Warning this chapter things start to get a bit heated but nothing to much. Let me know what you think.

The game was against Trinidad Tavago. So far the score was 6-0. Adam smiled at Kristy, hockey was as easy as breathing to them.

Next Fulton and Portman took the ice and took out anyone in their way.

Adam turned to look at the stands and Charlie leaned over and jokingly said. "Hey you got a girl in the stands? Just kidding Kristy."

"No man scouts look at them" Adam said pointing them out.

"Don't worry bout scouts Adam just play your best" Charlie told him.

Then Adam and Kristy got out on the ice. Kristy knew Adam was trying to impress the scouts. His head wasn't 100% in the game and he lost the puck and the game though.

"That wasn't a game a game that was a statement" Coach said.

Later they all had to go to a press conference with all the reports. Adam had his arm around Kristy's shoulders. When asked how they felt about competing on an international level they all said they loved it.

Kristy snuggled against Adam and smiled. As the cameras flashed she knew her and Adam's relationship was going to be international now. They listened to a reporter ask about team Iceland.

Gordan said that they were team USA ad they were going all the way.

"Team USA is going down that's where there going" someone said. They all looked over and saw the biggest hockey players they ever saw. The Iceland team was huge.

They all walked off the stage feeling a little less happy now that they saw there competition.

That night in the dorms things were wild. A few boys pulled a prank on Dwayne. Portman and Fulton were rocking out. The moment Adam climbed into Kristy's room her eyes lit with fire.

After games they were always pumped up. Adam rushed her and had her against the door in two seconds flat and in three his lips were on hers.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back feverishly. His hands ran over her tummy then up to her rib cage. Still they kept kissing barely breaking apart.

Soon she was on her back on the bed his hands splayed on her ribs, her fingers traveled into his hair as she kissed him more, he pulled back and smiled down at her as she rubbed the base of his neck smiling back.

"I love you" he whispered.

"And I you" she said.

Then he was kissing her again. His hands never went higher than her rib cage but hers slowly went down his back as they kissed. She rubbed his back lightly digging her nails in as the kiss got hotter.

"Adam" Kristy half moaned his name. He kissed down her jaw to her neck.

"God I love you" Adam said.

"I love you too" Kristy smiled.

They kissed some more but that's the farthest it went.

Soon the fire was out of their system and they fell asleep in each others arms.