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Trials and Tribulations; Chapter 15: Getting Answers

Waking up Zaaron found himself in the medical bay of the Republic Cruiser he had been deployed from. As he adjusted to his surroundings Zaaron took note of the weight in his lap. Looking down Zaaron saw Cander sleeping. As Zaaron pet him Cander woke and began to lick his master in joy for his well being. The reunion was cut short when a voice interrupted.

"It looks like our young warrior has healed from the injuries of his first battle!" Master Kahn said with a proud smile.

Zaaron gave a small smile as he continued to pet Cander.

"How are you feeling?" Master Kahn asked as he sat down in the bedside chair.

"I'm a bit sore everywhere. How long have I been out though?" Zaaron asked turning his attention to his master.

"You were in kolto tanks for two weeks, and you've been in a slight coma for another three weeks." Master Kahn answered.

"That's a long time." Zaaron said as he absent mindedly pet Cander.

Before Master Kahn could reply Zaaron interrupted. "I never told you what I saw when I completed the Trial of Courage did I?"

"I don't believe you had." Master Kahn said with concern at the sudden shift in subject.

"When I was in the trial chamber I saw my home burning under the Sith attack. I can still smell the burning jungle, the plasma of blasters and lightsabers. Even now the images of my brethrens homes burning to the ground and the bodies lying dead across the land are a burned image within my mind. I continue to hear the cries of battle, and I still remember seeing you strike down my mother. Most of all I remember the anger, the pure hatred I felt for you as I struck you down in retaliation, and I remember your smiling face as I did so. It was if you were glad to be killed by my hand, to be dead with my mother. I still don't understand why the trial put those images into my mind, but even as it continues to play in my mind, I'm only left with questions." Zaaron said as tears welled in his eyes.

"I cannot seek to tell you why you saw this vision, but I can tell you why I would have been glad to die by your hand. Many years ago when your mother was a part of our order, she and I were lovers. We had known each other since childhood, and as years went on I had become a knight and I became her teacher as I am yours. We had shortly begun our affair after this arrangement was made, but when we took part in the war we began to drift apart. Shortly before the sacking of Coruscant you mother and father had been working closely together for quite some time, and when I saw your mother next she was married to your father. Just before she left the order she came to me and proclaimed her love for your father. As much as it pained me to let her go, I would've died before I caused her pain. After all these years I still hold to the love your mother and I shared, and I have even considered you my son in an odd way. I hope this brings some clarity to your vision, although I'm not sure it will be what you want." Master Kahn said before he departed Zaaron's room to give him time to think.


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