Chapter XIII: Out of the forest

Scene 60

Half of the sky was covered in dark and the other one remained shining light of clarity. In this subtle landscape, two cervine shadows were perceived moving slowly away from the safety of that dense forest leafs dressed in orange, although it was not much in that early winter, it was still enough to hide some animal silhouettes from the constant threat of humans.

What are we doing here? - Treus asked nervous - I think it is extremely dangerous to walk through before a "he" could appear.

What do you mean? - Bambi said confidently - first, I'm not dumb enough to let me expose a likely death, and secondly, why are you referring to humans even as "he"?, This custom has not much sense nowadays.

It may not seem to make sense - Treus explained slowly - however, I think that this fear of mentioning the name of his species helps us to avoid thinking about them as you would do against any opponent, but he is much more than an enemy.

You've given me much to think about - Bambi answered listening carefully, hoping not to step on some freshly fallen leaf, especially if it was dry - I really do not know much about these creatures, except that they are extremely dangerous and somehow associated with fire .

So there is nothing to do here, better get back. - Treus suggested fearful.

No, Treus - Bambi said in a whisper - do you really not know where to try to behave?

I do not know and do not think it's that important. - Treus sighed.

Come on, are not you curious? - Bambi asked excitedly.

Am I supposed to be curious? - Treus said deadpan.

Damn it, Treus, I think you were right - Bambi responded annoying - how could I think you could have a fun side and friendlier?

Wait, wait - Treus replied offended - so it was only because I think I'm quiet incapable of doing any deed that you have done?

It is not that and I think you know it - Bambi mentioned passively - I'm not trying to say that I am superior to you, simply, I meant that maybe we could do something "fun" while your girlfriend is chatting with Faline, who certainly cannot imagine knowing what you may have seen.

Okay, ignore that last part out of respect for your majesty - Treus replied indignantly - now better follow me, I will show you that I really know what is the meaning of "fun".

Scene 61

Thus the clear sky was gradually dissipate in order to be covered by a few clouds and the typical dark night, far were Treus and Bambi, they were walking , while Faline still talking pleasantly with Marena.

So that time you were not in that way. - Faline concluded a dialogue with Marena.

Exactly, yet - Marena paused - I do not understand what is the reason of your mood change and that looking for the love of Bambi.

What's the similitude of this with the conversation that we have talked about? - Faline said surprised.

Nothing really - Marena said easily - but I would like to know the answer to that mysterious question.

I do not know if there is a clear answer to that question - Faline suggested - but the truth is that so much has happened between us that I have not known exactly how to react when I'm with him, sometimes I feel that we should be together and other times it seems it's best to keep our distance.

I still do not understand you, Faline - Marena laughed subtly - you say you love Bambi and you keep heeding your thoughts.

So, what's wrong with that? - Faline startled.

Nothing, if you want only a friend - Marena continued merrily - but if you want a boyfriend, you should forget many of the ideas that could separate you from your other side and let yourself be guided by all the feelings that drive you to love him, I thought you would have known this all this time.

Maybe subconsciously - Faline nodded feeling like a beginner on these issues - now I see why Gobo was so happy with you, but this make want to question you something else, how did you get to mate Treus?

Long story, but much is due to the stubbornness of Treus when something is proposed. - Marena said before beginning her long narration.

Scene 62

Most of the moon was consumed by the darkness of space, and thousands of miles of white sand were standing below a pair of deer, they were heading dangerously to the starting point of human presence.

Now I'm the one who believes that this is an exaggeration - Bambi mentioned agitated.

So you're afraid? - Treus laughed sarcastically but immediately turn serious again - well, actually I have the same fear; it is where I saw shadows of humans appear.

Are you insane? - Bambi exclaimed - as owls could stop screaming, death will be over us without even giving us time to run.

Then we have more than a couple of hours - Treus said a little calmer - I found some strange things on this site, they are like small rocks, but they have very similar forms between them.

Did you come here often? - Bambi said between excited and fearful.

Only once - Treus said - but it was all the necessary to have another point of view on these beings, so that's why I keep saying "he" and not humans, maybe you will think it is absurd.

If so surprising - Bambi said with his eyes suggesting curiosity - can you show me what you have found?

I cannot guarantee that this time I will find something similar - Treus reacted with little nervousness - but since we have time we can see what we could find.

