"Can you please just leave me alone for one day?"

"You wouldn't know what to do without me," said Kegan simply.

"You know, I managed for a hundred years, I figure I can survive for one day," said Angel pointedly.

"Oh stop your whining," said Kegan, yanking Angel's chair out from behind his desk so that she could straddle him. "You like it."

"Get off," said Angel shortly.

"Make me," said Kegan, grinning.

Angel got to his feet abruptly, causing Kegan to stagger off him, scowling.

"That was just childish," she said.

"Oh I'm the childish one?" asked Angel pointedly. "Who throws a tantrum if they don't get their way?"

"Uh, that would be you."

"Na-uh," said Angel.

"Ya-ha," said Kegan.





"I think we get the point!" Cordelia snapped, breaking up the argument. "You're both children and if you don't both shut up I'm going to have to send you to the naughty corner!"

Angel scowled at Kegan.

"She started it," he muttered and Kegan raised an eyebrow at him.

"What's got you so uptight then?" Kegan asked Cordelia, sliding onto the top of her desk and pushing half the papers on it to the floor.

"Well for the most part, you two," huffed Cordelia. "And would you please pick those up?"

"No," said Kegan simply. "Not unless you want a bonfire. Paper and I tend not to mix well."

"What do you mix well with?" Angel muttered.

"Sunlight," Kegan growled threateningly and Angel didn't respond. "So where's the Irish idiot?"

"He wasn't an idiot!" Angel growled.

Kegan blinked.


Angel didn't say anything, just turned around and stomped into his office, slamming the door shut behind him. Kegan looked around at Cordelia.

"What happened?"

"Doyle sacrificed his life to save a lot of people," said Cordelia quietly.

"That would explain why you're both extra grumpy," said Kegan.

"Kegan, while I appreciate that you have nothing better to do than come here and annoy the hell out of both of us, please leave," said Cordelia simply.

Kegan stared at her.

"You've grown balls," she commented. "Good for you."

She slid off the desk and moved to the door, and as she did, a young, tall man with neat brown hair, rectangular glasses and a neat suit walked in.

"Morning all, how went the hunt last- hello."

Kegan raised an eyebrow at the man.

"English, suit in hot weather, knows Angel hunts...Watcher," she said.

"Actually I'm a rogue demon hunter," said the man, puffing out what little chest muscles he had proudly. "Wesley Wyndam-Pryce at your service."

"A stupid Watcher," Kegan commented. "Let me guess, you knew Angel when he was in that hell hole someone was stupid enough to call Sunnydale."

"He was Buffy's Watcher for a brief period of two seconds," said Cordelia. "She didn't like him."

"I can't imagine why," said Kegan sarcastically. "Excuse me Four Eyes, I have an elsewhere to be."

Wesley stared after Kegan as she left.

"What a strange young woman."

"She's a demon," said Cordelia casually.


"Her name's Kegan."

"Kegan?" Wesley whispered, shocked. "The Kegan? Tor'Aal half-blood? Terrorized the whole of Europe for years just because she was bored?"

"I guess," said Cordelia.

"And she and Angel are back together?"

Cordelia blinked.

"What? They were never together."

"Who told you that?"


"Cordelia, the demon that just walked out of this office spent the good part of twenty years moving from place to place with Angelus. Wherever they went, disaster followed. She has a higher Slayer record than almost any other demon. It's rumored she's invincible. If she and Angel are running together again-"

"No-one's running with anyone," said Angel, who had been listening to the conversation from his office doorway since Kegan had left. "Kegan was in trouble with Wolfram and Hart and I helped her out of it. Since then she's helped me occasionally with difficult jobs, and in between she's been a pain in the ass."

"You never said anything about you two running together," said Cordelia.

"Well see, I didn't want you to know," said Angel pointedly and Cordelia scowled at him.

"Why not?"

"Because those are twenty years of my existence that I can never get back," said Angel. "I didn't enjoy my time with Kegan, and I don't really wish to talk about it. Those are times I'd much rather forget."

