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Chapter 1

Charlotte double-checked her bag, making sure she had her metro card in her wallet. She did but realized her keys were missing. She groaned and looked around her messy room for her house keys. She looked under some clothes on the floor, on her desk that had books and such messily laid across, and on her bed that needed to be made. She finally found them under her bed near some dust bunnies. She stood up and brushed the dust off the key chains and her keys.

Fully satisfied that her keys were dust free and contained no stray spiders, she left her bedroom and went to the bathroom. Charlotte brushed her long, straight black hair and looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing jean shorts, her new hello kitty vans, and a pink shirt. When her hair was knot free, she stepped out the door and headed for the subway.

It was a hot and sunny, nothing unusual for a New York summer. After a walking a block, Charlotte took out her cell phone and started texting her friend. She was planning on meeting her at the subway station where they would ride together to the mall, she was in dire need of some back to school clothes. The sidewalk that was usually filled with fast walking people was empty. Charlotte, unobservant as she is, kept texting without any misgivings.

She was text walking and not paying attention to what was around her. Suddenly the hot summer air started to feel cold and breezy. She looked up saw a blue swirling portal in front of her. Charlotte had no time to wonder what she exactly she was seeing because the portal sucked her in.

She screamed after she was sucked in. Air seemed to rush all around her and everything was swirling. She found herself to be dizzy. This was unlike anything she has ever experienced and she knew she had a hard time comprehending what exactly she was experiencing. The portal opened in a new location leaving Charlotte to land smack on her butt. Charlotte found herself in an old fashioned room filled with wooden bunk beds. She stood up and rubbed her sore behind.

Standing, holding a bedpost with white knuckles and a face full of disbelief and shock was a boy. He seemed to be a little but older than Charlotte. He was wearing a red handkerchief and cowboy hat around his neck.

"Where the hell am I?" Charlotte said, mainly too herself,

She had not yet seen the boy and looked around. She spotted the boy shocked silent clutching the bedpost with his dear life.

"Um, hi." She said

It took a minute for the boy to speak and let go of the bedpost and walk a little closer to Charlotte, yet still keeping the distance. He pointed to area where the portal once was.

"Wha- you- da blue swirl-da bright light…" he said pointing and looking to Charlotte and then where the portal and then back at Charlotte.

Charlotte shoved her hands in her shorts pockets.

"I have no idea what just happened. I was just minding my own business when that portal sucks me in and brings me," she took her hands out of her pockets and waved her arms around "here. Where exactly am I?"

"You's in da newsies lodgin' house." He answered

"Newsies lodging house?" Charlotte questioned. She remembered the newsies from history lessons and from that musical she loved.


Charlotte was skeptical but the way the boy talked and how he dressed was almost enough to convince her.

"If you're a newsie, then why aren't you- you know- selling newspapers?" she asked

"I sold all of 'em already and was hopin' I could get some extra snoozin' time when dat blue thing showed up an' scared the living daylights outta me." He answered.

That was a reasonable answer, Charlotte thought to herself.

"You're not from around here are ya?" he asked looking at her hello kitty shoes and clothes, particularly her shorts that showed a lot of her freshly shaven and lotioned legs.

She blushed a little, noticing his wandering eyes. "Well no. And I don't really know where I am."

"Are ya deaf? I already told ya that you're in da newsies lodgin' house." He said

"I know that part, but what year?" she asked.

"1900." He answered as if it was the stupidest question ever asked.

Her mind was going a mile a minute. She in the year 1900? That is crazy, unbelievable, and impossible. She wondered why that portal got her. Then she thought 1900, well that means the strike already happened.

"That's crazy." She answered, she sat on the bed closest to her so she could soak in the fact she just time traveled.

"Where are ya from?" he asked

"2012." She answered.

He, in return, looked at her like she was crazy. If he didn't see that portal with his very own eyes, he would've deemed her insane.

"What am I gonna do? Where am I going to stay? How am I going to get back? Where is my family? How the hell did that happened…" she trailed off, her mind going a mile a minute.

"Don't cha worry, I'll help ya in ya time here." He answered

"Really?" Charlotte asked, standing up from sitting. He nodded. "Oh that's so nice of you. Thank you," she realized he didn't tell her his name. She knew his name from watching Newsies the movie, but she didn't want to seem like a creeper. "What's your name?"

"Me name's Jack Kelly, but people call me Cowboy. Not ta be rude or anything but are those cats on your shoes?" he asked.

She looked at her shoes. "Yeah, it's Hello Kitty." Cowboy looked at her with confusion.

"It's a popular character in my time." She said smiling. He smiled back.

"Not that ya outfit is ugly, I actually really like it," he said looking back at her legs smiling slyly, "but ta fit in this time, ya gotta change."

He went to a drawer and took out a pair of worn ankle length laced up boots, a white long sleeved shirt, and some pants.

"Thanks." Charlotte said.

"No problem, Kitty."

She looked at him, shaking her head and smiling.