Hello everybody, Daydreamer1105 here. This is my second Rimahiko fanfic. I hope you enjoy it. I won't be able to update this story as fast as the other one since school is starting soon. I had this idea in my head for awhile and I decided to type it out. Just to let you know there are some things I mention that are in the manga and not the anime and vise versa. You might want to read the manga before reading this. You may be a tad confused.

p.s. The guardians are in high school now. (Rikka and Hikaru will not be in my story. Sorry but I just don't care for them) The ages are...

Rima: 16
Nagi: 16
Amu: 16
Ikuto: 22
Tadase: 16
Kukai: 17
Utau: 19
Yaya: 15
Kairi: 15 (just turned)

Chapter 1 The Wishing Well

*Rima's POV*

As I was walking to the to the high school Royal Garden I thought how school was kind of a bust today. Nikaidou-sensei transferred over to the highschool and was my last hour teacher which just happened to be math. Yukari, his wife, came in and stayed the whole time, saying she had big news. Since I was the only one in that class she knew she would talk to me but refused to tell me the big news. I hardly knew the lady. I knew she is Kairi's big sister and she used to work for Easter but that was years ago and her and sensei have been married for about four or five years. I lost count. All I know is that I had to be the stupid flower girl. I still get teased about it from Yaya and purple head.

Speaking of Yaya, her family moved to Yamaguchi, Japan. She threw a big fit saying she didn't want to leave. She even said she would live at the Royal Garden in the high school district. After many candies and sweets later she calmed down. Her mom promised that she would visit on days we don't have school like spring break or Christmas, of course she texts all of us. She felt better going when she found out that Kairi lived nearby and they went to the same school. She said he was the only one with a guardian characer besides her. At least she knew someone.

I don't hear much from Kairi. He texts me every once in awhile to ask how to calm Yaya down sometims but that was it. He would come with Yaya when she came to visit us. He was the chairman at his school which I found a little funny since we used to call him that when he was a guardian.

I walked by the soccer fields and saw Kukai kicking a ball in the air showing off to his teammates. Kukai was a senior and the captain of the soccer team. He hasn't really changed since middle school. He's taller, too tall if you ask me but I'm short so maybe he's at a normal height. He still has his messy ginger hair, his optimistic mood, and still wears earrings. Kukai was in the high school guardians but we didn't have rankings like we did back then. He noticed me and waved yelled,

"Hey Mashiro!" I gave him a simple wave. All of his soccer teammates stared at me then starting chanting my name. They were my fanboys, except Kukai. I don't even want him to be one. It would be too weird since he's my friend.

"Rima's here?" I heard my favorite pop star say as she walked down the bleachers. Utau was in college but she takes classes online so she can still have time for her pop star career which is doing very well. She always hangs around the school since we are her only friends. She promised everyone her autograph at the end of the year if they didn't mob her. Her and I have become close friends to be honest. She came over to me and hugged me.

"How is my favorite chibi today?" she asked.

"I'm not a chibi. I'm a junior in high school," I said a bit annoyed but hugged her back anyway. She gave me the nickname chibi back when I was in junior high. It is all purple head's fault too because he kept calling me a chibi devil.

"Where are you headed?"

"The Royal Garden. Tadase said he had some news. I'm surprised you and Kukai aren't there right now," I said.

"I'm technically not a guradian," she pointed out.

"We still consider you one," I said. I had her beat there.

"I'll tell Kukai and we'll meet you there," she said then ran off to tell the ginger about the meeting. Her and Kukai were very close. After a year of helping Utau get over Ikuto (with a little help from Amu), I pushed her a little into liking Kukai. I knew she liked him but a little nudge is not bad. I literally pushed her into him and they accidently kissed and later I was told that was their third kiss. Ever since then they've been dating. It's been about two years. She always watched him play soccer and he always watched her perform. Even though I hate the word cute, I think they are adorable.

"Rima! Help me!" I heard behind me. I turned around and saw my best friend Amu running from Ikuto. "Amu-koi come back her," Ikuto said as he chased her. It was a cat and mouse situation. Amu ran up to me and hid behind me . She had to duck since I am still pretty short.