"Is it true?" asked Wesley. "Is she actually invincible?"

"No-one's invincible," said Angel. "Even Kegan has weaknesses."

"Do you know what they are, or are we still guessing those?" asked Cordelia.

Angel smirked.

"I have a fair idea."


When Angel tried Kegan's door, he had expected it to be open, and so he ran head first into it when it didn't budge. Scowling, he knocked on Kegan's apartment door and waited. There was no response. He knocked again impatiently.

"Kegan, open the door!" he snapped.

There was still no reply and as he growled to himself, Angel had the sudden realization that he had never experienced a time when Kegan's door had been locked. Whether she was in the apartment or not, security didn't seem to be her biggest issue.


Angel looked around him. There was no one nearby. He tried the handle one more time, and when it didn't budge, he rammed his shoulder into the door and it flew open.


The room beyond the door was dark. It had never been this dark before. There wasn't a single flame in any of the little fire pits Kegan was so fond of working in, and there weren't even glowing coals. Angel crossed the room to the bedroom door and shouldered his way through it.

"Kegan, are you here?"

There was a quiet sort of groan from behind the bed and Angel hurried around it to find Kegan in her demonic form, lying in a pool of lava-like blood, barely conscious. He swore quietly and crouched beside her.

"Kegan, can you hear me? Who did this Kegan?"

Kegan made a few incomprehensible noises, but nothing sounded like a name or even a word to Angel.

"Alright. You're gonna be okay Kegan."


Kegan breathed the word so quietly that Angel almost missed it.

"Yeah, Kegan. I'll get you to a fire. Here."

Biting into his wrist, Angel held the wound up to Kegan's mouth and let the blood from it trickle down her throat. The change in her was minimal, but it was enough. She seemed to focus a little more clearly, and regain just a tiny amount of strength, but it was clear to Angel that if he didn't get her to a fire in the next fifteen minutes, Kegan would be out for the count.

"Alright, hang in there, okay? You'll be alright," Angel told her as he lifted her into his arms.

Kegan's head flopped onto his shoulder and she whispered something, but even with her mouth right next to his ear, Kegan's words were too quiet for Angel to hear properly.

"You're gonna be okay."


"Angel I- Jesus Christ, what happened?" asked Cordelia as Angel barged into the office with Kegan in his arms, now unconscious.

"I don't know. I went to her place and she was already like this," said Angel, hurrying down the stairs with Cordelia in tow. "Light the fire."

Cordelia moved immediately to the fireplace and began to start the flames while Angel placed Kegan on the ground beside her and moved over to the fridge.

"What are you- oh gross," Cordelia muttered as he pulled a blood bag out of it. "Does she drink blood too? You know, aside from when she's trying to get high off you."

"On occasion," said Angel shortly, tearing open the bag with his teeth and kneeling beside Kegan, resting her head in his lap. "You got that going yet?"

"Getting there," said Cordelia. "Angel, you don't think whatever did this might come back to finish her off do you?"

"They left her lying in a pool of blood Cordelia. I don't think they were all too worried about her living to tell the tale," said Angel, opening Kegan's mouth and pouring the blood inside. "We've gotta make sure she does."

"Do we have to?" asked Cordelia mutinously and Angel growled at her. "Whoa, okay! Making sure she lives. Got it. Look, fire's lit."

"Okay, I need you to go to the magic shop and get dragon spit. As much as you carry. Oh, and a good amount of belladonna but don't touch it because it's kinda poisonous. He sells it in bags, I need the biggest bag he's got."

Cordelia wrinkled her nose but didn't voice a complaint for fear of Angel biting her, and instead hurried away. Angel lifted Kegan slightly and let her head fall gently into the middle of the fire. The moment Kegan started to breathe in the flames, bright glowing veins appeared right along her skin and a moment later flames shot out of them, causing Angel to yell in shock and scramble away from her.


