The chronological development of the work takes place just after the ending time of the sequel film of to the eponymous main character, so that part of the plot is based on that film, while the appearance of certain characters are inspired on the accredited Felix Salten's books which inspired the first of these two films. For that large gap differences between movies and books, this work is to create a narrative text that could harmonize these differences (not worse them) using total changes in the role of some characters, here it is the originality of the writing, because despite the imprecision that can be original works on this period of life of Bambi; to blend imagination and common sense can reveal an acceptable alternate story.


Bambi was near to a pasture where he used to eat; since he moved, there he can remember good times, although there were constant dangers. A former rival calmly walked to get there.

We get to see you, Princess - Ronno said from a far distance - do not say I have not warned you.

Did you expect to return to face me? - Bambi asked surprised.

Not at all - Ronno answered with pride - There is no one here that can interrupt us, so you will lose immediately.

For some reason Ronno looked tense as he was worry about something or someone who he does not like to see.

And what brings you here? - Bambi said curiously.

Only meet you - Ronno replied making an emphasis on his words - I think we both need to be accompanied, after all it is a long time ago that we do not see the little bunny and skunk.

Ronno, what's wrong? I noticed you too rude, well; ruder than normal. - Bambi mentioned confused.

Really? - Ronno spoke displeased - well if you care so much about everyone you should start with you; if your horns are still growing they can get where is supposed to be your brain.

See! - Bambi yelled annoyed - This is what I mean, your attitude is not better. In fact, once you said you thought we were friends, right?

Well, of course I said that. - Ronno said dubiously.

So - Bambi added calmed - why do you make so many abuses towards me?

What are you talking about? That's the way I treat my friends! - Ronno answered without expecting that question.

I don't want imagine if you have enemies. - Bambi mumbled.

So funny! - Ronno intervened a little angry - Do not think you are the first acquaintance with whom I fought.

Oh no? - Bambi said, surprised again.

Certainly not - Ronno mentioned with interest - if you had asked about my ear I tell you...

Wait - Bambi moved his ears and his nose, watching something - I hear approaching something, maybe it's our size.

Don't worry - Ronno interfered with no paying attention - it's nobody, just Karus.

Hello Ronno - Karus said emotively - I see your ear is not yet healthy, I expected that it would recover as soon as the scratches that you did.

Oh, yes - Ronno answered unconcerned - hello slag; well, at least I did not run away when my defeat was presented.

Who is he? - Karus asked curiously at them.

I am Bambi. - Bambi said friendly.

Oh sure, the girl's name guy - Karus laughed at him - right Ronno?

That's funny! - Bambi answered irritated - I once met a doe called Karus.

Really? - Karus questioned that seriously - Do not you think it's a very masculine name?

Well, it works on you. - Bambi said calmed.

I guess you want to fight, right? - Karus asked offended.

It's not worth fighting for no reason - Bambi mentioned wisely - well not ... Forget it.

What, what you were going to say? - Ronno interfered with interest.

If I want sympathize you - Bambi spoke slowly - it's better keep quiet.

I think I understand - Ronno let out his commentary - thanks... Thank you, Bambi.

You're welcome, I have to go. - Bambi walked off with a slight smile.

See you later. - Ronno said joyful.

Bambi decided to avoid going into more hostile moments and he went to a point where he still see them, without they could watch him.

Well, Ronno - Karus commented in a bothering way - and tell me, who is the guy who likes to run off?

You're still you. - Ronno answered unsurprised.

Do you really want to fight? - Karus questioned Ronno again.

Ha ha, I don't fight with cowards. - Ronno replied with no interest.

Bambi laughed as he pondered what he had witnessed "I think that he's a friend made for Ronno."