Intro: Maya and Cam have just gotten together. After previously embarrassing herself many times, she can finally feel as if everything is normal in her life for once.

"So let's go over the list again. You're in a band, you're a superstar cello player, you're smart, cute, and officially a Puck Bunny!" Tristan exclaimed as he smiled one of his over-excited smiles at Maya, who proceeded to blush from embarrassment.

Tori giggled.

"Oh Tristan, we all know she isn't a 'Puck Bunny.' Cam's different, right?" Tori said in her defense, yet obviously enjoying Tristan's little joke.

"Of course he is. I mean, really guys, could you even see me as one of those… girls?" Maya said, almost spitting with disgust.

"Welllll.." Tristan stressed, a gesture that foreboded a rude contradiction, "You did try to give yourself that fake-booby boob job once, remember?"

"Ugh!" Maya rolled her eyes and turned around in her seat. As she picked up her pencil to scribble distracting doodles onto her notebook, she rolled her eyes again, cringing at such an embarrassing memory. How could she have been so stupid?

Just then he walks In, Campbell Saunders.

There was something about Cam that always left Maya wanting more. There was so much about him that she didn't know…

He shot her that cute, almost nervous, half-smile that he always gave her when he walked by her. Twenty seconds later and he would be sitting in the same seat he sat in everyday in French class, and it was only a couple of feet away from Maya. She smiled back and then looked down at her notebook quickly, pretending to be scribbling down something important enough to distract her from Cam's heart-warming gaze.

"Puckkkk Bunnyyy…" Maya heard behind her, the giggles ensuing.

She did a quick turn behind her to glare at Tristan and Tori, but soon thoughts of Cam began flooding her mind and suddenly everything was going to be okay.

But class was starting. Time to focus.