Sorry if this part disappoints anyone, it was never my intention to continue on with the Duel Monster chibis (this story would never be finished!)

This is just for those who didn't want to see it end.

Alternative Ending

- - -

The sun rose and the world turned as it did everyday and life began to awaken. In the Motou household, it was no different.

A boy with beautiful light lavender eyes and soft blonde hair smiled contently as the arm around his waist tightened slightly. The boy grinned as he cuddled closer to the warm body spread along his own.

Lavender opened at the same time as steel blue.

"Hi." A soft voice whispered shyly.

"Good morning." Seto replied, running his fingers through the child's hair, realizing what this meant. "Do you remember anything?" He wondered.

Chibi Malik looked confused, "I hafta say sowwy to Maywik. I was mean ta him. Whewe's Isis?" He asked.

Seto's eyes narrowed in suspicion, "Malik, do you remember Battle City?"

Lavender eyes blinked, "No…what's that?" The little boy sat up.

Seto sat up as well, looking the child over. "Do you remember anything about being an adult?"

Malik backed away a little, "I'm onwy a kid…I haven't gwowed up yet…" He was seriously confused now.

It's like he's never been a teenager before. Seto realized, wondering if it was the same for the others.

Soft brown eyes blinked opened sleepily as Ryou Bakura slowly woke up. Confusion clouded his blurry vision for a few moments until he noticed that Yugi was gently running his fingers through Yami's hair, and he was crying softly.

The small boy crawled away from a sleeping Duke, and made his way over to the older boy, careful not to step on either child. "'Ugi?" He asked softly, stumbling a little as his foot got caught on a sheet. "What's wong?" He wondered, sitting down next to the other boy.

Yugi looked at the chibified version of his friend, then back down at the chibi that he was in love with. He would be the only one effected by the others remaining as chibis.

"Nothing's wrong Ryou. I just miss someone, that's all." He promised the little boy. He quickly wiped his tears and forced himself to smile. There were more important things to take care of first, and then he'd let himself cry. "Why don't we wake these three and see about breakfast, okay?"

Ryou echoed his grin, "Okay!"

Joey sighed as he tried to stay asleep. Consciousness could be so annoying at times, especially the times when he was awake. Groaning to himself as he tried to block out the light that shined against his closed eyelids, he flopped onto his other side and proceeded to bury himself in blankets.

There was a grunt then a slight pushing against Joey's chest. Confused, the blonde pulled himself up on his arms and glared at his moving pillow.

A Chibi Marik glared back. "You squished me!" He accused, offended.

Joey huffed, still half asleep. "I didn't mean to – wait a minute, you're still a chibi!" It felt like he'd been smacked in the head. "Why are you still a chibi?"

Marik blinked, "What's a chibi?" He wondered.

The older blonde raised an eyebrow, "A chibi! A little kid…er, something like that."

Marik still looked confused, "But I am a little kid…"

"Yeah, but you haven't always been." Joey pointed out.

Marik made a face, "Yes I have."

Joey shook his head. "No, you haven't."

"Yes I have." Marik said a little more forcefully.

"No, you have not." Joey countered.

"Yes. I have."

"No. You have not."

"Yes. I. Have."

"No. You. Have. Not."


Joey was about to scream back when there was a slight knock on the door and Seto came in, carrying a chibi Malik.

"Maywik!" Malik cried, reaching out toward his other.

Seto placed the boy on the bed as he sat down next to Joey. "They don't remember. They think they've always been kids." He explained, having heard most of the argument.

"Oh." Joey muttered as he watched the two.

Malik crawled to the silent little boy. "I'm sowwy about being mean to you." He said softly. "I was mad 'cause you wanted to be with Joey all the time! I wuv you."

Marik blinked as he silently listened to the younger boy. "It's okay. I was mean too. I wuv you back."

A bright smile crossed Malik's face, "Yay! Fwiends then?"

Marik grinned back, "Yeah!"

Joey sighed and looked at Seto, who was still watching the kids. "We're going to hafta talk now, huh?" When Seto raised an eyebrow in question, Joey continued, "Well, I figure if these two are still kids, then that means Yami, Bakura and Ryou are still kids too. I'm beginning to think that it's permanent this time…'cause they don't remember."