"Amu, I'm not much of a human shield," I pointed out.
"It doesn't matter. Ikuto can't hurt us because we are minors still and he's an adult," she said.
"Then why are you hiding behind me?"
"Your friends with him. Tell him to go away!" she yelled into my ear.

Ikuto and I became friends because him and I are so evil. After I help Utau get over him he seemed to like me a bit. He then asked if I could tell Amu to like him instead of Tadase. I helped him out because I knew Tadase was a good kid but he wasn't the one for my best friend. She didn't act herself around him. Ikuto officially said we were best friends when I convinced Amu to date him. They haven't been dating very long but Ikuto was happy. Amu was too she just didn't want to admit it.

Ikuto still plays in an orchestra and travels around Europe but he still makes sure he can visit Amu and the rest of us. Him and Utau have bonded since she wasn't obsessed with him anymore and they were both out of Easter's clutches since that little blonde kid took over.

"Amu, when it comes to you he won't listen to me, unless it's advice," I said.
"You give him advice about me?" she asked surpirsed.
"Like you said he's my friend."
"But I'm your best friend."

While Amu and I were talking Ikuto snuck up behind Amu and picked her up bridal style. She squirmed and complained till he kissed her cheek and she instantly shut up. Tomato Amu made her enterance.

"See ya shrimp," Ikuto said.
"Bye Ikuto, Bye Amu," I said as I waved to them and started to walk to my original location.

"Wait Rima! You aren't going to save me?!" Amu yelled but Ikuto jumped into a tree with her. I couldn't help but laugh to myself. Thoses two never cease to make me laugh even when they don't mean too.

"Rima, what's so funny?" my clown chara asked as she popped out of my bag. She was taking a nap earlier.

"Ikuto messing with Amu again," I told her. She giggled just like I did. Most of our charas were still around. Yoru went back into Ikuto's soul when he was in Europe, but he still acts like and ally cat. Il and El went back into Utau's soul right after she graduated high school. They can still see and talk to charas since they still believe in their own. They just grew up is all. My phone then beeped. I quickly grabbed it out of my school bag.

To Rima

You left me with Ikuto. Can you tell the others I won't make it to the guardian meeting since I am being taken on a date against my will? Please inform me later all the details.

From Amu

I couldn't help but laugh again. Ikuto was making her go on a date with him. She pretends to be upset but we all know she likes him too much to be really mad at him.

"What so funny commoner?"Kiseki asked as he floated over to us. Tadase got over Amu and started dating other girls. Of course I had to help him get over Amu. It seems I'm always the one to help people get over someone or hook up with someone. Anyway, Tadase was still nice and he looks girly still. He looked exactly like our principal Tsukasa. Tsukasa decided that he could be the principal of the middle school and the high school.

"Nothing to worry yourself with," I said. He shrugged it off and floated away. None of the charas changed in appearance since they don't grow, or at least I don't think they do. Kusukusu looked at me and smiled.

"Yo!" I heard a tiny voice greet. "Rhythm!" Kusukusu said as she floated behind me. I knew she hugged him.

"Hello Kusukusu," Temari said. After purple head told Amu that he was really Nadeshiko, Temari didn't have to hide from everyone. Of course only us guadians, Tsukasa, and the Tsukiyomi siblings.

"Hi Temari," Kusukusu said. I knew purple head would be there too. I turned around and there he was flashing his usual smile at me. He was still my enemy. We didn't fight over Amu's friendship anymore but I had other reasons to hate him. He is a lying, evil crossdresser. I only get along with him when it was important like when we fight X eggs or we are in a guardian meeting.

"Hello Rima-chan," he grinned acting innocent. I gave him a little wave then started to walk away, but he just had to speak.

"Are you heading to the Royal Garden too?" he asked he caught up to me and walked next to me. Where else would I go? That was a dumb question.

"Where else would I go?" I said bluntly.

"I don't know what you do on your free time besides read gag mangas," he said. I planned on keeping it that way. He wasn't my friend. I made it perfectly clear that I like him when he was "Nadeshiko". He sweatdrops everytime I say it. Him and I made it to the glass building. The high school Royal Garden was similar to the elementary one except it was bigger and it had less plants in it.

