Chapter VIII: Too much friendship

Scene 38

That day in the afternoon Ronno sought Bambi, because although Marena could understand better his situation, if she was near of Faline that could not improve his mood greatly.

Bambi - Ronno said sadly - I come to talk to you.

Great, but tell me - Bambi replied smiling - how was your "date"?

It's just what I've come - Ronno paused - it was a disaster.

I do not think your visit has been that bad. - Bambi tried to help.

No, it was worse than you imagine - Ronno rebuked – she mocked me.

Well - Bambi went proudly - at least you know how I felt when you used to make fun of me, then is this why you failed?

Neither - Ronno said - the problem is that I teased her.

Now that I think about it I think that it is the reason you are no longer dating. - Bambi sighed.

I still hope that one of these days we're both ready to love each other as we want. - Ronno ommented with the mind in the doe that had left him.

We are both? - Bambi asked worried.

Don't panic - Ronno clarified his idea - I do not mean us.

When Ronno gave this joke, Bambi would respond with another but he was not very good making jokes.

Why not? - Bambi said a little nervously - we get a lot of fun along.

What do you say? - Ronno Exclaimed astonished - we must not, firstly Faline adores you, secondly you must become the Great Prince and thirdly, what the hell is wrong with you?

It was very clear that Ronno thought Bambi was talking seriously but Bambi decided to see how far he could get in his attempt for a good joke.

But think - Bambi replied sarcastically - we are very close for a good time, this must be a sign.

Bambi tried to approach Ronno to say him "I cheated you, it was a joke" but his bad luck got in the act tripping and falling over the left side of Ronno.

Who are you and what you did to Bambi? - Ronno exclaimed with his eyes full of amazement, anger and disappointment.

Confused, Ronno started running towards home without giving him a chance to explain that Bambi was not on purpose, but just seemed to be on the verge of another tragedy.

Scene 39

When Ronno come at his home, he took the opportunity to ask for advice to her mother about what had happened.

That was what he really said - Ronno talked in detail - but do not tell anyone, that has to be solved.

Maybe you're right, after all you are friends - his mother said without finding a better explanation - maybe only he is afraid of you to stay away from him.

Yes - Ronno nodded uneasily - I think that's it, but I will turn away from him a while to be sure.

Just be sure not to make things worse. - She replied.

That would be almost impossible. - Ronno said as she tried to breathe deeply.

So he spent the night and waking Ronno was looking for Faline, he should prove to himself he could do aside Bambi.

Ronno - Faline greeted him - but what a surprise!

So I say. - Ronno said cheerfully.

Then - Faline asked curiously – are you seeking me?

Sure - Ronno said - why would not I?

Well, if you want to accompany me - Faline mentioned with no choice - first I'll go to pasture and then talk with Marena, are you coming?

Then Faline walked into the clearing while Ronno stood by, as they began to eat they heard a voice shouting in the distance.

Ronno! - The voice of Bambi said.

Is not that Bambi? - Faline questioned.

I think so - Ronno answered hastily - I have to go, I should not see him for now.

Why not? - Faline was beside himself - I thought you were friends.

Long story - Ronno mentioned running - goodbye.

In just a jiffy, Ronno had already gone too far, just when Bambi approached to Faline.

He's gone, right? - Bambi was troubled by what was panting.

Yes - Faline still curious about the matter - what happened?

It's hard to explain, but if you see him - Bambi gulped and waited for his breathing to calm down - can you say that what I said was not seriously just joking?

Sure, but I do not know if I'll see him soon - Faline thought about it - he can be very elusive.

I still thank you. - Bambi replied quietly.

A few seconds passed and Bambi returned to the safety of the forest. Across that region Ronno was walking without paying attention and ran into some less expected.

Come here. - The Great Prince of the forest shouted with a rigid posture, looking even more powerful.

Bambi is not with me. - Ronno faltered worried.

I know - the old buck replied - I'm talking to you.

I'll be right, sir. - Ronno replied politely.