"Hmm." Seto agreed with a nod. "That would probably be best. We can-"

The door opened with a bang and all four occupants jumped and looked. Three chibis stood in the doorway grinned. "Bweakfast!" Yami said, "Come and eat!" It came out as a demand.

"Yes your highness." Joey yawned as he scooped up Marik, while Seto took a hold of Malik.

Yami tilted his head as the teenagers passed him, and then he looked at Yami Bakura and Ryou in confusion, "Highness?"

The two of them shrugged and then the three raced each other down the stairs.

Breakfast was quiet, except for the chibis. Malik and Marik seemed to be glued together, while Ryou was quite happy sitting on Duke's knee and eating his toast. Yami Bakura and Yami fought over the milk.

"Khalid!" Yami wined, pouting at his friend.

'Khalid', which was what all the chibis seemed to know Yami Bakura by, just sighed and gave Yami or rather 'Atemu,' the milk. "Otay, fine. Don't use the lip."

The tri-coloured chibi smirked in triumph.

Once the chibis were finished, they were all sent into the living room to play so the 'grown ups' could talk.

Only nobody spoke.

Joey looked around at everyone, noticing the sad look on Yugi's face. He cleared his throat, "We'll need birth certificates made." He began, quieting when everyone looked at him. "I-I mean, Yami, Bakura and Marik weren't even human…now they seem to be. There's no record for them, right?"

Seto saw where Joey was going with his idea. "That's true. I'll look into it. Now…where will they live?" He asked.

"Yami is staying with me." Yugi began and looked at his grandfather for permission.

"Of course he is." Solomon nodded, having been sitting at the head of the table. "Though we should probably get used to calling him Atemu, since it's what he remembers."

Yugi sighed and nodded, "Yes, that's true. You should probably have 'Atemu' on his birth certificate as well Seto. Khalid for Bakura as well."

The multi-millionaire made a mental note.

"Does anybody even know how to get a hold of Ryou's father?" Duke brought up and nobody seemed to have an answer.

"I don't even know where he is." Yugi shook his head; "All I do know is that Ryou hasn't seen him in a few years. He…he isn't really around very often. Does Ryou have any family that live around here?" He wondered.

"None that he's ever talked about." Joey thought back. "They're probably all back in England."

Yugi looked sad again, "How would someone react to having two Ryou's instead of just one, and him being a child again? We'd have to explain…"

"How are we going to explain to the school?" Duke suddenly thought.

Everybody was quiet. Then Joey spoke. "Ryou could have just transferred again, right? Maybe back to England?"

Seto added another few notes to his mental list. "Alright. What about the Ishtar's." He spoke up, "Isis will probably want to take custody of them, I mean, he's her little brother."

"Brothers." Joey shot the CEO a sharp look. "And I already promised Marik that he could live with me. He…he doesn't think Isis will want him. I don't know if he still thinks that, but…" He sighed and shrugged.

"We should probably call Isis then." Yugi began, watching as Yami…Atemu poked…Khalid in the side. "She should have a say in what happens to them."

Joey pouted, not liking that idea at all. It wasn't that he didn't like Isis, but truthfully, he didn't trust her. It was obvious that she'd favour her actual brother over his yami. Marik didn't deserve that, but he stayed quiet. Instead, he leaned back in his chair and watched the kids playing as the others made the plans.

Within the next few days, the three spirits…former spirits, all had identities of their own. How Kaiba did it, nobody really knew and he wasn't about to tell. Solomon had custody of four-year-old Atemu Kane Motou. 'Ryou Bakura' had been transferred back to England, but until they got a hold of his father, three year old Ryou, as well as his brother, three and a half year old Khalid Emir Bakura were in the care of Solomon Motou. And Malik Ishtar was in the hands of Isis Ishtar.

It seemed as though the children didn't remember anything from their lives before the spell, but they could recall living at the game shop and they'd all easily gotten confused when they were told that everyone would have new homes.

Marik quietly played with the D. Human plushie his brother had been playing with before Isis had arrived, while Yugi and Seto explained to the others about where they would be staying. The small boy had hung back when Isis shown up. Within seconds she'd had her arms full with Malik and hadn't really paid much attention to anyone else.

Marik wasn't jealous, but he did wish that someone would love him that much.

