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Part One

"Wow, I didn't know that the library had a back room." Joey said as he and Yugi entered the back room in the library. They were both looking for a book for their English class and the librarian had directed them back here.

"Where do we start?" Yugi wondered, looking around. "There are mountains upon mountains of books here." He said.

And there was, mountains upon mountains upon even more mountains of dusty old books that looked like they hadn't been opened since. . .ever.

"Well, you start on that side, and I'll start on this side." Joey suggested, pointing left and right. Yugi nodded and the two separated. "Now, let's see." Joey mumbled to himself as he scanned the piles. How to Speak German, How to Cast Spells, English to French. . .hey wait a minute. Joey backed up and picked up a dark heavy book. "How to Cast Spells." He read the titled again to make sure that's what it said.

He set it down on a dust-covered desk and began to flip through the old aged pages. "It's in French." He realized. "Hey Yug, come and take a look at this." Joey called out through the room.

"Alright." Yugi's voice came from somewhere behind an old bookshelf that looked around ready to collapse. "What'd you find?" Yugi's voice was beside Joey, causing the taller teen to jump.

"Geez! What're ya trying ta do? Kill me?" Joey breathed.

"Sorry." Yugi shrugged, "What did you find?" He wondered looking at the book in front of Joey.

"It's called 'How to Cast Spells'. It's in French." Joey explained.

"Wow." Yugi whispered looking at the old book. "Think any of them work?" He wondered, looking at his friend.

A grin suddenly crossed Joey's face. "Only one way to find out." He said and with that he closed the book and tucked it under his arm. "Let's get outta here and get everyone together. We're going to give this baby a try!" He grinned.


"You called me up for this?" Tea hissed angrily as she glared at Joey.

"Come on Tea, it could be fun!" Joey insisted, slightly hiding behind Yugi. The smaller boy rolled his eyes.

Tea sighed, "Alright, but we should be careful. With all the magic we've seen, we should already believe in this stuff." She said.

"Tea's right." Bakura agreed. "But all the same, it could be fun." He shrugged.

"Well, are we just going to stand here or are we going to even open the book?" Tristan asked.

Before Joey could open the heavy cover, the door to the Turtle Game Shop opened and in walked Seto Kaiba being dragged behind his little brother Mokuba. "Come on Seto! I want to see Yugi!" The younger boy said excitedly.

"You're just in time." Joey smirked as Mokuba ran over to Yugi. Seto growled at this and then glared at Joey.

"What are you talking about Chihuahua?" Seto hissed.

Joey glared back. "I'm going to ignore that for now." He mumbled.

"We were about to look at a spell book." Tea said.

Seto scoffed. "A spell book? How pathetic." He rolled his eyes.

"Come on Seto, it could be fun!" Mokuba smiled up at his big brother, then gave him the puppy eyes, knowing there was no way the older boy could resist him that way.

Seto sighed. "Fine." He mumbled.

"Yipee!" Mokuba laughed as he dragged Seto closer to the group.

"Turn the lights off Yug. I'll light the candles." Joey said.

"No you won't, I'll light the candles." Tristan said, snatching the matches from Joey's hands. He lit the candles and the lights went out. The group of teenagers, and Mokuba, sat down in a circle in the floor with Joey holding the book in his lap. He made a big point of clearing his throat.

"Get on with it you Dalmatian." Seto mumbled.

"Aren't Dalmatians supposed to be one of the dumbest dogs to own?" Bakura suddenly said and everyone turned to him in surprise.

"It wasn't me!" He pointed to the ring around his neck.

"Anyway." Joey looked back at the book. "My French is a little rusty, but I'll give it my best!"

"Ce qui était, n'est pas ce qui est. Ce qui était grand, est maintenant ce qui est petit. Grandissant, ou accroissant vers le bas. L'innocence est la clef. La clef à la manière you.re censée pour être. Bons, mauvais, mauvais bons Vont de nouveau à votre enfance."

There was a long moment of silence, then, "Was something supposed to happen?" Seto asked, his voice showing how bored he was.

Joey scratched his head. "Guess not. Oh well, it was worth a try." He said and got up, then flipped the lights out.

"Oh my God!" Tea suddenly cried out, getting Joey's attention. "What happened to Tristan?" She shrieked, pointing to the body on the floor.