Wesley appeared in the stairway.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Angel breathed, watching Kegan curiously as she exhaled flames. She was like some sort of human shaped dragon.

"I passed Cordelia on the way in. She was rushing around but she didn't tell me- Dear Lord, what happened?"

"I don't know," Angel muttered.

"Ah, this would be why she wanted dragon spit," Wesley muttered. "Seemed a strange ingredient for Cordelia to need."

"What do you know about Tor'Aals?" Angel asked.

"Not much. Just the basics. They're basically dragons in human form and they quite enjoy setting people on fire. They have a huge rivalry between family. They-"

"Wait. Rivalry between family?"

"Apparently Tor'Aal siblings will fight each other to the death," said Wesley. "It's a rite of passage. But I thought Kegan had no siblings. Well, that's one of the legends in any case. That was what made her so impressive. She never once practiced her powers on anyone before all of a sudden she was incredibly strong."

"Not all legends are true," Angel muttered. "All the fires in her place were out and whoever it was knew how to hurt her."

"That sounds like Tor'Aal battleground," Wesley agreed. "When fire demons fight each other, you know, properly, it's custom to put out all the fires nearby so as not give anyone any advantage."

"Yeah, or someone just knew her," said Angel darkly.

"She needs a bigger fire Angel. You should have stayed where she was and lit the fires back up."

"It was too dangerous," Angel sighed. "What if they came back to make sure?"

"I wouldn't worry about that Angel. If it was a sibling, they would have fought to the death. They wouldn't have left her to die, they would have finished her off."

"What? You mean-?"

"If it was a Tor'Aal, they're well and truly dead."

"There was no body."

"You really ought to brush up on your girlfriend's race," Wesley commented.

Angel growled.

"She's not my girlfriend."

"Tor'Aals don't leave bodies, they leave ashes," Wesley explained. "Almost all fire demons do."

"Okay, obviously we're assuming it's a Tor'Aal here, does that mean she's passed her rite of passage?" asked Angel.

"I'm going to say yes," said Wesley.

"Why? What does it do?"

Wesley gestured at the flaming veins.

"That. She'll have those vein things in her demon form now. And she'll be far stronger than she's ever been before. There are several rites of passage for a Tor'Aal, and each gives the demon an added deadly feature."

"Why wouldn't she just go do it?" asked Angel. "Make herself stronger right away?"

"Because Kegan is famed for wanting political power, not physical. She'll go out of her way for political power, but I think it's safe to assume that the only physical power she will gain is the power that turns up on her doorstep."

"Literally," Angel muttered. "What sort of demonic race tries to get it's members to kill each other?"

"The sort of race that only wants the strongest," said Wesley, "and you've managed to land yourself with strongest of them all. She's more powerful than any pure blooded Tor'Aal, let alone a half-blood. She's an anomaly. She's dangerous."

"Any neutral demon is dangerous Wesley," said Angel, "if you push the right buttons. Unfortunately they seem to be the only buttons I push."

"Okay, I got dragon fluids, I got poisonous plants, and the guy also gave me a handful of these," said Cordelia, dropping a handful of rounded stones in Angel's palm and dumping the other items on the couch. "Said something about them helping the force of the fire. Don't know how he knew we were dealing with a fire demon, he just did."

"Give me those," said Wesley, taking the stones off Angel. "They're lava stones. I can kick start them for you."

"Thanks," said Angel. "And thanks Cordelia."

"Anything else I can do Angel?"

"I'll let you know," said Angel, unscrewing the cap on a bottle of the dragon spittle and pouring some into his palm.

Cordelia shuddered and turned back up the stairs.

"Alrighty then. I'm just gonna go throw up now."


When Kegan opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Angel watching her with a curious look on his face.

"What?" she groaned.

"I didn't think you even had siblings," he said thoughtfully. "You never mentioned them before."

"Oh," Kegan muttered, pushing herself up slightly and noticing that she was covered in leaves. "Belladonna?"

"It is somewhat fitting that the only way to heal you is with one of the most poisonous plants ever," Angel commented.