"Fujisaki-kun, Mashiro-san, thanks for joining," Tadase said. I noticed everyone was already here except for Amu and Ikuto since they were on their date. How did Kukai and Utau beat me here? I guess they are fast and I am still slow.

"I blame Amu," I said as I took my seat next to Utau. Purple head sat down in his seat in between me and Tadase.

"Where is she anyway? She usually comes in with you," Utau said.

"She was kind of swept off her feet by a certain cat we know," I said I sipped the tea Tadase poured for me.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ikuto kidnapped her!" Kukai laughed. I nearly dropped my tea cup at the word kidnapped. The guardians, the Tsukiyomi siblings, and Tsukasa knew about my kidnapping when I was younger. They are also the only ones that know about my parents fighting. All of them looked at me worried. Utau smacked the backside of Kukai's head.

"Idiot!" she yelled. He rubbed his head where he was hit. They are a couple but she will get on him for stupid stuff he did. Right now would be a good example. I knew that the subject bothered me. I didn't need their pity anyway. I don't want it.

"That was years ago. Thoses guys are in jail for life with no bail so I don't need to keep hanging on it," I said pretending to be calm and collected as I sipped my tea. I felt a hand on my back. I looked to my left to see purple head trying to comfort me.

"You shouldn't keep things to yourself. It's bad to bottle up your emotions," he lectured as he rubbed my back. I moved his hand from my back.

"Perv," I said peeved. He seemed a bit shocked.

"How am I a pervert?" he asked.
"You hang out with Rhythm too much. Also you hit my bra strap when you rubbed my back," I told him. He sweatdropped at that.

"Sorry, I didn't mean too," he said. Temari was scolding him now. Now that I'm in high school I wear a bra now. All of us girls grew if you catch my drift. The only girl that didn't was Nadeshiko for obvious reason. An idea then popped into my head.

"Temari," I said sweetly to get her to stop nagging. She floated over to me with a look of curiosity.

"It's ok," I said in my sweetest voice. Everyone looked at me shocked. They gave me a face that said you-are-letting-him-off-the-hook. I then smirked.

"It's just his inner Nadeshiko telling him to wear a bra. I'm the closest girl to him. You know how much he loves to crossdress," I said in a sickly, sweet voice then I looked up at him.

"Right, Na-de-shi-ko," I said saying each syllable slowly. I always made fun of his tradition by bringing Nadeshiko up every chance I got. Everyone sweatdropped at my statement.

"You know I'm really a boy. You were the first girl to know besides that fortune teller," he said. If it wasn't for her then I wouldn't have known. On second thought I am not dense like my pinkette friend so I would've found out anyway.

"I still like her better," I said as I faced away from him. I knew everyone else just ignored us since this happened every day. Tadase started to talk about boring stuff that I ignored.

"Rima, why do you not like Nagi. He's really nice," Kusukusu whispered. She was against me. Rhythm and Temari were her best friends. They are probably fed up with seeing their bearers fight all the time. I was about to answer her but I couldn't actually think of anything.

Yeah, he lied but he came clean. Him and I fought over Amu but that all changed when he told her the truth. She treated him like she always did. Since Nadeshiko's not real there was no point is fighting now. He was always a liar but he almost never lied to me. He always protected me when it came to X eggs. He was always so nice to me. Why? I've been pretty cruel to him.

"Also Yukari-san and Nikaidou-sensei are having a child," Tadase said. THat broke me from my train of thought.

"I already knew that," Utau said not impressed with his news. Of course she already knew. Yukari was her manager. The first person she would tell besider her husband is Utau.

"We'll have to congratulate them the next time we see them," purple head said.
"That explains why she was in my class," I thought out loud.
"Did she tell you?" purple head asked.
"No, she didn't mention it. I guess she wanted Tadase to surprise all of us, not including Utau since she alrady knew," I said.

Suddenly I heard my phone go off. My ringtone was "Bala-Balance". I quickly looked to see who's calling me. It was my mom.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Rima, we need you to walk home right now," she said.

