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Thinking it best to stay out of the way while the crew prepared for the launch Willow hoisted herself up onto the shrouds of the ship to get an overall look of the magnificent vessel. The Legacy was nothing short of impeccable, as much as she liked Silver's ship, this was more along the lines of the five star luxuries. Everything was so new and worked so smoothly, the captain's wheel had no chipping in the wood, the solar sails had no holes or stains; even the deck was spotless.

Watching the crew she had grown up with work so efficiently was almost surreal to her, they had always been too boisterous and rough in their actions, but as they hurried from one spot on the deck to another so efficiently, you'd have thought them loyal servants of the navy; either Silver must be tripling their shares in the treasure or they have actually decided to work well. She laughed at the latter.

A flash of blue caught her eye as she watched the captain give orders to the crew members; taking long graceful strides across the deck she held an air of up most authority around her. Though she would never admit this, Willow was actually quite thrilled to be serving under a female captain, especially a captain with such a reputation as Amelia.

Watching her go about her duties made Willow think of a dream she would always have as a child, Amelia was the woman she had so dearly wanted to be when she grew up, looking at Amelia, her blue tailored Naval coat was spotless, her long legs encased in impeccable black boots, beautiful red hair neatly cut falling back along her head, not to mention her physique was flawless. She had strength and beauty, something most women strived for.

Willow had fairly short, poorly cut, brown hair, unable to reach the back she had to rely on Silver to hack at her hair whenever it had gotten too long and impractical. She was fairly thin, but lacked the womanly shape Amelia held so well, on multiple times Willow would be mistaken for a boy; not that she minded, people seemed to take her more seriously when they saw her as male but sometimes it grew tiresome. She wore tattered gray pants which tucked into her brownish boots, which were now falling apart and an oversized blue shirt that she could swim in. But none the less, for the first time in awhile Willow suddenly felt slightly self-conscious, a small voice in her head wishing her to be pretty, every once in awhile it would be nice to maybe perhaps turn some heads.

Shaking her head she pushed the thoughts away as quickly as they came, she loved what she did and in a way she loved Silver, sure he wasn't able to give her nice clothes or a decent hair cut but he took care of her when she had nothing; that's all she could ask for. Who wanted to be one of those air head girls, only caring about their appearance anyway? She had more in her life than any of them could ever wish for.

Eyes scanning the deck overwhelmed by all the commotion, Willows eyes caught sight of Silvers new cabin boy's head emerge from the galley as he melancholy trudged up the steps on deck, hands stuffed in his jacket pocked and eyes down cast.

Before she had chance to even think about talking to him, Morph suddenly flew up to her face yipping and chirping motioning over to the galley.

"Wait, what? Morph I'm not getting a word you're saying..."

The small pink blob grabbed a hold of a strand of her hair and attempted to pull her over to the galley. "Oh, Silver wants to see me?" Willow felt her stomach drop in disappointment as she suddenly realised she wouldn't have the chance to watch the launch of the Legacy.

Happily wittering away Morph was pleased she'd got the point then went onto pushing against the back of her head in a manner to say "Go!"

Reluctantly she willed herself to make her way back to the galley, sending a slight nod and smile to Jim as she passed him, though he only returned the nod, it seemed to Willow that he was incapable of smiling.

'What a grump...'

As Willow reached the bottom of the stairs she could see Silver engulfed in a wall of steam that was emerging from the large stew pot in the centre of the kitchen. "You wanted to see me Silver?"

"Oh there ye' are, I didn't hear ya come down." Silver smiled as he wiped his hands on his apron. "We've got a little change of plan, the lad knows far too much an' I think he's already on to our scent. Dat inn we raided before we got to the space port I think was his home. He got the map from Billy Bones."

"What? So do you think he saw anything?" Willow could feel herself panic, they had worked too long and too hard to get there cover blown before they've even left port. "Do you think he saw us?"

"I don't know, but we hav'ta be on high alert, even more so now he's got suspicions. Do ye understand Wills? You have to make sure not to let anything slip, 'cause I know dat mouth o' yers can get ye into trouble sometimes." Silver eyed her, though he fought to suppress a smile as she gaped at him.

"I'm not an idiot Silver; I think we've pulled enough of these to know not to say anything." Willow folded her arms and huffed. "And I do not have a 'mouth'!"

Laughing Silver rose his arms defensively "I know, Wills, I know. I'm jus' lettin' ye know because, well..." He cleared his throat and shifted on his feet. "Ya see, yer a young lass, an' he's a young lad an' I just don't want any o' dem adolescent hormones an' feelins' messin' wit ya sense o' judgement an - ."

"S-Silver!" Willows hands flew to his face willing him to stop as her face burned a bright red. "I don't think now is the time or place to give me 'The Talk'! And anyway..." She sighed and lifted herself onto one of the counters "He wouldn't look at me anyway."

