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Chapter Three

"Put this on around your eyes, Shizu-chan."

Shizuo stared down at the raven-haired informant warily. A smooth black blindfold was pushed into his face, almost knocking out the cigarette braced between the blonde's lips.

"Wh-What? Why?!"

Rolling his eyes, Izaya grinned innocently and twirled the blindfold in front of Shizuo's face.

"Put it on and you'll see soon enough~!" Izaya said, before merrily wrapping it around Shizuo's eyes-without his consent.

"Eh-Hey! Flea!" Shizuo stuttered, trying-unsuccessfully-to step back and out of the other man's reach.

Too late, Shizuo stumbled back as he was temporarily blinded by a sliver of black cloth. He growled under his breath and reached up to tear it off his face. A pair of slim hands stopped his own, followed by a pleading voice.

"Please, Shizu-cha, leave it on...~?"

Shizuo's heart skipped a beat when he heard that tone in the informant's voice. With a heavy sigh, Shizuo let his hands drop to his sides.

"Fine. Have it your way." Shizuo grumbled.

Grinning, Izaya kept one hand intertwined with the blondes hand, and tugged him along.

"This way then~!"

With that, the Fortissimo of Ikebukuro and the Informant of Shinjuku set off down the streets of the city.


As the sun dipped down behind the horizon's edge, painting the buildings with orange mixed with neon and shades of gray, Izaya led the blinded Shizuo up a multitude of stairs, seemingly endless. Shizuo lost count of how many steps they had taken somewhere in the 400s. Wait, make that 600.

Finally, when Shizuo was just about to stumble over from exhaustion-though his days of chasing Izaya all over the city helped him get through most of the walk up- He heard the sharp sound of a push-open door, followed by the racket of chains being shoved aside.

"Ah-what-?" Shizuo was abruptly interrupted by Izaya's finger to his lips.

"Shhh, Shizu-chan. We've made it~!"

Izaya gently traced his finger's up the bodyguard's skin before slipping the blindfold from his eyes. As the world opened up around him, Shizuo's jaw slipped slightly open.

They were on top of a towering building, above all other buildings. It took a bit of time before Shizuo realized they were standing on the roof of Sunshine 60, Ikebukuro's tallest building. The sun blazed in the distance; Shizuo could see his apartment from where he was standing. In the distance, he saw the flashing of sirens. The Russian Sushi shop at the corner, it's sign blazing along with hundreds of other lights. He could see everything from here. It seemed as if he was standing on the top of the world, seeing everything all at once.

No wonder Izaya knew about this place.

A gentle breeze ran through the air, making the blonde shiver and push back his tousled hair. Turning to the raven-haired informant, Shizuo managed to choke out a few words.


Smiling, Izaya grabbed Shizuo's hand once more and led him over to the railing along the edges of the building. He stopped and, dropping the other's hand, leaned casually against the railing, staring out into the city. Shizuo sat down against the concrete, back resting on the rails.

"It's the place where I go to…to think."

Shizuo glanced up at Izaya, surprised. His tone had changed. Something about his demeanor, it was off.

Keeping a close eye on the informant, Shizuo lit a cigarette and asked, "To think? About what?"

Izaya's mood seemed to change in an instant. Shizuo felt suddenly uncomfortable as he watched a small, odd smile spread across Izaya's lips. Silence settled around them, save for the distance sounds of the city, still awake and bustling. The silence stretched on between the two, and Shizuo shifted restlessly, a dreadful feeling creeping up inside him.

"What would you do if I fell?"

The question sent a shiver down the bodyguard's spine. Caught off guard, Shizuo coughed as he inhaled smoke.

"What the hell type of question is that?!" he growled.

A sigh escaped Izaya as he jumped nimbly over the rail and onto the thin ledge of the building. Spreading his arms out wide, Izaya grinned and gazed down at the streets below. The wind picked up, rufling the informant's hair. It almost seemed to encourage the raven-haired man to slip up and fall, which would send him plummeting down. He would have a few breathless moments of free fall, before hitting the pavement with a sickening sound of shattering bones and rupturing flesh-

Izaya, for a moment, thinking about the things he had done, almost wished it so.

Shizuo saw an odd, wishful look cross the informant's face. It sent a jolt through the bodyguard as he fully grasped what Izaya had just asked him.

"What? No i-I would never let you fall in the first place!" Shizuo almost shouted, staring warily at the informant perched precariously on the ledge.

"Wouldn't I deserve it though? I made your life a living hell, other people's lives, ruined, all for my own entertainment. I ruin lives, Shizu-chan. I had ruined yours. So don't I deserve it?" Izaya's voice had risen a bit; something that Shizuo had never heard before. There was desperation in that voice; sorrow, despair, frustration.


Izaya's furious thoughts were cut off when he felt two strong arms wrap themselves around his own, before being pulled back over the rail. With a suppressed squeak, Izaya turned a bit, before landing right into Shizuo. They both fell to the concrete of the rooftop, arms wrapped around the other. Izaya stared at the blonde, whose arms were tight around his waist.

"Don't…you ever say those things again, flea…"

Izaya startled, seeing a single, cold tear trace down the blonde's face.


Shizuo pushed them both up and he grabbed the informant's shoulders, shaking him a bit.

"Damn it I thought you were going to seriously jump you bastard! Don't you ever pull something like that again! And don't ever question yourself or your life's value! Because I don't care how much of a living hell you made my life; I love you now, in the present damn it! Stop dwindling on the past Izaya!"

The informant was stunned into silence at Shizuo's words. Then he felt warm, and safe. A smile graced his features as Izaya rested his head against the bodyguard's chest, lulled by the beating heart and rise and fall of his breathing. Relief swelled through Shizuo as he buried his nose into the other's hair, inhaling deeply, memorized by the informant's scent. He traced his fingers along the back of Izaya's neck, sending a shiver through the informant.

Shizuo closed his eyes. Izaya sighed, the thought of falling leaving his mind, replaced by the feel of Shizuo's arms around him.

The breeze died down, and the hum of the city dulled to a chaotic lullaby. Everything continued on, and the informant and bodyguard sat there, undisturbed, sharing each other's warmth in the cold night atop Sunshine 60.

Suddenly, Shizuo pulled back and placed his hands on both side of Izaya's face, pulling his head up so that they both stared into each other's eyes. Blinking, Izaya stared back at the blonde. Shizuo the leaned forward and pressed his lips against Izaya's, pouring out his emotions through their contact. Izaya was caught off guard. However, he quickly adjusted and returned the blonde's kiss.

They pulled away after awhile, gasping for breath. Shizuo rested his foehead against Izaya's, and stared into red-brown eyes. He ran his hands through the raven's hair, savoring the taste of Izaya's lisps against his own. Then he spoke, voice quiet, but firm.

"Even if you were to jump, I would be there to pull you back. If you would fall, I would catch you and follow you down to the ground and into death. But for now, I will never allow you to fall. I will be your reason to stay. "

The informant simply smiled happily and kissed the blonde again, wrapping his arms around his neck.

"I love you, Shizuo."

"I love you too, Izaya..."