him. "Brenna I am not gay, I have been and done the whole skanky thing and it's not all it's cracked up to be." She sniggered at him, making him sulk. "Seriously, why are you laughing?"

"What sane man turns down free-cheap-hottie-sex?"

"Oh, so if some hot guy comes and flashes his Rolex at you, you'd go to bed with him?"

"How do you think Emma was conceived?" Brenna sniggered at the awkward blush on his face. "I'm kidding! David was my boyfriend. One I liked for his pretty face but-"

"Brenna." Dick dropped a hand onto her lace covered shoulder and shook his head with a smile. "You are secretly a man under there aren't you?"

"Oh har har." She pushed his hand off her shoulder and sipped her punch. She then stared down at it, bewildered as to how alcoholic it was, and put it down. She starred feeling a tingle numbness in her extremities, and swayed from one foot to the next. Groggily she looked up to see Dick about to sip his, and took swatted it from his hand. "Don't, it's spiked."

"Well, I know people put alcohol into it but-Brenna! Bruce!" Her whole world became fuzzy, like she was looking through someone else's glasses, and she squinted to focus on Dick.

"wh...when did I fall into your arms Dick?"

"Holy hell, you're pupils are like saucers!" a crowd soon gathered around them, and when she managed to look up from her slouched position in his arms, she realised that at some point Bruce and Tim had joined them.

"Brenna? What happened Dick?"

"She took gulp of the punch and then took my drink off me, telling me it was spiked."

"I've been spiked before." Emma shook her head, looking up at Bruce and reaching for his face, missing it twice before she found it. "It's how Emma came into being. I wouldn't give David what he wanted quick enough so he..." her hand started to pulse different colours, so she brought it closer for inspection. "...pretty..."

"Right, Tim, find the commissioner and inform him that the punch has been spiked with lord knows what. I'll get rid of the punch and take a sample. Dick, you get Brenna to a hospital and-"

"Ladies and gentleman! Please may I have your attention." the rat-tat-tat-tat of a machine gun going off caused the occupants of the vast hall to start scurrying and screaming for safety. Bruce and Tim stood between the new 'guest' and Dick who now carried Brenna bridal style. More gun fire went off, and the guests were forced against the walls of the room by many thugs. All wearing suits and balaclavas with the right side black, and the left side white. "How are we all this evening?" Brenna lolled her head to one side and saw around Bruce's arm, seeing a man in a black and white suit, with a horrible deformed face. Just the right side of his face. If she wasn't tripping she might have been able to decide if he was terribly burned or scared, or both. "I hope you're all loosened up sufficiently? I flipped a coin as to if I should spike the punch with LSD, or cyanide. Luckily for you guys you should be chasing puff the magic dragon quite nicely now." the man started cackling with laugher, and released more shots into the ceiling of the building.

"Plan?" Dick whispered. Bruce turned his head ever so to look at the original boy wonder.

"You priority is Brenna. No matter what, she needs to get to a hospital. Return if you can. I've alerted Alfred and the car should be here in autopilot in four minutes."

"Now I have a question. Where is Mr Bruce Wayne?" Brenna was the only Wayne that didn't tense up at that. "Oh yoo-hoo? Where is the billionaire family, oh! There they are!" the scared man came closer and Brenna felt herself being draw as far away as the wall behind Dick would allow. "Now, where is the bell of the ball? Come on, oh you're hiding her? well, I don't know why you'd want to do that, ay boys?"

"Whatever you want Two-face, just ask for it."

"Oh, straight to business Mr Wayne? Alright." Brenna pawed at the front of Dick's jacket, trying to sit up in his arms. She shook her head, trying to focus as she looked over Tim's shoulders to look at the hideous man. "Hello princess Wayne." He winked at her. She found her eyes wandering around the room, and saw that the thugs would mugging jewellery and wallets from the guests. Women were sobbing as they parted with their pearls and gems, and men their shiny watches. "Now, I'll be taking that lovely necklace now."

"No." Brenna held it against her and shook her head. "This is mine. I'm a Wayne."

"It's ok Brenna. No jewellery is worth your life." It was then Brenna realised she had slid to her feet and was half stood behind Dick. Two-face held his hand out for her necklace, and Dick held his hand out for it. "Give me the necklace Brenna." His voice was calm and controlled. Why wasn't he scared? Did this happen to him all the time? She brought her hands up and pawed at her neck, too high to manage the clasp at the back of her neck. As she struggled with the necklace, Two-face and two thugs backed up Bruce and Tim against the wall. Dick refused to move from covering her, so Two-face pistil whipped him across the face. He fell at Brenna's shuffling feet and scrambled back to his feet.

"I could always shoot her?" Brenna stopped her fussing and blinked through glassy blue eyes at the barrel of the machine gun aimed at her left temple.

"Damn it." Dick reluctantly backed up against the wall, right behind Brenna. "She's too high on your LSD trick. Let me take the necklace off her."

"No." Brenna blinked as she was ragged against a mismatched chest and the evil bastard took it off for her. he then slipped it into his jacket pocket and held her chin, so he could inspect her face. "Oooh, you are high."

"You're still ugly." She hissed, bringing her fists down on his chest, but with no power in it. the LSD had robbed her of that, as well as her balance. For some reason this amused her to no end, so she started giggling and banging her hands on his chest with mirth.

"You know, I think she's a keeper! I'll flip my coin." He pulled it out and held it up for Brenna to inspect. "Heads, I take you with me and you can be my new girl, tails, and I'll shoot your daddy and brothers and leave you all alone. How's that?"

"I have to be have to be honest with you Mr face." Brenna stumbled on the spot, fisting at the skirt of her dress and glaring as much as she could through her haze. "Both those options sound like shit."

"Well, here goes then." He flipped the coin and surprising even herself, Brenna managed to lash out and grab the coin, pressing it to her hand and covering it instead. "Oooh, you taking part sweetheart?" she blinked through the haze, seeing the bumps in the grotesque side of his face curving with a grin. "What is it then, heads or tails." Brenna pretended looked at the coin, and saw it was tails.

"Heads." She threw the coin at him, and he caught it in his good hand.

"Awwww, I was hoping to shoot a billionaire or three. Never mind. The coin decided." He pocketed his beloved coin and grabbed her by the elbow. "Wrap up boys! We're done here!"

"Brenna!" Bruce jumped forward to grab her, but one of Two-face's thugs punched him in the gut hard. "No, no I won't let you take her." he panted.

"Emma." Brenna mumbled as her new master tried to drag her away. Bruce nodded, knowing what she meant. She wanted Bruce to take care of her daughter.

"I won't lose you."

"Then tell Batman to hurry the fuck up!" She managed to just chew out before she was lifted up and thrown over Two-face's shoulder and carried off. it must have been the drugs, but she could have sworn that Bruce pulled something out of his watch and threw it at her. But she didn't see anything, so she must have been wrong. She was carried out of the hall and thrown, literally, into the back of a van. Brenna rolled back and forth, smacking into the sides of the van and wincing in pain as the van hurtled through the streets of Gotham. One bump was just one too many and she lost consciousness. The last thing she though off before her world faded to black, was who was going to make Emma breakfast in the morning?