"Tell me you used drag-"

"Yes," Angel interrupted. "I do remember how to speed up your healing."

Kegan stared at her arms, noticing the veins of fire.

"'Bout time," she muttered. "I hadn't seen the bastard in three hundred years and the first thing he does is try to kill me."

"Didn't really go his way, did it?" Angel commented.

"Well, he should have known better. I was always better at everything than Lumaen. Mostly because he was a prat. He was sort of the black sheep. Actually cared about humans. None of us liked him."

"Us? How many of you were there?" asked Angel.

"Seven," said Kegan, sitting up and peeling off some of the leaves on her arms to inspect the damage. "I was the youngest."

"The...youngest? How strong were the oldest?"

"You've kinda witnessed that," said Kegan pointedly, placing her feet in the fire to remain in contact with the flames.

"So you were the prodigy?"

"I was daddy's girl, yes," said Kegan, grinning wickedly. "I think he was most proud of me the day I turned three. I took out my youngest brother."

"Okay, that's scary," Angel muttered.

"Yes well, he didn't sleep with one eye open," Kegan reasoned. "He clearly wasn't going to last two seconds in the real world. I think father was all the more proud of me that day because it was my first kill too."

"You...you had your first kill at three years old?" Angel hissed.

"Yeah. Didn't you?" asked Kegan, as though it was normal. "Granted, it wasn't an entirely difficult kill, but he did wake up and fight back for a few moments...till I garrotted him."

"Oh that's disturbing," Angel breathed. "I can't believe I'm going to ask this but what about the others?"

"Well, some were killed by other members of the family. Obviously, we all wanted to earn our rites of passage, but uh...well..."

She grinned again.

"...I am the strongest."

"And the most psychotic," Angel muttered.

"Hey, if you didn't like it you wouldn't have helped," Kegan pointed out. "Thank you, by the way."

"Uh, when I was carrying you, you said something but I couldn't catch it," said Angel. "What was it?"

"Angel, I don't even remember you coming in," said Kegan. "I seriously doubt it would have made any sense anyway, given the state I was in."

"Bullshit," said Angel at once. "You remember everything."

"And you hear everything," said Kegan. "I guess neither of us are as good as we claim."

Angel smirked.

"Come on Kegan, what did you say?" he asked. "I promise I won't tell anyone."

"You wouldn't happen to have thought to investigate how my estranged brother managed to find me, would you?" asked Kegan, swiftly changing the topic of conversation.

"Uh...no," Angel admitted. "I just thought that he was dead so it couldn't have mattered much."

"It couldn't have mattered much? If people can find me, people can kill me," said Kegan simply. "Why do you think I try to live in as normal a place as possible? So that it won't look strange to my enemies when they see a girl walk casually into a cave somewhere."

"So...you would like me to-"

"Yes!" said Kegan pointedly. "After you take me home."

"I don't know Kegan, what if someone else does find you and comes to finish you off?" asked Angel.

"I won't play fair," said Kegan simply. "Angel, as kind as your hospitality may be, the size of your fire is pathetic. If I want to heal properly, I need to go home. And speaking of people coming to finish me off, how did you even get in? I sealed that door."

"Sealed it how?" asked Angel.

"I melted the bolt and I burnt a locking rune into the the back," said Kegan, fishing the lava stones out of the fire. "How did you find these?"


"Shop? Shops sell these?"

"Apparently," said Angel. "What sort of rune?"

"The sort of rune that seals a door!" Kegan snapped. "What sort of rune do you think?"

"Well...you must have traced it wrong," said Angel, "because that door opened easily the moment I put some force on it."

"Oh...I'll have to take a look at it. I was losing blood," Kegan reasoned. "Anyway, take me home!"

"No," said Angel simply. "You're still in a bad way Kegan. You need to stay somewhere you're safe."

"I'm safe at home," Kegan growled.

"Okay, I'll make you a deal," said Angel, "if you can get to the car without any trouble, I'll take you home."

