July 12th, 1996

"Hey slave, why don't you go make all of us some lunch, all of us want hamburgers so don't screw up."

Azelf had been sleeping in her cot when she had been woken up by the commands of making food for everyone but her.

She was currently making the hamburgers but had something on her mind, something that reminded of something similar to this.

I remember the time when we went to the castle and pestered the cooks for bread and butter...

"Hurry up you little shit!"
"Come on, we're waiting!"
"Freak, don't burn the food before it gets here!"
"Useless piece of crap!"
"After this, you're cleaning it all up!"

...those days hold grander memories...

P.O.V – Azelf

"Azelf, why don't we go get some food from the castle?" Said my outgoing sibling, Mesprit. She was as hyper as usual but nothing compared to when she was full of joy. After becoming accustomed to humans, the three of us become a lot less serious and a somewhat more playful, though for Mesprit, she had become very playful.

"We can't go without Uxie, that would not be so fair would it?" I reasoned with her. Sometimes, I'm the voice of reason but Uxie is mostly. Right now, he was off doing something on the other side of this massive town. Massive in our size really; human-wise, it was a small town with the 'castle' being the largest building.

"Let's go anyways, I'm hungry and he can get some later. Let us go!" She flew off, waving for me to follow, which I promptly did, though I did hesitate, still thinking about our brother.

The 'castle' was merely a nickname for the royal building in the town that held the authority of this land, the Royal Confederation of the Kingdom of Orre. Yes I know, a mouth-full but it's nothing compared to some of the other kingdoms.

The building was a small two high stone-set building which held a meeting room, a private meeting room, a common room and a kitchen; of which is staffed by Yuni, the young prince who had volunteered himself as cook to learn a bit more.

The way to the 'castle' was short and uneventful but being a deity, people new to this town always stare at me and my siblings as if we came to do unthinkable things. Most people have a reason to gawk, they are exiles or emigrants, getting away from the power-hungry deities that have all but taken over the royal partisanship's of their respective region. Most haven't adjusted to the fact that me, Mesprit and Uxie do not wish to hold power over others' as that would go against the very reason we were created.

As I went into the kitchen, Mesprit had already latched herself to Yuni, whom was giving her a piece of bread.
Distracted, I did what I always love to do when he isn't paying attention. Scare him.

I got up right beside his left ear and whispered in the most demonic voice I could summon: "Give me your soul and the soul of the one holding onto you and I will not harm you both."

The desired effect came in the form of both of them hiding as fast they can, leaving me with a loaf of bread and some butter. I psychically cut a piece large enough to fill me and slathered a small amount of butter to add taste to it.

As I did, Yuni and my sister came out of hiding, possibly realizing that I'm not a demon coming for their souls, though I can mimic the voice for it.

"Sister! Why do you do such vile things!? You scared both me and Yuni quite a bit!"
"I do it because you two are easy targets, watching you squirm when I do my voice is absolutly the best entertainment I get around here." I gesture in a waving manner to show that I mean in the room and everywhere else. The two of them looked angry at me and turned around to face the table with food on it. The second they did that, I knew what they were going to do but I decided if they want retribution, they'll have to earn it from me. They turn around holding some butter but by the time they both threw at me, I was ready and I psychically grabbed both clumps and sent it splattering into their faces, which is another laugh for me.

"Sister!" I see that Mesprit has gotten very hot for that so I might want to try and calm her down so I go up to her, wiped some butter off her face and rubbed over mine to try and please her. "I did to myself as well, so do not fret about being dirty now. We have a lake to clean ourselves anyways." She still looked a tad angered but she grabbed another clump of butter and smothered onto my face, laughing; that's the sister I know.

Yuni had already wiped his face off and handed the cloth to the both of us. As I was cleaning my face, Uxie fly in through the window, looking like something had gone wrong. "Brother what is with the urgency, is something wrong?" He went up to Mesprit, who asked him the question and whispered something to her, possibly to shield the fact from Yuni; who was standing nearby, curious as to what was going on. "What's wrong Uxie, you can tell me."

Uxie looked up at him and shook his head, his way of saying "this isn't something you should hear". He then floated to me and I expected the worst...

