What Should've Happened in Episode 1 of Young Justice

After they clasped the Cadmus building….

"Look in the sky it's a bird!" Robin said.

"No! It's a plane!" Kid Flash said.

"No! It's the Justice League!" Aqualad said.

"Wait…. Justice League?" asked Robin.

"Yep." Kid Flash said popping the "p" on yep.

"With Batman?" Robin asked.

"Yep," Aqualad said.

"SHOOT! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" Robin yelled, then started running in the opposite direction, soon followed by the other sidekicks after they saw the look on Batman's face.

But soon they were surrounded by all the heros.

"KF plot c99!" yelled Robin.

"Right!" yelled Kid Flash.

Kid Flash grabbed Robin's arms and threw him over the heroes, and did the same with Aqualad.

Superboy grabbed KF by surprise and threw him.

Superboy then jumps over himself, and they all are running again, with the Justice League running or flying after them.

What happens next? Found out next chapter! BTW; I own nothing!