I have wanted to talk to you - the Great Prince said gravely - tell me, do you think Bambi soon become a strong prince and my successor?

I do not know - Ronno said with fear – it is a difficult question to answer.

Did you call you his friend and you do not know? - The Great Prince questioned to him.

With all respect, sir, you are his father and you do not know either. - Ronno felt it would cost too for him, so he closed his eyes and waited for the worst.

Very true - the old stag said without aggression - but I must say that if for some reason Bambi is not enough mature to become a great prince, I think, that you...

Me? - Ronno was startled - I am pleased to hear that but you should not do that to your child, I will do what is necessary to prevent him from fail.

So you are my second choice - The Great Prince said motivating Ronno - you will not disappoint me, despite the fact I must tell you that you're like a son to me.

They both went in opposite directions, Ronno knew he had to convince Bambi to retake the course and become a better deer than it had been hitherto.

Scene 40

For when Ronno was looking for Bambi, he was quite far from where Ronno expect to find him, but he still did not give up. On the other side of a hill, Bambi was so distracted, as much that he could not anticipate a trap, he tried to move his legs the least possible, the sounds this would attract hunters, so he began to yell desperate for help, being so far from home he was unfortunate that his appeal reached the wrong ears.

Karus - Bambi said scared - you should not be here, my father have dropout you of the forest.

No - Karus replied annoying - he kicked me out of the region that he rules, he has no jurisdiction here, I mean, and he will not be here. It seems that the prince has problems.

Please - Bambi pleaded - do not be foolish.

Do not think it's silly that finally one of my questions could be answered. - Karus said mockingly.

And what is that question? - Bambi said with interest and anxiety.

What if the forest was left without his prince? - Karus said so philosophical.

No - Bambi begged again - please be quiet.

Oh, no - Karus laughed evilly - but sooner or later you will have to choose between dying of starvation or try to escape but get killed in the attempt, until then, I'll wait.

From certain perspective, Faline could hear those two voices and instantly she recognized them, Bambi was in danger and she had to tell Ronno before something bad would happened. Luckily she soon found him at a great distance.

Ronno - Faline shouted running - help!

Now what's wrong? - Ronno asked.

It's Bambi - responded Faline - he is in danger!

Where? - Ronno cared much in that.

On the hill that has many old spruces - Faline thought if that was correct - only in the other side, I think.

Ronno then went to the place that Faline believed was right, he would not know how much time he has.

Scene 41

It was dusk when Ronno could finally find Bambi, moaning for help, he had to be patient to know what the risk was, but if it was necessary he must to do something soon.

Karus, please - Bambi tried to reach a fair agreement - if you save me I will reward you.

Do not try to tempt me - Karus was angry, too much not to agree to anything - only your agony will be better than your own death.

Such a scene he could not believe, Ronno thought that Karus had fled to another forest or perhaps he had died, so he took courage and hit Karus before he realized his presence.

This trap is tougher than I expected. - Ronno said worried.

Then I have time - Karus addressed Ronno - the prince will pay with his life your meddling.

Saying this, Karus moved Bambi signal triggering the trap and immediately several lights appeared and moved toward them, Karus gone quiet; no one would attack him while Bambi still strapped.

You must go - Bambi whispered to Ronno - save yourself.

No - Ronno not give up easily - you will survive, and you're almost there for free.

But they will kill you! - Bambi shouted Ronno crying.

Or I will die trying - Ronno realized the stupidity he had said - wait that makes no sense.

At the last moment Bambi was released, then they ran together without a trace, but again Ronno's leg affected his agility making Bambi stumble without noticing. Unable to stand, Ronno crawled into the bushes hoping they could not find him, nevertheless, one man approached him and examined too without firing, only he saw the still growing antlers and the complexion looking much like a fawn, Ronno turned his gaze to the wildflowers growing near, he expect to have a pleasant memory to accompany him in his death, yet the man decided not to take him and let him live. As humans went off, Ronno rose and ran to the forest interior, he was too scared.