..and I was right...

"Arceus and the Dragon Trio are outside town. They want to see the three of us per request and now."

Arceus wanting to see us so suddenly is bad enough but coming all the way to Orre? That means something worse than usual and the fact that she brought Dialga, Palkia and Giratina tells me that she is very serious about something with us.

"All right, are we going to lie to Yuni about this?" I sounded concerned, but it was mightily obvious that my two siblings also thought about the young "prince" as well as we cared for him as a little brother and a good companion. "No, just tell him we'll be gone for an hour or so. I hope that would keep him from prodding too much into this." I did as told and all Yuni did was nod and he left the room, presumably to his room. The three of us left side by side, me on the left, Mesprit in the middle and Uxie on the right side; a formation we use quite often when we are flying place to place.

As we left town and headed for the nearby hills, which were due northwest of the town, I started to see the regal forms of Arceus and the Dragon Trio but the aura coming from the said direction wasn't welcoming nor furious, more of tiny hints of anger and some curiosity but it was mostly confusion. What could possibly confuse Arceus so much that she needs to see us three?

"My three children, have you been doing well? I came to to this place to see how this land is doing under the careful eye of my second set of triplets." The three of us bowed to her majestic form, not doing so would surely anger her. Out of the three of us, we usually took turns answering questions so Uxie answered first for our dear mother. "Mother it is grand to see you; the three of us are doing quite well on our own though we do have humans upon our lands as well but we wholesomely accept them, they mean no harm only refuge." From the change of looks on Arceus' face, this piqued her interest, "Really now? Do tell me, where had they come from?" The tone she had asked this in was not one of quiet curiosity but more of a fake, sweet tone, that masks her true anger which I can feel is growing but I'm not Mesprit so I am not sure. Mesprit answered this time, rising Arceus' anger, "The humans who live on this land came from other kingdoms to set up new lives. Something along the lines of religious persecution?" Arceus looked as if she was shocked but the three of us knew better that she wasn't and now was angrier than before. "I dare say, these humans are tainted! Why in my holy name would you let such tainted humans thrive!?" It was my turn to answer and I feel my answer will put her over the top. "We let them thrive because them mean us no harm, they made friends with us, they take care of the land and the local fauna. The only way their tainted is because of the kingdoms they once lived for exiled them!" Once I finished, Arceus looked very displeased and so did the Dragon Trio, which up to this point, hadn't said a word this whole time.

"If the three of you are on this mindset, consider this, you three are no children of mine! Let us go, we have a king and queen to appear before" The Dragon Trio nodded and teleported off while Arceus gave us an angered glare before going off but not without a last word in the conversation.

"If you three keep building this new kingdom, I would have no choice but to lead Sinnoh into decimating it. I bet the deities of the other regions share this mindset as well."

At the time, we thought nothing of it as but a something to scare us a little but once the three of us thought about how the our siblings' are all fighting along with their kingdoms for superiority, it would only be a matter of time before they all see the Kingdom of Orre as a threat. That night the three of us agreed that if needed, we will fight for the lands that of which we created and the humans we sought to give protection and hope of peaceful living.

That very night in our cavernous home underneath the shimmering crystal beauty of our lake, we discussed on one last topic before drifting off into slumber.

"Azelf, do you think that we should use our abilities to win wars?" Mesprit asked me, solemn as ever, with Uxie also looking over to me in the background, curious to see what I would say. "I think our powers' of the very things we were told to give the world could be used to win wars' but is that what we should do in the time of war?" Uxie came over to the two of us and put his word into the discussion. "It would be for the best interests that we do that only when Orre, it's people and ourselves are in danger. That would truly be the time where taking away Willpower, Emotion and Knowledge would be beneficial."

The three of us at the time did not realize that this agreement would affect the future of the three of us, the future of Orre, the future of the world and the future relationship with our fellow deities.

Up to this point, I think I'm doing well but I wish to hear your thoughts on this and I don't mean 'update!' or 'I like it'. I want real constructive-criticism.

Also, what do you think about my writing style? Is it okay, is it really good or does it need some working on.

For now, and for later, I bid whoever reads this a good day

- Silver the Flygon