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Summary: (Based off of anime, not manga) Ever since Arachnophobia was destroyed, Justin Law has been given the mission to hunt down one of the last survivors who escaped the battle: A rather raunchy chainsaw named Giriko. But when a certain fight leads to Giriko needing Justin's help, how will be?

So yeah, it starts off T... May end up M, not sure yet. ^^

^^ It constantly changes perspective. You can see whose perspective it is at the beginning of every page.

1—Deadly Manners


Justin Law looked about, feeling the rain icing his skin, making him shiver. Sitting up in this tree, so boredly, waiting for him to come out, it was just annoying. He'd been waiting for a long time, and it was getting fairly tiresome. Justin adjusted the rosary around his neck, holding it tightly, praying a bit that he'd have some luck catching this criminal today. He didn't want to hunt this man down any longer.

His curling blonde hair was damp with rain, as was the outfit he wore, that of a priest, it was all stained with the rain he tried to hide from under this tree. Standing on one of the giant, aging branches, he wondered how easy it truly would be to escape from the cold water. The music blared from his skull earphones into his head, and he hummed along with it, always enjoying a good beat now and again. People always complained that he was listening to music far too much, but he always liked it.

And that's when Justin spotted him.

"Such an ungraceful man…" Justin couldn't help but mutter to himself when he saw the man walk out from the tree line across the field. He was a man with a light brown hair and eyes, looking rather angry and dangerous. His hair was short and messy, and looked a bit odd with those three, blade-looking strands that stuck out. He was gritting his fanged teeth, leaning against one of the trees and drinking from his bottle of liquor that he gripped in his hands. Justin noted that this man still had his piercings, the metal nose-brace piercing, three earrings on his left ear, one on his right. He wore his violet button-up shirt and his heavy white jacket with the fur on the neckline, and the single blue stripe on it. He wore tattered jeans and mud-covered boots, and was looking rather enraged.

"Damn that fucking Shinigami!" he growled, taking another drink from his bottle. Justin was amazed he could read this man's lips from such a distance, "I hate having to run around all the time… Can't I get any peace?!" Seems like this man was done with his bloodlust, or, rather, hiding it from the world. Justin felt the man's gaze wash over him, and he quickly stepped back onto the branch behind him, the trunk of the large tree obscuring his gaze of the criminal, and the criminal's gaze of him. Thankfully, the man didn't notice, but to Justin's misfortune, the branch was wet and slippery from the rain, and he stumbled out of the tree. Managing to land on his feet, he sighed as the mud washed over his dress shoes and pants.

"Wha?! YOU!" The man growled, tensing up at the sight of him.

Justin ignored him, looking at his pants and shoes. "Oh, dear," he sighed, "What a terrible misfortune!"

The man looked incredibly pissed off. "DON'T IGNORE ME, PRIEST!" he shouted. Justin looked up at him now, and couldn't help but smile. "Well, well," he chided, "We meet again, huh? Do I finally get the pleasure of locking you up? Death penalty by my hand, maybe?" The man glared, a flash of light coming from his leg. Justin tensed. He's looking to start a fight already. Those chainsaw legs get very annoying after some time. he thought.

"I'll cut you to pieces!" the man grinned at him, taking a step forward. Justin raised his hands in mock-innocence, causing the chainsaw to pause. "What the hell?" he saw the man grumble, and Justin couldn't help but smile. "I'm just curious," he said, "as to what the name of my enemy is. I've fought you so many times, but I've never caught it before."

The chainsaw man looked dumbfounded. He stared at Justin, totally caught off-guard by this, all signs of his rage gone. He was thinking slowly… very slowly… about whether or not it was a good idea to share his name. After some time, he shrugged to himself, figuring there was no harm in it. That's what Justin seemed to pull from it, at least.

"Giriko," the man spat, his anger returning, "You?"

Justin smiled. "My name is Justin Law."

"Law, eh?" the chainsaw grinned, revving up his engine, "Nice fit for your style!" Then he launched himself at Justin, his leg in full swing, the chains whipping around dangerously fast. Justin lifted his arm, and in a flash, the blade of a guillotine arrived at his wrist, catching the chains of Giriko's leg. "Giriko," Justin repeated, "Such a name for you." Giriko was forced backwards, quickly spinning onto his feet. "SHUT THE HELL UP!" Giriko shouted, "I THINK YOU'LL LOOK GOOD DEAD AND BLOODY!"

Justin smirked. "We'll see about that."

The battle continued for a long time, blocking and attacking, not a single scratch on the other. This only made that man Giriko more pissed off. Justin knew why, it upset him a little two. These two weapons were equals, and they refused to be inferior to the other. These fights never ended unless one of them (usually Giriko) decided to run away.

But it was strange. During this entire fight, Justin, while ignoring Giriko's rude comments, shouting and swearing, felt a strange feeling creep onto him… Something he couldn't quite shake about their location. It was really bothering him, what was it? He had absolutely no idea! He tried to shake off the feeling as he parried one of Giriko's violent attacks, but it just wouldn't go away…

That's when he realized it.

"My Lord, Death," Justin asked, bowing to Shinigami-Sama, "After the battle… What shall we do with those fields and forests? They're in our possession now." "Oh, right, yes!" the tall, dark, yet strangely amusing Reaper bounced, thinking, "We can always give it to the normal human security forces to practice their skills!" "Like how?" Spirit, the lead Death Scythe, asked, "I mean, I can always go and regulate what it will be…." Then Lord Death did a slight wiggle, in which Justin had to do a lot of praying not to crack a smile. Oh, how he adored this Reaper!

"Well, why not let it be a mine field? We don't have any places for them to practice their dodging skills and things like that, and it's a fairly isolated place, so why not?!"

Mine Field.

Justin blocked one of Giriko's attacks, eyes widening with realization. "Giriko, wai—"

Somewhere, not too far, but dangerously close, a mine was set off by some wild animal. Justin saw Giriko's eyes widen, flames leaping up in them, and he turned around, and saw the explosion. He held tight to his rosary, immediately praying. The heat was almost unbearable as it reached for him. He felt time slow, and he was just waiting for this death to reach him, take him, embrace him as he passed on into the next life.

But the embrace wasn't pleasant…. In fact, it came from behind.

Justin's eyes widened even more when he found the heat gone, and he was a distance away from the explosion, as if he was shoved back. He felt strong arms around him, but now they had gone limp, and a heavy body was on top of his. In other circumstances, he would feel highly offended, but then he realized what happened.

Giriko saved him…

Blood dripped down from Giriko's torn-open, burnt back, and Justin saw parts of the mine wedged into his back. Justin paled, feeling sick at the sight of it. He had to get this man somewhere safe and fast. The first place he thought of in his panic was the school. He could help this man… But… Why… Why did this man save him?

Why was this man laying before him, dying as his rescuer?


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