Scene 42

Early, Bambi met Faline and began to talk completely terrified by what had happened.

Bambi, you could escape! - Faline shouted enthusiastically.

Did you see Ronno go out of there? - Bambi asked worried.

I have not seen him - Faline realized what have happened - oh no.

I think he has taken by the men - Bambi said sadly - and this is all my fault!

Bambi sat down on the floor and began to sob softly.

I cannot believe it - Faline deny this fact - it's that he had risked his being many times and always he came out victorious, and now this.

If I had been more cautious, I would not have fallen into that trap and he should not have been sacrificed for me. - Bambi still blaming cruelly.

No, that's not your fault - Faline reassured Bambi - if he had been in danger you would have rescued him too, so that's life.

Do you know what it's the worst? - Bambi said crouching his ears.

What? – Faline asked.

I'm going to telling you but do me a favor. - Bambi said.

I guess. - Faline hesitated.

It's just that his mother will be heartbroken - Bambi explained - and the favor I ask you is that you tell her.

No - Faline worried - anything but that.

We should not hide the truth - Bambi answered seriously - maybe one or two days she would not worry, but to say that he will be far on that other way for a lifetime will completely destroy the soul.

Do you think he is now with my brother? - Faline asked wistfully.

Faline, how could you be so strong to bear this loss? - Bambi mentioned stuttering - I am very weak, I couldn't resist knowing that I never can see Ronno again.

More tears fell from his face; Faline snuggled beside him without saying anything, just stared into the smiling eyes trying to tell him that all the loved ones who remain appear to be lost within the soul. They have harbored in an incredible peace forcing them to fall asleep and to forget such misfortune.

Scene 43

Ronno spent another day in the heart of the forest, he had an absolute fear about human and he was afraid of any noise, but it was necessary to return to his home in order to his friends can know that he had not died. When he was a few steps to reach the shelter he was surprised to see Bambi and Faline there about to say something to his mother.

I do not want to worry - Faline said uneasily - but I'll be direct, Ronno is, Ronno is ...

There, look! - Bambi exclaimed happily - he is there, alive!

I'm alive - Ronno said listening to Bambi - but not more than ever, I'm still nervous.

I forgot - Bambi lamented - you risked your safety for me and I feel terrible about it.

Forget that feeling - Ronno comforted him - you know I'm for protection.

Also - Bambi added - I tell you what I did and I told you it was not on purpose.

I understand - Ronno laughed jokingly - I think some people might "fall" wrongly.

That's not what I mean - Bambi was embarrassed - I tried to make a joke to cheer you but I went very mistaken.

You will need a lot of practice to reach me. - Ronno responded with superiority.

Enough! - Ronno's mother shouted angrily - Ronno, come here at this moment.

The look in Ronno's mother showed anger and his voice was dominant, rarely seen her in that way.

Mother - Ronno said tenderly - I missed you so much!

Go to sleep! - His mother ordered seriously.

Do not you miss me? - Ronno asked feeling ignored.

Sleep! - His mother spoke again.

That word was enough for Bambi and Faline fired quietly and stay away walking fast.

Do you feel bad? - Ronno said sadly.

Bad? - His mother exclaimed indignantly - I thought you were dead and again by risking you for a "friend".

Sorry - Ronno said crestfallen - but her really is a true friend.

I think the only reason he want to be near you is to make you look after him when his father can't. - His mother shouted still annoying.

His father is very strict. - Ronno murmured.

But still being his duty - his mother said with frustration - if you were not there he had to protect his son, but tell me, who protect yourself?

It's true - Ronno sighed again wanting to have known his father - I outsmart and I will not be as "brave" as I have thought.

I hope you understand - His mother said mother quietly - but you have to still on my side so you shall not go away for a few days.

But ... - Ronno muted.

I spoke - His mother scolded him - maybe you think you're too ripe to take care of yourself alone and maybe it is, but you still have much to learn about how to take care of the treacherous world of adults.

After a forced sigh Ronno's mother lay down near of her son and started to sleep; and then he after her.