Silvers eyebrows knitted at his forehead as he looked at Willow "Now see here Wills, don't go thinkin' yer not a pre -"

"It's fine Silver, I'm not worried about it." She laughed it off "And I understand; no talk of the map or the voyage in general, be on your toes and keep an eye on them, I got it." Willow hopped down off the counter and smiled at him. She appreciated that he cared about how she felt, but he had bigger things to worry about.

Before she made her way back up on deck, she reached out for Silvers hand and smiled again. "Thank you though." Giving it a squeeze she quickly made her way back onto deck.

Silver chuckled to himself as he returned to the cooking, though he didn't say it aloud he was proud of Willow, when there was a job to be done she would always do her best to give one hundred and ten percent. She had proven to him and the crew she could handle whatever they threw at her, she was a tough girl, sure she complained about things but all of his crew did, but never to the point where she was being out of line, and she rarely cried and when she did she would lie and say she was fine. She didn't want people to think of her as weak, just because she was a girl didn't make her any less capable and she strived for people to know that.

Silver was extremely proud, and felt maybe he should tell her that.

Just as Willow suspected, when she reached the deck she had missed the grand spectacle of the launch, sighing she looked around and noticed that the rest of the crew were well into their rhythm of working, she then spotted Jim the cabin boy taking in the stars up on the shrouds.

Looking around she thought perhaps it wouldn't hurt to take in some of the Etherium; Willow made her way over and hoisted herself up onto the shrouds joining Jim.

"Amazing isn't it?" She said as she gazed out into the stars.

"You're telling me."

"Have you ever been to space before?" Willow decided that maybe trying to make small conversation wouldn't hurt; perhaps trying to make friends might knock him off their trail for awhile.

"No, this is my first time. But I've wanted to get out here ever since I was five." Jim looked over to Willow as a small grin crept onto his face.

"So this is kind of like a dream come true for you then?" Willow smiled at the thought.

Jim rubbed at the back of his neck, suddenly seeming quite bashful; maybe it wasn't 'cool' to have dreams.

"Yeah I guess you could say it is." He looked down and then craned his neck out to look at into the Etherium. "Silver said that you two travel together, so I guess this is pretty normal for you huh?"

"Yeah, but I guess that's the thing with being out here. No matter how many times you've seen the stars they always manage to take your breath away, kind of like you see them for the first time every day." 'Okay, that sounded really lame...'

Jim didn't reply, but the grin that had crept onto his face hadn't left as he listened to what she was saying. The two stayed hanging in the shrouds in a comfortable silence just taking in the amazing view of the stars and galaxies.

The silence was suddenly broken.

"Jimbo! I got two new friends I'd like ye to meet!"

Jim swung around to face Silver, looking around to see these 'friends'.

"Say hello to Mr. Mop, and Mrs. Bucket" Silver threw the mop and bucket to Jim as he muttered a slight 'yippee' under his breath.

Willow looked over at Jims dejected look unable to stifle her laughter, even though Silvers jokes were lame, she couldn't help but laugh.

"I don't see what yer laughin' at Wills you better high tail yerself down into the engine room I hear they need ya to check to make sure everythin' had run nice and smooth durin' the launch."

Silver laughed at her gaping face before making his way back down to the galley which only seemed to echo the mocking laughter.

The two teens climbed down from the shrouds grumbling as they went; suddenly the prospect of this voyage didn't seem all that exciting anymore. "This completely sucks, I don't even like engines all that much..."

"Hey, I'd take the engine room any day; at least you're not stuck with Mr. Mop..." Jim said as he slapped the wet mop down onto the deck.

"Eheh, yeah I guess." Just before she turned to go down to the engine room she turned to face Jim "Hey, maybe when you're done you could come down and give me a hand with the engine. It's all navy issued machinery and if I'm perfectly honest." Willow leant in and whispered "I don't have a friggin' clue what I'm doing."

Jim laughed "Yeah that'd be cool."


It was official, Willow hated the engine room, it was cramped, it was hot and half the time she didn't know what she was looking at. She recognised the basic components of the engines, but she'd never worked with anything which had more than two solar-energized masts. All the dials and wires sticking this way and that was more than what she understood or had the capability to understand.

She'd managed to clean out some of the valves, oil up some cogs and tighten a few loose screws but that was all she could recognise, everything just seemed too daunting to even go near. 'Who knows, maybe Jim knows more about engines than me.'

Willow whipped her forehead with the back of her arm and made her way back up onto deck, there was no way she could spend any more time down there, it was fair too hot with the engines working to full capacity down there.

As she was making her way back up on deck she could hear loud calls of the crew, then she heard the shrill voice of Krailoni, the ugly armed head cry out "Slice 'im slice 'im!" She felt her stomach drop; a brawl had broken out already? It was confirmed that the crew were idiots. It's like they wanted to be found out.

Willow bounded up the steps to find Scroop pinning Jim up against the main mast by his neck. Any tighter and his claws will cut through his neck.