"Mom, I'm in a guardian meeting right now," I whispered. I heard yelling in the background.

"Is it urgent?" I asked a bit scared to ask.

"YES! YOUR FATHER AND I ARE GETTING A DIVORCE FOR REAL THIS TIME!" she yelled so loud that I'm pretty sure Utau and purple head heard since they are right next to me then she hung up. I was frozen in my seat. My parents fought all the time. My dad even left a couple times but he always came back. They talked about a divorce once right before I was graduating but they were never serious. I felt tears brim my eyes.

"Rima," Kusukusu said worried. I closed my eyes so my tears wouldn't fall but they did anyway. I then remembered that everyone was staring at me. I had my bangs cover my eyes.

"Mashiro-san," Tadase was the only brave one to talk. I grabbed my bag.

"Kusukusu, we're leaving," I said. My voice was very shakey. She followed me to the door.

"Rima-chan," I heard the purple head say. I opened the door and ran out. I didn't want to deal with any of them right now. They would only pity me. I need Amu right now but I don't want to ruin her date with Ikuto. I ran into the little forest that was behind the school. I don't know where I was running but I just wanted to run from everything. My life was pretty good at school but my home life sucked. It didn't take me long to run out of breath. I sat on the ground and curled up in a ball.

"Rima," Kusukusu said worried as she patted my head to try to comfort me. I ignored her and cried into my sleeves. I can't believe my parents were divorcing. Yes, they were always fighting and daddy had left to clear his head but I assumed they would still be together. Kusukusu didn't know what to do. A funny face or Bala-Balance wouldn't cheer me up. I heard footsteps coming closer to me but I didn't look up. I don't care who it is.

"Rima-chan, there you are," I heard a familiar voice call my name. It was purple head. I lied when I said I didn't care who it was. I care now. It could be anyone but him.

"Go away," I said and turned my body away from him still in my ball form.

"Rima-chan, I believe you and I have been through this before," he said as he sat on the ground next to me.

"What do you mean?" I asked as I peeked at him a bit. He gave me a little smile to try to cheer me up.

"Remember when I found you right before graduating 6th grade?" he asked. I nodded my head. That was the day we found Tsubasa, Yaya's little brother.

"I wasn't lying when I said tears don't suit you," he said. I looked up at him. My undivided attention was on him. He wiped a few tears that were on my face. I looked up at him shocked. He smiled at me. I don't know what made me do it but I wrapped my arms around his torso and cried into his shirt. Under any other circumstance I would've yelled at him but I really needed someone to be there for me.

"Rima-chan, look," he said. I looked up from his now slightly damp shirt to see a well. Why would there be a well on the school grounds.

"Why don't you make a wish," he said. I got up and went over to the well. I have to be careful with my wish just in case it came true.

I wish I was never kidnapped when I was little. Then mom and dad wouldn't fight all the time.

A tear escaped my eye and fell into the well.

"Rima-chan, I'll walk you home if you want," he said. I thought it was for the best or mom and dad would fight more if I walked by myself. I turned my back to the well and walked to him. I looked up at him.

"Thank you," I said. He seemed a bit shocked or was wondering if he heard right. After he let what I said sink in, which wasn't long, he smiled.

"Your welcome Rima-chan," he said. I couldn't help but give him a little smile. His face went from a smile to terrified in a few seconds. He grabbed my hand and started to run.

"What's going on?!" I yelled. He didn't answer me. I felt something pull me the opposite direction Nagi was running. It was pulling him back too.

"Nagi," I said worried, not even caring that I called him by his nickname. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him.

"I got you Rima-chan," he said. That force that was pulling us turned out to be a dark blue mist. It surrounded us and pulled us down the wishing well.

"You'll see that your tradegy is a blessing in disguise," a voice boomed. It was a man's voice but who's was it and where did it come from? It couldn't have been Nagihiko. I looked up at him and he looked down at me. We both had the same thought. Would we be ok?

This is chapter one. I really hope you liked it so far. I have a bunch of stuff planned for this story but ideas/flames/comments/reviews are all welcomed.