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Star Wars

Legend of Thaigarus


Trials and Tribulations: Prologue

It's been four years since the sacking of Coruscant and on this day a young infant is born. An infant that will become renowned as even Revan. But he will not serve the Jedi nor the Sith, he will be a servant of the force and the eternal balance that force embodies.

This infant is born of a Mandalorian father and Echani mother. His father a trooper within the Republic military and one of the most decorated soldiers of his time, his mother a powerful Jedi Consular, met his father on the battle field; both saved each other's lives that day. Both had served the Republic with the utmost dedication and honor, but after the sacking of Coruscant they decided to live their lives for themselves.

After leaving the Republic military they both left to the world of Dxun to lead the Mandalorian clan Thaigarus. As the clans' numbers swelled the two offered their clans services to the republic on a free agent basis. This is how they have lived for the past four years, but today the heir of the Thaigarus line is born.


In the medical wing of the Thaigarus clans' compound an Echani women gives birth to her firstborn son. The medical wing is in pristine white condition and sanitized to the nth degree. Currently the infants Echani mother-Teraja- is cursing his Mandalorian father-Yuuzahn who is more commonly known as Zahn.

"I swear Yuuzahn Thaigarus if you ever do this to me again I'll make you wish you died the day we met!" Teraja screamed as another contraction occurred.

In the adjacent room Yuuzahn along with his best friend cringed as the heard Teraja's scream. "She's going to kill me isn't she?" Zahn asked as her scream died down. "Don't worry about it; she'll be fine once the tyke's born." His best friend consoled.

The birthing process had lasted well into the early hours of the next morning. Zahn waited patiently in the waiting room as he heard his wife scream throughout the night, several times he had almost barged into the room to see his wife, but his friend talked him down every time.

He now was pacing a rut into the tiled floor, until suddenly he heard a scream that wasn't his wife's. Realizing his child had been born Zahn stood with his nose to the door waiting like a Kath hound would for its master. Several minutes later the nurse that watched over the birth opened the door to be startled by Zhan's face right at the door.

"Congratulations! You have a healthy baby boy. He and your wife are waiting for you." The nurse said allowing Zahn into the room.

As Zahn entered he saw his wife lying on the bed holding a small blue bundle. His wife's snow white hair was matted to her head and was covered in sweat from the exertion of bearing his son; he couldn't describe the pride he felt that moment. Approaching the bed he squatted down to his wife's level and stared at the blue bundle in her arms.

Looking to her husband Teraja handed him their son. When he took the bundle from her arms he held him with the utmost care, something he would only reserve for his wife, but now their son as well. Folding the blanket that covered the boy's face he saw pale baby soft skin, a black tuft of hair, and the most amazing green eyes he had ever seen.

"Zaaron, Zaaron Thaigarus. A fitting name for a Mandalorian warrior." Zahn said with the utmost pride. "How do you know he'll be a warrior?" Teraja asked with slight amusement at her husband's prediction. "I can just tell."


It's been five years time since Zaaron's birth, and today he will take a step on the path to his destiny. In the landing docks of the Thaigarus Clans' compound Zaaron plays a game of hide and seek with his young friends, although he is always first to be found. His snow white hair with a tuft of black over his right eye make him very easy to distinguish among a crowd and docking pad full of browns and steel. Another contribution is his size, while he is not-for lack of a better word-fat, he is very built with musculature that and his height make hiding something that he quite literally is not built for as he is larger than most children his age like his father before him, but it doesn't mean he can't try.

Entering Dxun's atmosphere was a Corellia Defender-Class Light Corvette, and onboard was Jedi Master Traya Qel-Dorma of Aalderan.

"We're approaching Dxun's atmosphere Ma'am." The captain said as he awaited the Jedi Master's instructions. "Very good, land at the Thaigarus Clan docking station and prepare for another passenger." She answered.


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