Kegan immediately pulled herself to her feet and began to move towards the stairs, but before she made it she had to grab the back of the couch and pause as she began to sway.

"You alright?" Angel checked, getting to his feet and coming round to her.

"Fine," said Kegan casually. "Just...checking out the cool pillow covers."

"Kegan, sit down," Angel ordered.

Kegan sighed and moved back over to the fire, holding herself awkwardly to accommodate for the pain of her injuries.

"I hate it here," she muttered. "It smells of vampire."

"Funny that," said Angel coolly. "Are you okay?"

"No," Kegan muttered. "I hurt a bit. The bastard had iron."

"I figured as much," said Angel. "Can I do anything for you?"

"You can make me some tea," said Kegan. "Belladonna, cold, lots, and if you could lace it with blood that would be preferable."


"The poisons in the plant seep out better," Kegan explained. "And don't put in any of that pig's blood crap. I can still taste that on my tongue. I need your blood."

"Of course you do," Angel muttered. "Anything else your majesty?"

"Ah, go to hell," Kegan spat, face planting into the fire.

Angel smirked.

"Been there, done that."


"Are you going to be a regular appearance now?" asked Kegan, watching Wesley carefully as he rounded Cordelia's desk to fiddle with the computer.

"I like to think so," said Wesley. "Angel would be lost without my demon knowledge."

"As opposed to the knowledge about demons that he could gain from a demon," said Kegan. "And I feel it is my duty as someone cool to remind you that as far as being a rogue demon hunter goes, you aren't exactly scary."

"Maybe not, but you're threatened by me."

"Oh yes, very," said Kegan sarcastically. "I'm shaking with fear."

"You're threatened by my superior intelligence," said Wesley.

Kegan stared at him in surprise.

"How stupid are you?" she asked.

"Stupid enough to think I won't kill him if he doesn't get off that computer," said Cordelia, walking into the office. "Not to mention stupid enough to take one look at you and start drooling."

"No, that's smart," said Kegan.

"Why are you still here?" asked Cordelia.

"Because the Fuhrer in there has forbidden my leave," said Kegan coolly, gesturing through Angel's office window at the brooding vampire. "So here I am."

"Uh, I think they're just called 'bosses' nowadays," said Cordelia, smirking.

"Well, since you're obviously not doing anything, why don't you make yourself useful?" asked Wesley. "I'm researching Angel's latest task. A demon that can change it's voice to mimic those of other people, luring people towards it before it rips out their insides."

"Well stop researching Mr Superior Intelligence because you're looking for a Naorit demon," said Kegan. "Big, tall, slimy, but they're pretty slow and they don't tend to like sharp pointy things that can run them through."

Cordelia snickered at Wesley's blank look.

"Oh I'm sorry, did you want to spend the rest of the day trying to figure that out?" asked Kegan.

"Kegan, leave him alone!" Angel yelled through the door.

Kegan huffed and got to her feet, stomping into Angel's office.

"If you're not going to let me leave then the least you can do is let me have some fun!" she objected.

"Yes, well, I would, but see, nobody else likes your version of fun," said Angel simply.

"I dunno, you tend to enjoy my version of fun," Kegan growled seductively, coming round behind Angel and running her fingers over his chest.

"Kegan, just don't," said Angel shortly.

"Aw, come on big guy. You know you want to," Kegan whispered in his ear and Angel swatted at her face.

"Go away!"

"Yes, well, I would, but see, you won't let me leave until I'm fully capable of defending myself properly," said Kegan, slipping her hands under Angel's shirt. "Come on. You can't tell me you don't want to. You've been sleeping in the same bed as me for two days and I know you're just itching to grab that-"

"Kegan for Christ's sake, not everyone's a whore!" Angel snarled, tossing her away from him roughly.

Kegan snarled at him and her eyes flared.

"Watch your tongue vampire or I'll cut it off," she snarled.

Angel glared at her and tossed her his car keys.