"Scroop, what the hell are you doing?" Willow called as she ran up to the scene.

"Oh Willooow" Scroop said, drawing her name out "You've come just time to see me s-s-s-slice through this whelps neck." He turned his creepy glowing eyes back to Jim. "Any last words-s-s...Cabin boy?"

"Are you some kind of idiot do you want to get thrown into the brig -!?" Before Willow could finish her sentence she heard Silvers voice behind her.

"Mr. Scroop?" Silver walked Willow, gently pushing her back away from Scroop because placing his robotic arm, which he had switch around to a clamp on to Scroops arm. "Have ye' ever seen what happens to s fresh purp, when ya' squeeze REAL HARD?" As he spoke his clamp tightened down on his claw crushing it to the point where he had to release Jim, leaving him fall to the floor.

"What's all this then?" Mr. Arrows voiced boomed across the deck drawing every ones attention. "You know the rules, there'll be no brawling on this ship, the next offender will be thrown into the brig for the remainder of the voyage."

There was a quiet chorus of "Yes sir" and "Sorry sir" among the crew.

Mr. Arrow stood up to Scroop clarifying his point. "Am I clear, Mr. Scroop?"

Though Scroop did not reply, he intended to continue to glower at Mr. Arrow until he noticed Silver's intense cybertronic eye casting a red glow on his face, urging him to reply, defeated Scroop turned Mr. Arrow.

"Transparently..." Was all Scroop could growl out.

The then began to thin out and return to their jobs; though as Scroop passed Willow he growled something to her. "I'll get him, jus-s-s-st you wait..."

Willow felt as if her stomach was about to fall through the floor, killing them was not part of the plan, sure she were criminals and she had done some pretty shady things but Willow would have no part in murder. A one way ticket to the gallows was not in her cards and she planned to keep it that way. Stuffing her hands in her pockets she made her way over to Jim and Silver.

Trying to keep an up-beat vibe Silver called out the first mate "Good job Mr. Arrow sir! A tight ships a happy ship, sir!" He gave an exaggerated salute before turning instantly to Jim. "Jimbo, I gave you a job." He said as he snatched up the mop.

"Hey I was doing it until that bug thing- !"

"Belay that!" Silver barked "Now I want this deck swabbed spotless, and heaven help ye' if I come back an' it's not done!" He looked over to Morph. "Morphy, keep an eye on this here pup, an' let me know if there be any more distractions, Willow I need a word wit' ya down in the galley."

Willow sent an apologetic look over to Jim as she followed Silver back down to the galley. She knew what happened couldn't have been his fault, Scroop had always been ruthless and an overall ass-hole, she felt bad for him getting into trouble with Silver.

When the two had reached the galley she saw that the rest of the crew was there, she suddenly felt her blood run cold, Silver only ever gathered the crew all together when either something bad has happened or they were about to get a scolding. She swung more for the latter.

She made her way down into the kitchen and sat up on one of the counters, farthest away from the rest of the crew, and awaited the wrath of their captain.

"So, we're all here then...fine, now if ye pardon my plain speakin' gentlemen," Silver slowly swapped his robotic hand for a cutlass sword, "are ye all... STARK RAVIN' TOTALLY BLINKIN' DAFT?!" He swung his sword around madly at the rest of the crew taking off the top of Onus' hat.

"After all me finagling, gettin' us hired as an upstandin' crew you want to blow the whole mutiny before it's time!?"

"The boy was-s-s sniffing about..." Scroop growled at Silver, still absentmindedly rubbing his crushed claw.

"You just stick to the plan ye' bug-brained-twit!" Silver matched his glare "We're too close to get our cover blown now, one more step out'a line Mr. Scroop and I'll personally fire ye' out'a the ships cannons me'self!"

Silver turned his back on the crew for a moment pressing his fingers to the bridge of his nose in an attempt to calm himself before barking to the crew to get back to their work. Willow stayed sat on the counter as them crew left the galley.

Turning around Silver made his way over to Willow, showing her a grin to say that he'd calmed down, "I swear to the high heavens Wills, dat blasted crew is gonna drive me barmy." He chuckled and grabbed a damp cloth from the sink. "Now it looks like ye' went down into engine room, yer filthy Wills, honestly how am I 'sposed to give ye dinner with ye covered in oil."

Silver began rubbing the cloth over Willows face as if a father would to their child.

Laughing behind the cloth Willow tried to push his hands away. "Ahahaha Silver, I'm not a baby I know how to wash my face!"

Silver took the cloth away from her face and laughed "Ahh look'it ya, pretty as a picture ye' are Wills!"

Willow snorted a laugh and took the cloth and rubbed it over her hands and arms until she deemed them clean. "See there we go all clean!" She put out her arms in front of Silver to prove her point.

"Now feed me food! I'm hungry!" She laughed out in a baby-like manner.

Silver chuckled and handed her a bowl of bonzabeast stew. "Psh, and ye' say ye' aren't a baby."

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