He sighed as a shadow fell across himself and D. Human. Blinking, the small boy looked up. "Hi." He said as Joey sat down, immediately pulling the little boy into his lap. They were quiet for a little while, watching the others, listening to their giggles and laughter. The young blonde unconsciously clenched his fists around Joey's shirt when they noticed Isis ruffle Malik's hair before kissing his forehead. Dark lavender looked away, glancing down at Joey's hands. "What's that?" He asked, looking up at the older boy.

Joey looked down at Marik, seeing what he was pointing at. Smiling, Joey let Marik see the piece of paper.

"What does it say?" Marik wondered curiously.

"Well," Joey pointed to a word. "That one says 'Marik'."

Lavender blinked, "My name?" He wondered.

"Yep." Joey nodded, and then pointed to the next two, "That says 'Kalil', and that one says 'Ishtar'. It's your birth certificate."

"Oh." Marik said, even though he didn't know what a birth certificate was. He looked up at Joey again. "Am I going to stay with you?" He wondered softly, hopefully.

Joey sighed, and then shook his head, "As much as I want you to, Isis decided that she wants both you and Malik with her." The teen's heart broke at the look in Marik's eyes.

"Okay." Marik mumbled unhappily as he glanced over at his family, but his eyes shot up at Joey again, "I won't see you again?" He questioned in a sudden panic.

Amber widened slightly as he hugged the small boy tightly, "No way Marik! I'm gonna be here, and I'll make sure to visit you often, okay? I mean, Isis is going to need someone to look after you guys while she's at work, right? Mr. Motou wants to watch you guys, and I'll come see you everyday after school."

"Promise?" Marik asked, still not happy.

"Promise." Joey confirmed just as a shadow fell across the two of them.

Isis kneeled down and Malik bounced up behind her. "Hey Maywik! We'we goin' home." He announced excitedly.

Isis chuckled softly as she looked at Marik, "You, Malik and I need to do some shopping." She said, "We can pick something's up for your new rooms."

The blonde hesitated, and then glanced back at Joey.

"It's okay Marik." Joey nodded, loosening his hug on the boy.

Malik held out his hand and Marik took it, only to be pulled away from Joey and toward the door. Unsure lavender looked back and Joey forced a smile as he waved. "I'll see you tomorrow after school Marik, I promise."

The small child gave a grin, and then let himself be pulled out of the building.

"Can we weally get a bunked bed?" Atemu's eyes were wide.

Grandpa Motou laughed, "If that's what you boys want."

"Yes!" Atemu and Khalid cheered.

"I want the top!" Atemu announced.

Khalid shrugged, "I wanna make the bottom into a castle!"

Atemu gasped, an idea coming to him, "That would be fun!"

Ryou glanced between the two, pouting slightly, "Whewe am I gonna sweep?" He wondered softly, afraid they'd forgotten about him.

Khalid immediately wrapped an arm around his little brother, "Wif me, siwwy! That way I can pwotect you in the castle."

Ryou giggled, leaning his head against Khalid's shoulder, "My hewo!"

Khalid just smiled.

Solomon Motou wasn't stupid. He could easily see how depressed Yugi was. He'd been that way ever since they'd found the chibis still chibi. He'd figured on what kind of relationship his grandson shared with the pharaoh – he'd seen the paintings, the one of the puzzle and it's eye, to the child's heart and the initials.

"Yugi? Are you going to be okay?" He wondered, putting a gentle hand on the small boy's shoulder.

Yugi looked up and smiled, it wasn't his brightest smile, but it was on its way. "I'm okay Grandpa. I…I mean, it was hard at the beginning, but…this way I get to make sure that Yami has a great childhood! And Bakura and Ryou too." He shrugged, "I'll always miss Yami, but there isn't really anything we can do."

Solomon smiled, proud of his grandson.

Duke, who'd stayed around to help support Yugi, patted the younger boy on the back, "Look at it this way, there won't be anymore Shadow Duels or Duel Monsters coming alive or anything like that. Things will be peaceful again!"

"Yeah." Yugi grinned but was interrupted by a crash and a sudden cry from his grandfather.

"My TV!"

"Oops." Atemu and Khalid muttered in unison before all three children burst into giggles.

"Why you little brats!" Grandpa growled and took off after the children, who scattered in three different directions.

Yugi sighed and looked up at Duke with a glare, "You were saying?"

- - -

The End