"Get out," he said simply. "Just get out."

"Gone," Kegan spat, turning and storming out of the office.


"What do you want?" Kegan snapped, kicking coals around the room.

Angel jumped out of the way as embers flashed around him.

"To tell you who told your brother where you were but now I figure you're probably not in the mood."

"And how on earth did you figure that out?" asked Kegan coolly.

"You know, I don't think you should be allowed to be angry at me just because I spoke the truth," said Angel.

Kegan flung his car keys at him and Angel winced as they collided painfully with his chest.

"Leave," Kegan growled.

"You know, I seem to be getting a flash of deja-vu," Angel commented. "Wasn't this how I got rid of you last time?"

Kegan looked up at him with cold eyes but didn't reply.

"Come on Kegan. Cordelia calls you a whore every day."

"Takes one to know one," Kegan muttered.

"Kegan, I didn't think it would be that great an insult," said Angel.

"You're not helping your case Fang Face," Kegan spat, turning away again.

Angel bit his lip. He had had no inclination of actually apologising to Kegan, but he knew full well that it was going to be the only way to sate the raging demon.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled.

"No you're not."

"No I'm not," Angel agreed. "Look, do you want to know how he found you or not?"

"Fine. Amuse me."

"Wolfram and Hart."

"Let me guess. Lindsay."


"Great. Well...thanks, I guess."

"What are you gonna do Kegan? He could send more demons after you."

"I've got it covered!" Kegan snapped.

Angel recoiled slightly.

"Jeez Kegan, don't bite my head off, I'm only trying to help."

"You have, okay? You've done your job. Leave me alone."

Angel frowned. He knew Kegan's mood swings and temper were retrospect to the fact that she hadn't aged a day since nineteen and she was doomed to experience hormonal bipolarity for the rest of her existence, but he was getting seriously tired of trying to pick his moments.

"Kegan for God's sake, grow up!" he snapped. "You can't take on Wolfram and Hart alone."

"I'm not. I'm taking on Lindsay."

"He's a part of Wolfram and Hart. He's more dangerous than you give him credit for."

"He's thirteen."

"Yeah? How dangerous were you at thirteen? Add seven years, because he's not thirteen and triple it."

Kegan swallowed slightly.

"Kegan, I know you're angry at me right now but please let me help you. You're not at your best."

"Angel, if I need your help, I will ask. But I don't."

Angel scowled.

"Fine," he said. "You know where to find me."


"I don't remember our deal involving house calls. How do you know where I live?"

Kegan stepped into Lilah's apartment, looking around. It certainly wasn't the apartment of a daughter who still loved her very rich father, but it was stylish enough.

"It's my job to know."

"You don't have a job."

"I like to think my job is to know where to find people I need," said Kegan.

"I believe I already gave you what you needed," said Lilah coolly, getting to her feet and moving over to a decanter filled with scotch. "Can I tempt you?"


Lilah raised an eyebrow at her.

"Wow, something must really be wrong for you not to want a drink. Are planning on fighting someone?"

"I've already fought someone. But you already knew that didn't you?"

"I heard a rumour," said Lilah carelessly, pouring herself a drink and sitting back down again. "Is that why you're here?"

"Look, I don't know what you want me to do for my end of our deal, but I would appreciate you being able to control your associates long enough for me to come through," said Kegan.

"Kegan. You did come through."

"Excuse me."

"You don't really think Lindsay would send anyone after you after what you did to him, do you?" asked Lilah. "At least, not without some serious incentive."

"You told him to."

"You really should have asked what your end of the deal was going to be before you took it up," said Lilah. "I wanted information on Angel. I got it from you. Just not verbally."

"You wanted to see what he'd do."

"Angel is a...loose end, as far as Wolfram and Hart are concerned. We were just interested in his reaction."

"Look, whatever it is you want with Angel, going through me is going to get you nowhere. He hates me. He'd rather me dead."

"Then why didn't he just leave you to die?"

