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The cool scent of nighttime drifted in through the window, brushing across my face. I filled my lungs with the intoxicating aroma, reveling in the carefree feeling that was overwhelming me.

Absolutely nothing could bring me down from Cloud Nine right now, except of course a soft knock on my door. I sighed and glanced at the big red glowing numbers on my alarm clock. It was nearly midnight, who could be at my door at this hour?

Carefully I unwrapped myself from my sheets and tiptoed to the door. I pushed my heart rate down as I opened the door a crack. "Patch?" He was leaned up against the doorjamb in loose grey sweatpants and a black V-Neck Tee. I opened the door the rest of the way.

"What are you doing here?" His slate black eyes held several emotions, none of which were humorous or joyful. Where was that crude sense of humor that always shined in those eyes? "Angel, something happened. Can I come in?" I nodded and stepped aside. What could have happened that could not have been told to me in my dreams?

Something happened. The same words I had heard from the doctor when she told me my father was gone. Those words had ever since chilled my spine and tied a knot in my stomach. I shivered as the now icy night air blew harshly into the room.

He sat on the edge of my bed and pat the spot next to him. The pat sent ripples through the thin airy blanket. I dashed over to the window and shut it before sitting beside him. I was closer to those deep black eyes now, and I could tell this news would shatter my world, the cracked, broken world that was only held together by the glue that was Patch.

I made a direct effort to slow my breathing. "It's about your mother," His voice was soft, compassionate, and careful. He was choosing his words with intricate care, like he was placing the last card on the top of a card castle. The knot grew tighter, my breath caught. No. Not again. "She was murdered."

There it was, the news I had been dreading the most. My mother was gone. The last of my family blood besides myself was now very likely pooling on the pavement somewhere. Hastily I shook the image from my mind.

"Patch, she can't be. No, please tell me it's not true. Please tell me it's a mistake." Sadly he shook his head, and I couldn't help the tears that escaped my eyes.

Patch wrapped his arms around me, holding me in a tight embrace. "Shh, shh, it's going to be okay, Angel."

Violent sobs shook my ribcage, making it harder to breath. He held me, murmuring soothing words. I clung to him as the broken shards fell around me.

My world was shattered, that was sure.

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