Scene 63

As the night became early morning with no Sun, Bambi was moving silently, close was Treus, and even closer were traces of human civilization, with every step they did, they were taking away the security that the dense of the forest could provide for them, and that implied venture into unknown dangers.

Now I regret this. - Bambi said nervously.

Wait - Treus interrupted. - I believe that soon we will see something; after all, in that place I told you I saw nothing today.

How you say today? - Bambi said surprised - also you came there today?

Not exactly. - Treus clarified. - I meant that we passed by as we walked there and I did not notice anything out of the ordinary.

Wait! - Bambi shouted peering.

What is it? What happens? - Treus stopped abruptly scared.

Look at that. - Bambi said. - I've never seen trails like that.

Trails? - Treus was nervous. - I am not sure if these are paths, they are fully weatherproof.

Are not these the "stones" of which you have spoken? - Bambi asked confused.

Uh, no - Treus answered seriously - as I had said these things were not, that was elsewhere.

What! then you have no idea where we are or what is this place, do you? - Bambi shouted "silently".

Well, no, but - Treus changed the conversation. - I think after all these ones were really a kind of paths, otherwise what kind of thing could be?

Treus, you have to admit that this is totally wrong, it is better to return. – Bambi suggested.

No, Bambi - Treus said exasperated. - You told me that maybe I was serious or very useless, but here I am showing you that I have been decided and responsible for my word, for what I have said; if I said something I must fulfill it, is not what you would do?

There is no need to do this - Bambi said. - As this, instead of favoring your situation, it would endanger us, if you realize the sunlight begins to look to the East, the danger is imminent.

I know, it's silly, though - Treus remained static for a moment. - Did you feel that?

What if I feel...? - Bambi discovered on whether the presence of something really heavy, near of the trail; as it could be a group of individuals. - Go, to the woods!

Wasting no time, Bambi and Treus hid between the little vegetation they could find, hoping to appear unexpected. Within seconds spent a land vehicle passed at high speed, forcing the soil to vibrate suddenly.

Did you see that? - Treus asked trembling.

Sure. - Bambi responded equally surprised.

I think we should go back, do not you think? - Treus suggested, still trembling.

I do not think so - Bambi said steeling himself - whatever it is that, that seems to be "He", well, at least not directly him.

Do not you know what they say about all these places, you've never heard the legends of man besides its foray into the forest? - Treus questioned severely.

Not really - Bambi said immutably - tell me, please, it may be useful.

You see - Treus patiently began to describe - it is said that he, the man, is seen only occasionally hunted not because he rested into the dark of the forest, but those living in arid regions, far from where we are, further than this, only birds could witness all the events and locations of man, the concern is that as many have said, including your cousin Gobo, he has a power beyond mere thunder weapon.

It's amazing what have you said, yet - Bambi smiled - they are mere legends, does not believe that the great power to kill is more than enough?

So you are sure to continue. – Treus answered.

Absolutely, because although it has not heard of any deer that has returned from that far - Bambi paused again. - I have not heard of anyone who has gone so far.

Damn it, I know I'll regret this, but who cares, no, wait, what am I doing? - Treus relaxed, sighed and made a decision. - I'll go with you, but promise me that if you survive and I do not, you will tell Marena that I loved her with all my heart.

Do not be overstated! - Bambi chided sarcastically. - We will be back here alive and kicking, I do not want to brag, but you are with a prince of the forest.

That's what worries me most - Treus replied seriously. - although your majesty do not want to believe me.

As the Sun moved through the sky, the two stags sought a safe place to hide from any possible threat, although they had no idea that ironically the more they continue with their journey, the more than the average human would be appear less dangerous.

Scene 64

I think it's wonderful to spend time talking with you, Marena - Faline said yawning. - But it is dawning and Bambi and I must go home, do not you think?

It is a good idea - Marena nodded. - Just, where are Treus and Bambi?

Do not they have come? - Faline startled. - But I thought that they have said they would be back soon.

I'm not sure. - Marena said. - Let's look better, probably they only have lost track of time, they are not some youngsters.

I am still worried about his tardiness - Faline remembered something. - I thought you said that Treus was very stubborn, he did?

So, why do you ask? - Marena asked afflicted.

It is nothing - Faline whispered. - maybe they and we will need help.

NOTE: The section that alludes to a "land vehicle" was precisely wrote in that way in order not to specify the time in which the story was planned to be, and avoid formerly historical inexact events or associations.