Ahahaha~! I haven't posted anything in 43960485902385 years it seems. I do apologize, for the few who have read my other fanfic. ._. Well, I will finish Regret Among the Golden Stars. First my ending, the real ending to that night. Then an alternative ending. Because, well, it's Shizaya. They HAVE to be together at the end.3

This was made by my bestie and I~.We each are writing one chapter, then the other writes the next chapter, so forth and so on. We're both Shizaya fans, so, yeah. Enjoy~!

..::Chapter One::..

The raven-haired informant stepped out of the dressing room of the clothes store, twirling around in circles.

"Ne, Shizu-chan look~!"

Shizuo Heiwajima turned to look at the man behind him, only to stop and gape. The toothpick in place of his usual cigarette fell to the ground at his feet.

"…I-Izaya?!" Shizuo stumbled over the informant's name, all but staring at the other.

Laughing, Izaya Orihara twirled around in a long, silk, single-shoulder strap dress. Its fabric hugged the informant's waist, falling loosely around his legs and hips. A soft silk choker graced his thin neck.

Izaya danced up to the shocked blonde and smiled, red-brown eyes meeting honey golden.

"What do you think, Shizu-chan~?" he purred.

Snapping his mouth shut, Shizuo coughed awkwardly and turned away, adjusting his bowtie. Voice rough, the blonde avoided Izaya's first question with a question himself.

"Why are you wearing a dress, Izaya-kun?"

A small pout formed on Izaya's lips.

"Well you didn't want to be the one to wear a dress during the wedding, so I am~!"

Shizuo glanced back at the informant, brow furrowed. He shook his head, trying to hide the fact that his face was beginning to flush with color.

"I didn't say anything about not wanting to be the one with a dress! In fact, neither of us technically has to."

Breathing out a lungful of air, Shizuo sighed heavily and turned back to Izaya. His eyebrows rose when Izaya just smirked, eyes glinting.

"Oh~? But it looks pretty, and don't tell me you don't enjoy seeing me in a dress, Shizu-chan~!" Izaya laughed and twirled around once more.

The heat rose to Shizuo's face. He turned on his heel and rested a hand against the pillar, twitching.

"You're impossible…" he mumbled.

A different type of smile spread across Izaya's face. It was soft, and open, rather than a devilish smirk.

"But you love me anyways, ne, Shizu-chan...~?" the informant asked quietly, facing the blonde's back.

Hearing this, Shizuo turned and pulled the smaller male into a tight hug. He rested his head in the crook of Izaya's neck, inhaling deeply and closing his eyes.

"Of course, damn it." he whispered.

The informant wrapped his arms around the others back, grip tight. He felt safe, secure in the bodyguard's arms.

And he was.

"Thank you, Shizu-chan~."

Pulling away, Izaya twirled around and promptly skipped out of the door. Shizuo stared after him as the store owner shouted out, yelling at the informant to stop and pay for the dress first. The store owner turned to Shizuo and started yelling at him when Izaya disappeared outside. With another heavy sigh, the blonde stomped out after the "runaway bride."

"Damn it, flea! At least pay for the dress instead of running out and leaving me for the owner's wrath!"

Izaya skipped down the street a bit, then turned and smirked.

"Aw, but can't you be nice and pay for it, Shizu-chan~?" he whined.

Gritting his teeth, Shizuo marched towards Izaya, vein twitching.

"Hell no! I'm not rich like you, Izaya-kun, so pay for it on your own damn it!"

The informant grinned and danced back a few paces, then turned and ran.


Shizuo burst out running and soon caught up with the informant. He scooped him up and threw him over his shoulder, arm tight around Izaya's waist. The bodyguard sneezed when the skirt of Izaya's dress fluttered into his face.A laugh escaped the informant as he was hauled back to the store. Shizuo set him down in front of the register and crossed his arms. The store manager took on a similar stance, though it was much more passive than Shizuo's.

Smirking, Izaya purchased the dress, apologizing to a furious store manager, and changed into his trademark, fur-rimmed jacket. Both Shizuo and Izaya then stepped out of the store and began walking down the streets of Ikebukuro.