Kegan paused and Lilah smiled evilly.

"Our partnership is over Kegan. I suggest you leave."

"You know, I've been around for a long time, but I don't think I've ever met someone resembling a snake quite as much as you do."

"You met Angelus."

"He's not a snake. He's just good at trying. You're a snake."

"Goodbye Kegan," said Lilah, smirking. "I do hope I don't have to tell you to uh...what's the phrase...watch your back."

"Ditto," said Kegan, slamming the apartment door behind her as she left.


"Did you sort it out?"

"Yeah. Managed to. Sort of."

"You didn't, did you?"

"Lawyers are very...scheming."

"Yes, they do tend to be. Lindsay not as co-operative as you'd have liked? It's too bad you didn't have your flaming stick."

"Didn't go to Lindsay."

"Where did you go?"

"A lawyer on a higher floor."

"Oh good. Go to an even more dangerous Wolfram and Hart representative. That's smart," Angel muttered sarcastically. "What deal did you have to make?"

"Didn't end up making a deal. Stalemate," said Kegan.

"So they're still going to send people after you? You should start locking your door more often," said Angel.

"Speaking of, I checked my rune. It was perfect."

Angel watched Kegan as she moved over to his desk and sat down, pulling out the lava stones she had taken the other day. The once black stones glowed red hot when the demon touched them.

"You broke through a sealed door. How?"

"I don't know," said Angel.


"Prove it."

"How'd you do it Angel?"

"I'm special," said Angel simply. "Nice party trick."

"Lava stones are meant to glow with fire. Why are you special?"

"Because I am."

"Vampire, you give me something or I burn out your eyeballs," Kegan threatened, waving one of the stones dangerously close to Angel's face.

Angel stood his ground.

"I don't know what to tell you Kegan. Maybe it doesn't work on vampires."

Kegan narrowed her eyes at him.

"I will find out Angel."

"And when you do, I'd be delighted if you could tell me," said Angel. "Now, do you need help? Protection? Anything?"

"I can handle it."

"Kegan if someone comes after you again you might not make it."

"My brother was special. He caught me by surprise. And he was pretty damn strong. Not many demons are that strong."

"Some are. And those some are generally the ones that Wolfram and Hart have access to. Kegan, you could move in here."

"Here? As in, share with you? Unless it's a single night of sweaty passion, no thank you."

"You could move closer. Kegan, this could be serious."

"I don't think it's going to happen again Angel. I think they got what they wanted."

"Which was?"

"Your reaction."

Angel stared at her.

"My reaction?"

"It wasn't about me Angel. It was about you. You're more of a threat to them than I am. I'm just some annoying demon who occasionally pops up on their radar. You basically have a vendetta against them. They want to kill you, or they want to recruit you. Soulless, preferably. They want to fin your weaknesses."

"And they found you."

"I told them you'd rather see me dead than alive, but I don't think they believed me."

"Who was 'they'?"

"Didn't get a name," said Kegan. "You know, I'd be careful if I were you Angel. I'm not the one that's in over my head. Maybe you ought to back off Wolfram and Hart for a while."

"Wait. Do I hear a note of concern in your voice?" asked Angel, smirking slightly.

"Yeah. For myself. I don't want to get attacked again."

"You said they weren't going to do it again. You're concerned about me," said Angel, grinning. "Naw, I feel so loved."

Kegan scowled at him.

"I'm okay Kegan. I know how to handle Wolfram and Hart. You're the one that doesn't. Just...try to steer clear, okay?"

"I will if you will."

Angel smirked.

"Fine," he said. "Want it in writing?"

Kegan raised an eyebrow.

"Fine. Blood or ink?"

Angel rolled his eyes and got to his feet, turning her chair towards the door.

"You should go home. Get some rest."

Kegan got to her feet and moved over to the doorway, but she turned around again.


"Mmm?" he asked, sitting back down at his desk.

"Why did you help me?"

Angel smiled at her.

"Because you're wrong. I wouldn't rather you dead."